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  1. I do want to give Aria a second chance, but come on girl, you deleted everything. You made an apology on twitter and then deleted it. People deserve a public apology, you can come here and explain your side of the story but you still need to apologise to the OW community.

    Also, mentioning that you are being threatened and stuff like that is not good to put in your apology, it comes off as guilt-tripping. Of course you don't deserve to get hateful messages, but mentioning it means nothing when you're supposed to apologise to people.

    Soradot made another video, and it looks like you still weren't up to having a discussion. Now I don't want to assume things too quickly here since I can understand how overwhelming the situation is ( and I haven't seen the rest of your twitter ), but combined with deleting your apology ( which you only uploaded to twitter in the first place ) it doesn't look genuine.

    If you want me to be completely honest, it looks more like you came here to write all of that in order to save your reputation on here. I am hoping for you to apologise properly and be more open for discussion to the people who are criticising you.


  2. I watched the video and for the first time I was actually able to relate to Mikan when it comes to weight and body etc. Don't wanna get too personal but we have almost the same experiences with it. This makes me feel bad for pointing out how skinny she was in a video some pages back, I should've known better. Sorry Mikan!


  3. I don't see an issue in her calling out pokimane and belle delphine, but it did spark some drama between her and poki/belle's fans it seems like. I don't mind her calling out "Loli e-girls" either, because I personally find that type of pedo-baiting wrong. Sometimes I would just feel like she was being a bit hypocritical about some of the things she said about other girl gamers. 

    Also, when this thread got moved to Online Personalities, it seems like one of the mods(?) changed my summary and improved it. When I originally wrote it, I felt like the info was all over the place and not summarised well and I'm glad someone "polished" it, so to say. I don't know who did it but I want to let you know that I really appreciated it, thank you <3


  4. I don't shit on a fellow Mercy main. Aria Rose is cute, cute is justice. Your point is invalid.  Aria <3

    Also Overwatch has become worse over the years. From a game where all heroes where viable and your skill decided who wins, Blizzard turned it into a Rock Paper Scissors game. Know the meta or die.



    Coming from a fellow healer main with many hours on Mercy, this thread is NOT about Overwatch. It's about Aria and the drama she started in the community and the toxic personality she has. You seriously sound like a WK holy shit


  5. I decided to point out the main points of the the video I linked from Soradot ( Here )

    • Was not able to take criticism from another youtuber mercy main who gave valid criticism to the reworkmercy movement. Instead of being open to discussion, she referred to the person as a "shady ass hoe". (screenshots are shown in the video)
    • The hypocrisy: Aria has a video on "How to be an E-girl/uwutuber". I guess she wanted it to be a joke until you realise she is doing the exact same things she is making fun of in that video. She also made a thread on here about "uwutubers".
    • Toxicity; despite supposedly being all about positivity. ( Example )

    A reddit post with more info on her toxicity.

    You can have whatever opinions you want on a character, I personally don't agree with her mercy opinions, but raiding a forum for it and encouraging your fans to do it too is just shitty. She often deletes everything as soon as it backfires, all the videos that talked about the forum raids are deleted now.

    I know she's a PULL user, but I wasn't sure if she's still active. Anyway, being a PULL user shouldn't give her a "free-out-of-jail" card for snowflakey behavior.

    Sorry if my explanations here looks like a mess. I'm not good with screenshots, but all the links I've posted here include screenshots as proof of her behavior.


  6. Aria Rose / Pixel Poyo

    Youtube (Main channel) //  Gaming channel // Instagram // Mixer // Soundcloud // Twitter // Website // CuriousCat


    Okay so this is the first time I'm making a thread, but I felt like this person deserves a thread on here. I am not the best at explaining things so hopefully the small "summary" is good enough.


    Aria Rose is a Youtuber who mainly makes videos on Overwatch and has made music-related content in the past. Lately, she has started making videos calling out e-girls like Pokimane and Belle Delphine.

    The #ReworkMercy Movement Drama

    • Was basically a response to the #DeleteBrig movement, which happened a few months prior
    • According to her, she started it because she was not satisfied with Mercy's current abilities in the game and wanted them changed to make the character more enjoyable to play.
    • Aria also discussed in a video that she thought that the #DeleteBrig movement was toxic, and thus wanted to create a non-toxic movement to change Mercy (which obviously ended up being just as toxic as #DeleteBrig)
    • High-ranked Mercy mains and pro players reactions to the proposed rework ranged from ambivalent to negative, prompting her to create response videos that brought her more negative publicity
    • Ends up commanding her army of followers to brigade the official Overwatch Forums, flooding it with #ReworkMercy spam
      • Her boyfriend apparently posted on the Overwatch Circle Jerk to try to White Knight her 


        **This person is thought to be her boyfriend because Aria has stated in her discord her boyfriend's name is Ryan https://imgur.com/a/QjEIarb, a person with the same username likes all of her tweets on twitter, and a person with the same username and the name Ryan in their profile on Instagram has flirted with her in comments on multiple occasions.

    • Informative video on the raid/brigade: 


    • Since the raid, she has deleted her social media and all videos pertaining to the #ReworkMercy movement on her channel.

    Other Problematic Stuff That Has Happened

    • Has drama with the e-girl community, due to her making videos on Pokimane and Belle Delphine (This is what apparently led to her deleting her Twitter)
    • Hypocritical-- preaches about how people should not be toxic and calls people like xQc, a pro Overwatch streamer out for being toxic, yet has been toxic about games on stream while playing Overwatch


    • Always tries to make herself look like the victim in situations
    • Uses problematic language (not completely sure of the context, but regardless you shouldn't be using this kind of language because it's gross)


      When followers expressed their discomfort, she just seemed to ignore it:


    • Thinks it's okay to be "trans-racial," which could also mean that she doesn't think it's bad to yellow-face/black-face. People in her discord have also said (no context) that they think that ending racism would essentially be ending freedom of thought (???)


    • Has her own PULL account, which also goes by the name DulcetRefrain (make what you want of this, we're all here too lol)
      • Has publicly brought up her PULL thread, calling attention to it and still continues to use the site:


    • Many thanks to this reddit post for some of the info & sources
    • Another reddit post on all of the drama

    I really didn't think about this very much until she made a video (which seems to be deleted now) encouraging her fans to spam the official Overwatch forums about how Mercy needs a rework. This is what gave me a bad taste in my mouth, she did mention that people should bring proper criticism and not just spewing stuff. But it still feels bad that she is encouraging her movement to spam a forum just because of her opinions on a character.

    She is also very hypocritical, you can find more about that in the link below.

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1ZArqN3nEFE This video explains the #ReworkMercy movement and her hypocrisy pretty well.


  7. I was just wondering where the video was at, she actually deleted it???? Gurl how u gon save this...


  8. Okay so the only reason to why I brought that up, was because she made it into such a big deal on her story. I personally don’t think she looks trans, and quite frankly I don’t understand why you would ask someone that either. 

    My only issue with this part is why she made it into a huge deal. You know you can simply answer ”no” and then let it be, or just even ignore the question if it bothers you so much. People thinking she is trans clearly bothered her enough to put it in her story. I’ve seen people ask her if she is japanese and she happily responds to them without making it into a huge deal.

    I also suspected that she brought her ethnicity into it for woke points but I can’t tell.


  9. I still stand on my opinion in this: Mikan can't call herself a role model for middle eastern girls when she is literally photoshopping herself to look more east asian, almost erasing the ethnic features that she have. That doesn't add up and it only smells of fake body positivity. 

    She looks so much different when you compare the pic with Venus to her current IG pics.

    Also I remember when she put in her story of how she was upset that people asked her if she was trans and she made it into a "why do you only ask middle eastern girls that" or something.



  10. So Lia had this thing on IG where people could ask her questions.

    Someone asked her what plastic surgery she had, she replied that she has never had plastic surgery, just septoplasty.

    Someone else asked what beauty filter she used for her videos: She replied and said she does not use a filter like that.

    TL;DR Can’t spell Liar without Lia!


  11. Thank you so much for the translation.

    It's an odd video for sure, without wanting to speculate about Nhi. No word about mental health? Nhi wasn't depressed because of bullying. Surely negative attention played a part in it, but it wasn't the core problem. Putting that big a focus on it makes it sound very weird, as if Ellen either doesn't want to talk about mental health or didn't know about the schizophrenia. It's very odd.

    The last scene was touching though.


    Didn't Nhi only mention her childhood trauma in her biography? That biography was in vietnamese only, and the english translation was here. From what I knew, Lena doesn't understand english very well, so it's possible she might not even have known about it.


  12. Anyway, I wanted to mention something about her pregnancy challenge. Anyone else noticed that she put "not clickbait" for the video on her IG story, but when you checked the video it was a challenge. Still clickbait to me ¬¬


  13. We’re not in a position to criticize someone for calling someone a fat pig if we do the same. If she photoshops her body, gets plastic surgery, or bullies others for their appearance then those are all fair game because those are decisions she made. 

    Just remember that if we start entering the territory of bullying, we start to have as much validity as her idolizing fans who blindly defend her. No one is going to take this forum, which is one of the only sources revealing the  truth about her, seriously. 

    I only say this to help our cause, not hers.


    Note that Lia has been making fun of other women for having plastic surgery. Her having plastic surgery and lying about it was very hypocritical. I don’t care if someone wants plastic surgery, it’s their business. But Lia has been bullying people for having plastic surgery before and now she lies about having it herself.

    I see where you are coming from, but you should definetly read the first 10 pages of this thread. Lia is not a good person.


  14. in that case, that makes us no better than her lol


    Maybe so, but Lia really had it coming. It's called karma.

    Note that Lia has never actually apologised for this behavior.


  15. I can't feel bad about Lia being criticised for her body when she has been openly bullying other people like that for so many years lmao

    Y'all need to remember when she said "If she can be a model, my toe could be a model", and she has said so much more about other women openly on twitter. I don't feel bad for people telling Lia that she "looks big" in any way because she has already fat shamed so many people.



  16. Does anyone remember Mikan before she got famous and moved to japan? I know a few people who were/are friends with her so I always saw her posts being shared by them on fb. She would post outfit pics as if she was already super internet famous when she didn't even have that sort of following... but i guess slowly it worked? I guess her youtube vids helped for sure also, I think thats where she got most her followers starting out. Seeing her try so hard with her posts, I didn't think she would blow up. I thought her approach wasn't going to get her anywhere, I thought she would fluke like a lot of girls on the internet who try to do the same end up. A LOT of mutuals of ours made fun of her on the regular for trying to become internet famous, talking about how skinny she is. I think the bullying got so bad that she left fb for a while because of it. Then all of a sudden, the next time I see her name is on ig in my explore tab and I see shes got a huge following. Its so weird. 


    That's interesting. I heard that she faked marrying a guy in some community, do you know anything about that? Because I've been really curious as to why she did that and what happened when people found out. Also interesting to know she has always bragged about being skinny.