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  1. So Lia had this thing on IG where people could ask her questions.

    Someone asked her what plastic surgery she had, she replied that she has never had plastic surgery, just septoplasty.

    Someone else asked what beauty filter she used for her videos: She replied and said she does not use a filter like that.

    TL;DR Can’t spell Liar without Lia!


  2. Thank you so much for the translation.

    It's an odd video for sure, without wanting to speculate about Nhi. No word about mental health? Nhi wasn't depressed because of bullying. Surely negative attention played a part in it, but it wasn't the core problem. Putting that big a focus on it makes it sound very weird, as if Ellen either doesn't want to talk about mental health or didn't know about the schizophrenia. It's very odd.

    The last scene was touching though.


    Didn't Nhi only mention her childhood trauma in her biography? That biography was in vietnamese only, and the english translation was here. From what I knew, Lena doesn't understand english very well, so it's possible she might not even have known about it.


  3. Anyway, I wanted to mention something about her pregnancy challenge. Anyone else noticed that she put "not clickbait" for the video on her IG story, but when you checked the video it was a challenge. Still clickbait to me ¬¬


  4. We’re not in a position to criticize someone for calling someone a fat pig if we do the same. If she photoshops her body, gets plastic surgery, or bullies others for their appearance then those are all fair game because those are decisions she made. 

    Just remember that if we start entering the territory of bullying, we start to have as much validity as her idolizing fans who blindly defend her. No one is going to take this forum, which is one of the only sources revealing the  truth about her, seriously. 

    I only say this to help our cause, not hers.


    Note that Lia has been making fun of other women for having plastic surgery. Her having plastic surgery and lying about it was very hypocritical. I don’t care if someone wants plastic surgery, it’s their business. But Lia has been bullying people for having plastic surgery before and now she lies about having it herself.

    I see where you are coming from, but you should definetly read the first 10 pages of this thread. Lia is not a good person.


  5. in that case, that makes us no better than her lol


    Maybe so, but Lia really had it coming. It's called karma.

    Note that Lia has never actually apologised for this behavior.


  6. I can't feel bad about Lia being criticised for her body when she has been openly bullying other people like that for so many years lmao

    Y'all need to remember when she said "If she can be a model, my toe could be a model", and she has said so much more about other women openly on twitter. I don't feel bad for people telling Lia that she "looks big" in any way because she has already fat shamed so many people.



  7. Does anyone remember Mikan before she got famous and moved to japan? I know a few people who were/are friends with her so I always saw her posts being shared by them on fb. She would post outfit pics as if she was already super internet famous when she didn't even have that sort of following... but i guess slowly it worked? I guess her youtube vids helped for sure also, I think thats where she got most her followers starting out. Seeing her try so hard with her posts, I didn't think she would blow up. I thought her approach wasn't going to get her anywhere, I thought she would fluke like a lot of girls on the internet who try to do the same end up. A LOT of mutuals of ours made fun of her on the regular for trying to become internet famous, talking about how skinny she is. I think the bullying got so bad that she left fb for a while because of it. Then all of a sudden, the next time I see her name is on ig in my explore tab and I see shes got a huge following. Its so weird. 


    That's interesting. I heard that she faked marrying a guy in some community, do you know anything about that? Because I've been really curious as to why she did that and what happened when people found out. Also interesting to know she has always bragged about being skinny.


  8. From her IG and this video, it sounds like she has a bad habit of eating more snacks than normal food, perhaps? I saw on one of her latest pics someone actually commented that it looked like she had lost a lot of weight and she only responded "same weight". I took a screenshot in case she deletes it, I just need to learn how to upload pics on here.


  9. Has anyone else seen her latest video? The Morning Routine one? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bu121B3CoIw

    I'm sorry for reviving a dead thread, but at 3:10 she puts on clothes and it sort of scared me how skinny she looks. I know you shouldn't comment on someone's weight and that I might sound nitpicky, but as someone who has struggled with disordered eating that part worried me.

    Again, she has said many times that she is not unhealthy skinny and I want to believe that, it might even be the angle of the video that made her look so skinny to me. If nothing is wrong then that's good, I just hope she's not lying about her health. In one of her old facebook posts she mentioned about having anemia but I don't know if it was true or not.

    Again, sorry for reviving a dead thread and (possibly) being nitpicky.


  10. If I remember correctly she posted answering questions about her editing when the thread was only a couple pages, so I'm not really surprised she lurks here lol. Thing is she literally just contradicted herself and proved she's full of it, she is nowhere near advanced or and is only beginning intermediate studies. Is this enough to move her to little snowflakes yet? Let's see:

    • She edited her skin color, nose and chin to hell and back, but actively denies lightening her skin color even.
    • Had an out and out fight with a Japanese person on her ig, acting as if she knew more about Japanese clothing and culture than them and refusing to accept their corrections when she said something.
    • Threw a fit on FB when she found out her mom wouldn't help pay for her language courses in Japan (which why would she? You're a grown up, pay for your own shit)
    • When criticized for any kind of rude behavior hid behind "It's just my humor!" excuse
    • Lied about her Japanese abilities for brownie points and then contradicted herself by posting her work for next term, which was pretty basic kanji
    • Hinted pretty heavily (or maybe it's just her humor hurrrdurr :harharplz:) that her follows should send her Birthday money 

    Am I missing anything?

    • Maybe adding that she is most likely lurking here?
    • A friend of hers decided to WK, instead of coming here to defend herself like she did on page 2. 
    • Her giant ego that we saw on those earlier facebook posts (around page 3 I think). 
    • Weeaboo; she talks about how she wanted to go far away, and uses that as the excuse to why she went to Japan. Nothing wrong with going to Japan, but it's easier to go to a town 3 hours away and properly learn Japanese in your homeland, so that you can get a Job or go to college in Japan. To me she just wanted to go to all weebs dreamland.
    • Talks about the positivity needed for middle eastern girls in the community, but erases her ethnic features in pictures (such as nose, skin, permanently straightening hair).

    This is what I could come up with. Now I remember why I dislike this girl so much...


  11. I was expecting people here to be talking about her reference to Logan Paul in the video. Surprised to see them talking about... binding? We don't even know if she wears a binder, it could very well be a sports bra. As long as she is not wearing it 24/7 then there shouldn't be a problem.


  12. Is it possible to expose her on facebook? I don't know much about the functions there and I'm also asking for the safety of the people who provided screenshots. She shouldn't be allowed to continue with this bullshit and it seems like we have evidence of her lies.


  13. Ok everyone! I have to get to bed because I have to be up early for work, but I'll send those screenshots on my lunch break tomorrow (3pm PST). I'm going to ask Misty if they have anymor, if not, Ill just send what I have! Also im still goming to try and get into my old account as theres more in there . Thank you all for your patience!


    Edit: I can't sleep, so I'll message you guys what misty sent me, and try and get more tomorrow.


    So far, I have her admitting to SSI fraud, her admitying she's a woman, even after coming out as non binary 


    I would like screenshots too, if it’s not too much for you ^^