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  1. cherrybaby added a post in a topic Eugenia Cooney   

    From my experience, I’ve known girls who have been living relatively well (as well as you can with anorexia) with a bmi of 11 or 12. The main threat to their life is if they get sick as their weakened immune system can’t handle it. It’s crazy but they get so used to functioning at that weight I think the body just kind of adapts. Obviously they’re not healthy, they’re very weak, have cognitive issues, anemia, hair loss etc but somehow they seem to keep going. It’s refeeding syndrome that kills a lot of girls with such a low bmi that don’t begin recovery with proper medical advice. their body can’t handle the sudden influx of nutrition and goes overboard and it ends up being fatal a lot of the time  just from what I’ve noticed in a few instances
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  2. cherrybaby added a post in a topic "Who is this?" Thread   

    She’s deleted most of those posts now, but that’s @joannadarlin on instagram. She’s super pretty.
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  3. cherrybaby added a post in a topic "Who is this?" Thread   

    first girl is @/tropicobambi on instagram
    the last blond girl with the wings is a different girl, she’s @/alidasimone on instagram. she has a thread on here
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  4. cherrybaby added a post in a topic General Instagram “nymphette” girls   

    Thank you for the clarification - have removed you from the original post. You’re completely right, you don’t fit the nymphet community criteria but due to your lana stuff I included you anyway.
    Thank you also for clearing some of this up and thanks for doing it in a reasonable way. My apologies for the misconceptions! Quite clear from your writing that you are much more mature than the other girls we are discussing, have approached this in a fair way and don’t fit in on this discussion.  
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  5. cherrybaby added a post in a topic General Instagram “nymphette” girls   

    I'm so confused. Why would someone still want to look like a 12 year old at 25 years old?
    It's just more proof she's racist, she's obviously trying to make people think she's not when she post this but you don't change your political ideas that quickly. 
    The way she constantly switches her opinion is so dumb and just proves how immature she is.
    and motel kilos is somewhere between 15 and 17 I think. She did say it on a sarahah question once and I'm almost sure she said 15. He looks about twice her age and to me that's just so messed up. I did not realize he was Californian...  how do they even maintain that relationship? She was hanging out with this other british girl who runs a lana fanpage about a week or two ago and she's 17 so I doubt she'd want to be hanging out with someone who's that much younger than her. I'm curious to see if someone can confirm her age. It's so funny that she's trying to be so chicana when she looks so white european.....
    Does that happen to be Alida's friend Joanna?
    Look like two different people... she looks better in the second one
    she reminds me of @ bambinablue. Without the jawline shoop I'm sure she's really pretty.
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  6. cherrybaby added a post in a topic General Instagram “nymphette” girls   

    I remember her! I don’t know what she’s doing these days though 
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  7. cherrybaby added a post in a topic Alida Simone   

    I actually don’t think this colour suits her all that well, black looked amazing on her and even pale blonde (before her hair was entirely fried) looked cute. But I can’t lie I do love the style of it with the curls 
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  8. cherrybaby added a post in a topic General Instagram “nymphette” girls   

    A few more girls doing the whole lolita photos thing:

    @nymph.et  what is it with the sexy lolita tennis racket photos?! 

    “I could be your lolita” why.. just why.. these girls all apparently own the book for photo purposes only but obviously have never read it or they’d realise how fucked it is to want to be someone’s lolita 
    Also, missdaytona posted this about bob leone
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  9. cherrybaby added a post in a topic General Instagram “nymphette” girls   

    yeah, Julianna is the only one who actually wants to BE Alida. The rest all love and worship her to a certain degree... 
    Missdaytona is literally obsessed with being Lana. The clothes, she’s a singer, “worked” with lana’s old manager Bob Leone, in contact with her ex boyfriends... it is really creepy and obsessive. I can only image how her music sounds. probably just like lana...
    And that last comment is so true. Couldn’t have said it better 
    I’ve noticed this too! It wouldn’t surprise me. There’s one girl whose username is petite.dolores I think and she looks really old (i mean not old old but at least 21) but spends her whole time dressing up as lolita 
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  10. cherrybaby added a post in a topic Yungelita   

    This brought me great pleasure to read, I genuinely laughed out loud.
    with all things considered though at least she said “which mosts interests you” rather than “who’s your favourite”
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  11. cherrybaby added a post in a topic Dove Cameron   

    ugh as a lover of Marilyn I completely agree! Dove and MM are polar opposites and it annoys me so much too. Because she probably doesn’t even know a thing about Marilyn... I remember when she did this shoot, and I remember being mad then. I mean with people like Anna nicole who really did love and adore MM and based her look off her it’s different, because it’s wasn’t just for the sake of a photoshoot. Dove doesn’t fit that lol.
    But just generally I can’t stand Dove. She really gets under my skin.
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  12. cherrybaby added a post in a topic Alida Simone   

    I’ve done one and started it with our favourite spot lite girl. It’s in the new topic approval at the moment 
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  13. cherrybaby added a topic in Online Personalities   

    General Instagram “nymphette” girls
    So there’s this whole community of girls on Instagram - I’ll just refer to them as the “nymphette community” that are just so embarrassing and problematic. They love the baby girl aesthetic, want to live in a Lana Del Rey song, want old men to love them, are obsessed with the whole lolita/nymphette image and seem to apparently worship Alida Simone / babydarko (who has her own thread that can be found here)
    Thought I’d make a thread to discuss these sorts of girls as lots of people liked the suggestion. It’s really fucked up as they obviously love the (predominately older) male attention they get from this image and it really romanticizes lolita and pedophilia. And by trying to live their life like a Lizzy grant/lana song it’s terrible, considering her music is mainly fictional but often draws from lolita themes and the idea of “little girls” and old men. 
    1. spotliteangel / @giulianalior - https://www.instagram.com/giulianalior
    (anyone who’s come from Alida’s thread will know exactly who this is)
    - not so much a “lolita” as other girls, but Julianna is basically a skinwalker. She desperately wants to be like Alida, but denies this completely.
    - She’s racist (having used the N word in live videos in the past I believe) and supports Trump’s disgusting immigration policies (do not have screenshot proof anymore but I’m sure others still do).
    - She used to be friends with Alida who has recently unfollowed her for unknown reasons
    - She lurks on this forum all the time and makes a big fuss about it on her Instagram, recently getting followers to come and spam the forum with nonsense and crap and posting about how people are “bullying” her on here. (People are only saying the truth)
    her first Instagram photo:

    her now:

    2. @motelkilos - https://www.instagram.com/motelkilos
    - used to post really cool pictures, but has recently turned into more of a self account rather a sort of lana fan page

    - posted a whole post where she got mad when people didn’t buy her shitty handmade socks and tshirts on depop though i think this was last year 
    - reposts and preaches about how lolita is fucked up yet posts pictures like this

    - on a sarahah question a while back she said that she lost her virginity at 15 to her current boyfriend who i don’t think have been together for long... meaning she’s still about 15 or 16 and he DEFINITELY doesn’t look her age more like late 20s.... bit gross, can he not get a girlfriend his own age? 

    3. @sheslethal - https://www.instagram.com/sheslethal
    - Pretty sure she’s friends with Alida 
    - Have seen some people say shes become stuck up since gaining insta popularity 
    - To get her snapchat you have to pay (?) and she replies to male comments complimenting her occasionally telling them to send money to her PayPal 
    - not sure if it was a joke but posted saying she’s a camgirl 
    - unsure how old she is but I think she’s about 18/19  
    - posts photos that glamorize lolita (she has the poster tattooed, posted a video of her dressed like Dominique Swain in the 90s version)

    4. @cry.babe.e - https://www.instagram.com/cry.babe.e

    - basically looks like a carbon copy of sheslethal though idk if this is intentional 
    - I’m pretty sure she’s a sugar baby
    - again posts photos re-enacting lolita scenes 

    its just so awkward that these girls are basically adults and still wanting to be “lolita” .... 
    5. General army of babydarko clones

    I don’t really have anything to say about these girls as I don’t know much about them, have only ever come across their accounts randomly but... it’s literally like the same photos completelty. And why would anyone actually want to be like Alida? They’re all obsessed with looking like babies pretty much. There’s more than just the few I have here. Not hard to find someone trying to be Alida 
    Also, lana’s creep of an ex boyfriend Barrie James follows a lot of these girls on Instagram. No wonder she broke up with him... 
    feel free to let me know if I’ve missed anything out or if I’m wrong on some of this stuff! And discuss anyone else you think fits. There’s a few others I was going to include but many are private so at least they’re keeping their embarrassing stuff away from the public...
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  14. cherrybaby added a post in a topic Alida Simone   

    Not related to Simone but I’m going to make a thread for general Instagram lolita/nymphette girls (the sort of ones that all love Simone and want to be like her). Does anyone want to suggest any girls I should include?
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  15. cherrybaby added a post in a topic Alida Simone   

    Completely agree with some of the above... that comment was really unnecessary and yeah although i don’t like Simone I actually really feel for the kid... I hope things work out for her one day, hopefully soon. 
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