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  1. sqellzaaa added a post in a topic Rant Thread   

    i really dont like most of the people in my 'friendgroup' @ school.  A lot of the girls n boys are racist & homophobic and they are just mean in general. They are also so FRICKING PETTY OMG. i dont smile at them for a second and we have war. They always talk shit about eachother and always talk about the same damn things. I became friends with them bc i knew a few of the girls through a mutual friend and i didnt knew anybody else in my classes, so i decided tp hang out with them. And it was the biggest mistake ever. I really wanna unfriend them but I really dont know how, and i dont wanna be alone. But im def cutting ties with them next after summer vacay.
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  2. sqellzaaa added a post in a topic BTS   

    bts, where do i begin?
    honestly, they deserve all the fame. I do get the frustration with bts overshadowing rook groups, but they were in that position once as well. They are just beautiful talented human beings who deserve the world. And i might see them this year if i buy my tickets soon enoughhh aaaahh
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  3. sqellzaaa added a post in a topic Expose yourself: confess your guilty pleasures   

    i watch gossip girl & lindsay lohan movies sometimes, so yeah.
    also metro station - shake it, oh god, the scene queen memories
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  4. sqellzaaa added a post in a topic Eugenia Cooney   

    I feel like there's not really a way to help her, subbing or unsubbing, nothing is helpin. She is been in this same situation for so long  and it make me so sad to see her like this. It's also very hard for extremely underweight people with eating disorders to gain weight, because they have been so skinny for so long. Your body wil get used to it and go into 'survival-mode'. You can't just 'eat a cheeseburger', thats a very dangerous thing to do after months, and for eugenia, even years of starvation. It takes a very long time to get to a healthy weight and mindset. 
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