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  1. Bagel bites added a post in a topic Alex Dorame   

    Hes not popular i think hes jusy problematic tbh. Hes trying hard to become a tiktok boy. Sad 
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  2. Bagel bites added a post in a topic Alex Dorame   

    So I have updates as usual. I lurk both of them. Johnnie is obviously still deteriorating and not doing anything productive. I also have screenshots of him and Bryan hanging out. 
    Someone make a second topic for Johnnie and I'll post more about Alex here.
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  3. Bagel bites added a post in a topic Cosplay personalities   

    I dont know. I noticed any comments pointing it out have been deleted from the original post.  .  But yeah the area is pretty grey.
    I remember when Legend of Korra came out everyone that cosplayed her made their skin tan. Wasnt offensive to most but I'm curious how everyone else feels about it
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  4. Bagel bites added a post in a topic Cosplay personalities   

    Lesser known cosplayer, but I was wondering if I was the only one who thinks this is kind of blackface with her take on female Miles 
    Her cosplay

    Her original skin tone

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  5. Bagel bites added a post in a topic Alex Dorame   

    I was gonna say, does anyone else think this video is for views kinda 
    The crying seems forced/fake.
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  6. Bagel bites added a post in a topic Alex Dorame   

    If you make it I can help supply things.
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  7. Bagel bites added a post in a topic Alex Dorame   

    Im going to post my thoughts first. Underneath there are a lot of attachments. 
    Alex has moved on. Shes been posting stories with a new guy and even in comments its implied that shes seeing this new guy. She looks like shes taking care of herself now. Shes still in Washington in the house her and Johnnie shared (instagram post and stories recently show shes still there). I guess when she kicked Johnnie out she told him he couldn't come back and she has his computer now which she will be using to stream on twitch from my understanding. Johnnie omitted this information in a Live and he was visibly distressed when asked about his PC. He said that he can't get it back because his ex-girlfriend has it and wont give it back to him. He seemed pretty pissed talking about the matter but he said when Tour is over for him hes going to be coming back to his family and building a PC of his own so he can play games again.
    Brian Stars
    Johnnies Post 10/03/19. Changed Caption 3 times before disabling comments, deleting post, and re-uploading today 10/04/19
    Posting about Lola Constantly
    Posting about missing Alex
    Posting that were desperate
    Posting that hes depressed

    If anyone knows anything else please feel free to add onto this.
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  8. Bagel bites added a post in a topic Alex Dorame   

    I can mass post later with more evidence and other things. I've been following Johnnie for the past fee months since his breakup with Alex and I was wondering if someone could make a separate forum for him because this just seems to become about him.
    hes been spiralling and hes talked to Brian after the breakup. I can list the video later when I'm not at work, but I believe it was the video where Tori was dying Johnnie's hair , in the background someone says "Brian show me where you fuck boys" or something along that line. This was at Robbies house, but we all know that Brian was a his roomate and is also gay. Makes sense 
    I also have a lot of screen shots of Johnnie cringe and obsessive over his break up. I also have the screenshots from the post he made on Instagram today before he changed the caption TWICE, disabled comments and then deleted the post. Let me know if you guys want to see them.
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  9. Bagel bites added a post in a topic Akidearest and The Anime Man   

    I'm late but did Joe-bo go to AX this year? I swear to god i saw his ass sitting at a restaurant. 
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  10. Bagel bites added a post in a topic Alex Dorame   

    New video. She says shes been the happiest shes ever been. Assuming since Johnnie was draining her.
    On a off note, does anyone find it odd that Johnnie is now hanging around Robby again? Considering when the MDE 2.0 drama was going on Robby was directly involved ( he was rumored to be a new member) and he was being Bryans roommate for I believe a year and a few months after that. Also, Robby's ex posted a video in defense of Bryan while she was dating Robby.
    I doubt her opinion of the situation was a thought that she was able to make up herself since she wasn't there for the drama. I'm more inclined to believe Robby and Bryan believed that narrative and they told her that. 
    I am pretty sure Bryan no longer is living with Robby so perhaps this is why Johnnie is suddenly okay with him. To me though, it doesn't make up for everything in the past. Robby continued to support Bryan (indirectly) despite knowing the real situation. I remember reading somewhere that Robby doesn't like participating in drama but even if you don't actively feed into it, keeping shitty people (Social repose, Bryan stars) speaks miles about the type of person you are. I think he kept them around for benefit and that's most likely what he's doing right now with Johnnie. I know Johnnie is not as relevant but even in the past he would always use Johnnies names in video titles or MDE in his titles for easy clicks. Even his videos now he's still a leech.
    I just think Robby has ill intentions with Johnnie and doesn't actually really care all too much about him.  Either way I find it odd he suddenly is keeping all of these trashy people around the moment Alex leaves. It seems like to me she was the voice of reason. Thoughts?
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  11. Bagel bites added a post in a topic Alex Dorame   

    "ugly and boring like everyone"
    So if you're not alternative or scene you're those automatically. No one is complaining about them being emo or scene, were complaining about them as people and the actions. 
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  12. Bagel bites added a post in a topic Alex Dorame   

    Omg Johnnie is going downhill so fast. 
    Really? A tour with social repose? And hes trying to say "I've made mistakes aswell" but did you cheat on your ex girlfriends and manipulate them aswell. They arent mistakes because he kept repeating them and if Johnnie has that logic then shouldnt him and Bryan stars be best friends again? Or is that somehow different because it doesnt benefit him anymore.
    He just proves that he never cared about Jaclyn Glenn or any of those friends in his group because what person would do this? It's so hypocritical of him considering the headassery with MDE. Should he suddenly forgive everyone and be cool with them?
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  13. Bagel bites added a post in a topic Alex Dorame   

    So I'm guessing a lot went down over the past few weeks. These are all the screenings I grabbed but it looks like Alex traveled to San Diego from Fallbrook so I'm assuming shes no longer staying at their shared place? She might be going to AZ back home and using like combined flights because cheaper.

    Also any reason from Johnnie's posts? I cant tell if they are about Alex or hes trying to promote albums.

    Also it looks like his mom is trying to contact Alex but she unfollowed her and isnt responding. 

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  14. Bagel bites added a post in a topic Alex Dorame   

    We was right.
    TLDR; He was super depressive to a point where he was emotionally abusive, always telling Alex he was going to kill himself. She got sick of him and left him. No doubt she blocked him off everything considering the unfollows.
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  15. Bagel bites added a post in a topic Alex Dorame   

    It's rather sad too. His last few videos before he stopped uploading completely were just him getting drunk or doing band covers. It was pretty obvious he wasn't happy or atleast seemed like he wasnt the last couple of months. Meanwhile it looks like Alex has been doing good and taking care of herself (still posting, going to the gym, ect.)
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