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  1. Bagel bites added a post in a topic rin / gothfruits   

    I love Kalvin omg. He is #2 to Blaire, a actually LGBQT person who has logic. People like Rin are the worst, I feel like as someone who is in the community myself theres this pressure to be accepting of everyone and to support all but Rin is cringe. i don't know how you can expect yourself to be gendered correctly when you present at as a woman.
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  2. Bagel bites added a post in a topic Mariah Mallad / Momokun Cosplay   

    I opened the website and this is the first fucking thing i see
    YUCK. WHY WOULD ANYONE PAY TO SEE THIS. Burns my eyes god damn also how bad is that tit vein holy shit. I can't tell if she photoshopped her tits but they are just literally busting out of the top and not in a good way. 
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  3. Bagel bites added a post in a topic Akidearest and The Anime Man   

    Did anyone else see Aki's newest video? Wearing a Kimino in public. . . What is that hair?
    She took the front half of her hair and just pulled it forward. Giving me shitty scene hair vibes. I also just love how its dangles over her face with little to no efforts in styling it or making it look presentable. I guess the standard for looks isn't high though when you compare it to Jobo

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  4. Bagel bites added a post in a topic Alex Dorame   

    New Video Poped up on my feed
    love the click bait title. 
    This video is so refreshing. She looked so drained the past few videos, now she looks healthy again and happy. I am curious how much they are paying for that house, no shade but they aren't exactly rich.
    Side note: been watching vlogmas and holy shit is is boring. LOL
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  5. Bagel bites added a post in a topic Miyoko.Cosplay aka Rhodochrositye   

    What Video? What was in the video.
    To be honest, I don't like Atlas. I met him at a convention and I thought they were really nice so I decided that I wanted to be friends with them. I messaged them a few times but he just started ignoring me randomly out of the blue. The whole experience left a bad taste in my mouth about that person. I've met Miyoko and like I said she seems genuinely nice, but it makes me question if that was for show.
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  6. Bagel bites added a post in a topic Akidearest and The Anime Man   

    So i watched this and it was so painful. 
    she's trying to act like someone who is cool, idk trying to give off those "oh im not like other girls i dont use makeup uwu" vibes.
    I find it hilarious that she put on way too much creme and then got shocked it wouldn't blend away. It's like any other sort of product (sunscreen, lotion) if you put to much on you have to rub it in for a while. 
    The beauty blender was killing me also. Literally dragging it across her goblin face. Which is find really stupid she can say she doesn't know makeup but yet does eyeliner, eyebrows and cosplay makeup which is usually more intensive.
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  7. Bagel bites added a post in a topic Shane Dawson   

    I was excited for part 2 but i was really disappointed. Boring af
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  8. Bagel bites added a post in a topic Shane Dawson   

    I don't understand the full reason why everyones triggered that Shanes making a JP video tbh. He can do whatever he wants the only thing questionable is he says "I don't want to do it for money" yet there's ads in the video. Its fine if you wanna make that quick coin but own up to it.
    I guess ill type my final opinions after the video. Watching rn.
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  9. Bagel bites added a post in a topic Alex Dorame   

    So she made her new video.
    I don't know how she keeps her skin so clean like what is her routine.
    I dunno i found it interesting she was all "oh i couldn't go to school it gave me too much anxiety" which makes sense since she was able to be in MDE her senior/Junior years. I just dont understand tho if you have alot of issues with anxiety ect why would you try to be come a youtuber or a media influence?
    Then she goes onto say "I don't want people to know me as just a makeup and hair youtuber" but like. . . girl then post something else.
    Legit in this video shes doing make up and focusing on it. If you don't want people to think you only do one type of content then upload different types and you wont have that isssue??? Not that hard really.
    Then her fucking like highlight/contour. She did the disgusting like super bright foundation under her eyes and brought out way to far past her eyes all the way to her cheek bones. I understand its a thing but its just not right? It always looks bad. Kim Kardashian af.
    All that makeup for a casual look, you're entitled to wear how much you want but damn. LOL. Especially the highlight? She put it EVERYWHERE. Just watch her "technique"
    Oof extra comment thank god she added eyeliner on that eyeshadow look. It looks more put together. I just wish she wouldn't put the eyeliner on the very corner of her eye. I feel she would look way cuter if it was full??
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  10. Bagel bites added a post in a topic Alex Dorame   

    Probably Alex and Johnny are money hungry and will do whatever trends need to be done to make a quick coin. Did anyone else notice how annoying her videos are now?
    She keeps trying to be relatable or something and referencing memes but like it isn't funny and its cringe. You're 20 now. 

    GUYS IM BALDING *pull hair follicles as far apart as she can for a thumbnail*

    Also what the fuck happened to Johnny? I haven't watched his videos in so long but he's looking rough. Even his shirt is falling apart and I'm sure its a style for him but he just looks like a bum.
    Oh i also wanted to say can Alex go a video without talking or showing her fucking dog? Her dog is annoying and I don't care for it so stop bringing it on camera every 3 seconds so you can be humanized -_-" 
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  11. Bagel bites added a post in a topic Miyoko.Cosplay aka Rhodochrositye   

     Okay I'm bumping this up again!
    So i asked around a bit to some old friends of her! I don't want to expose myself or the people I asked, so you can take what I say with a grain of salt. 
    Most of them said that they believed that Miyoko was behind the account because she would do things like this often as a cry for attention. Apparently she was one of those people who want to be the very best of all and she'll "do whatever it takes" to crush others. It makes sense tho as I stated above, it seemed like she had a vendetta against Cosmos. 
    Just find that interesting since Cosmos and Miyoko stopped associating together before that.  
    And then Miyoko claimed to be taking a break from cosplay but she came back a week later after things had cooled down and started doing the same stuff. I mean if you're gonna say something at least commit to it or whatever. LOL 
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  12. Bagel bites added a topic in New Topic Approval   

    Tori Dobransky aka Yepitsstilltori

    Tori Dobransky || Yepitsstilltori
    Age: 20
    (I have no idea why but it wont let me link it right)
    Youtube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRD7l27lhPmlJ5C9izoDhmg
    Twitter https://twitter.com/yepitsstilltori
    Instagram https://twitter.com/yepitsstilltori
    Tori has a decent following and is known for her "emo" look and her make up. She got most of her fame from her boyfriend RobbyEpicSause.
    My problem is I think she is not a good person and I can't stand her makeup attempts.
    Before her boyfriend and her got together, Tori was a huge fan of Robbys. She was underaged at the time of her fangirl era so obviously Robby didn't look twice at her. He then had a girlfriend for a year (?) named Leah. Leah had become really good friends with Tori, which resulted in Robby and Tori becoming better friends. Its speculated that Tori had only became friends with Leah just to get to Robby. 
    Leah and Tori had shot a few Youtube videos together but tension started to grow between the two. Robby, Leah, Tori, and a few other roomates had all moved into a house together but Leah became concerned for the relationship Tori and Robby had. She told Robby to pretty much pick her over Tori or else she was done. He then broke up with Leah and instantly got with Tori about a month later. Leah was kicked out of house/moved, Tori took Leahs cat and Robby still has Leahs video camera and is holding it for ransom.
    So its highly speculated that Tori was only after Robby to begin with, since she was quick to date her "best friends" boyfriend.
    Tori is also terrible at makeup. Shes trying but I literally cannot stand her Eyelashes. They are always almost popping off or just applied terribly.
    What are your guys thoughts of her?
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  13. Bagel bites added a post in a topic Miyoko.Cosplay aka Rhodochrositye   

    Well, i noticed that atlas/cosmos wasn't following Miyoko anymore and I kinda thought something was off. Then I saw cosmos say that Miyoko was shady and that it doesn't shock them.
    I mean what would be the point of making a account just to sabotage? Why would a random person go after Miyoko. Especially she isn't a big name at all? I'd understand if it was like a yayahan thing or jessica nigri hatepage, but still even the whole "haha screenshots saying it isnt actually me" doesnt make sense why would they go through the effort. 
    Also I'm mostly shook because I met Miyoko in real life a few months ago at a convention. She looked amazing and her costume was honestly stunning on her. She is a really sweet girl but now I'm not sure if it was all for show? Like if she's really fake offline.
    The fact that cosmos pretty much implied the account was really miyoko doing damage control already says enough because him and miyoko used to be good friends. (Used to follow cosmos and they would legit go to Disney together)
    Just my opinion but I think Miyoko ran the page
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  14. Bagel bites added a post in a topic Mariah Mallad / Momokun Cosplay   

    I just watched her Instagram story about some sort of jaw shaving.
    She is like "oh body positivity means you can do whatever you want with your body". and then she tries to make a argument saying most models get surgery. Although I'm fine with people doing whatever, I dont even know why she bothered bringing that up. Girl. You are no longer relevant. 
    Its even more disgusting that people are still supporting her because she made a half-assed apology which was mostly deflecting and crying "oh im a victim people use me as a scape goat". Apology or not shes done more then sexually harass people. Still hasn't addressed the My Oppa situation or other controversies. 
    Anyways to my original point, how much does she fucking move her eyebrows holy shit. Its like every 3 words she kept raising them up and down
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  15. Bagel bites added a post in a topic Alex Dorame   

    Okay I'm sorry to be this person who will revive a dead topic but come on. . . 
    like you guys must really need the money to be charging people 25 bucks for these. You could just go to hot topic yourself and buy the whole set brand new.

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