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  1. Where did you find them? I expected them when I first made it but the amount of sjw I saw on politically neutral subs like r/thathappened is crazy. Once were literally hundreds of people (the majority) downvoting and saying 'ok boomer', calling people bigoted, transphobic who dared to say that there are two genders, that you can't change your sex completely bc DNA and that girls have vaginas and boys have penises. Once a couple of black girls attacked me and about 100 downvoted me because I said that there isn't anything wrong with touching someone's hair if you don't ask for permission first. One compared that to rape and how bigots (men) get away with it. I lost a good amount of braincells in those times. 


    I didn't mean that all of reddit are this way. I know very well that a lot of mainstream/popular subs have many so-called SJWs, but depending on what you follow you might be surprised at how many alt-right/incels there actually are on that website. It's not 4chan level, and yeah some of these people are just edgy teenagers (ex. r/dankmemes). But the actual ones like to gather in their own subreddits for the circlejerk and often show up in random political posts to share their views.

    What made me write that opinion at first was because of a subreddit called r/zoomerright, where they post memes that are just straight up racist (and the comments show that they have this belief as well). It just surprised me that these types of subreddits have so many active members as well, which lead to my first post.


  2. Alright everybody, it's time to play the Aria drinking game, step right up and take your shots 'cause she's rebranding and going on hiatus again. 





  3. Darling in the Franxx is one of the most overrated anime. I don't get how so many people like it because it has such a shitty storyline. The only reason people like this anime is because of the Zero Two girl, and she's not even a good character. So many people hated on Ichigo for her normal reactions to seeing a friend being hurt, while praising Zero Two for hurting everyone?? yeah she had a tragic past but it's only being used by the story to excuse her being a toxic person. The relationship to Hiro looks unhealthy for half of the show and then all problems are magically gone.

    For being such a popular anime, it was a pretty shitty one.

    End of rant.


  4. lol get fucked

    edit: full screencap added since Twitter preview cropped it 



    Aria being a hypocrite + responding to PULL on her twitter all at once? You spoil me Aria :x


  5. She could've just ignored the question if it offended her that much, she has the power to ignore any question or person she doesn't wanna respond to. Most people just assume that their question slipped under the radar as far as I know? She didn't have to put the person on blast openly on her IG like that, she could've ignored it but felt the need to openly shit on them.


  6. Coming out of the shadows here just to say that I actually believe her. I have Autism and was diagnosed at an early age so I've grown up knowing why some stuff was difficult for me. I actually suspected that Kenna was autistic but never mentioned it cuz it would be considered armchair diagnosis, but this video still surprised me.

    The only problem I truly have with this is that she comes off as the type of person who will use their autism as an excuse to get away with shitty things she does. 


  7. I'm not good at keeping up with her latest shenanigans (even tho I'm the one who made the thread)  but this chick is getting worse everytime I check this thread lol. She and that boyfriend of hers are probably the weirdest couple I've seen on the internet, honestly who the fuck brags about their boyfriend buying pasta for them????? He bought you food??? This dreamguy best be boiling the pasta for you too.... 



  8. Has anyone else gotten this weird message that says something about "Ionwhite" and "gab"? it has links that seem to be about someone being a pedo? I don't want to click on the links, I tried to google about it and there is a website but tbh I don't wanna click on the links there either. The account that sent it has zero activity so I'm not sure if it's a spam bot or anything.


  9. Ever since Mercy got changed Aria seems to think Overwatch has just died. As mentioned by someone else in the thread, OWL is growing rapidly. It's huge. One of the biggest Esports. I think that's a pretty good measure of general interest towards Overwatch, since we don't have statistics on the average number of players online at a time. Just because she doesn't enjoy the game anymore, doesn't mean the rest of the world has to follow suit.

    EDIT: Also, please correct me if I'm misunderstanding here, but is she suggesting that OWL is more likely to have predators compared to other Esports? I'm not quite sure why that'd be the case. If she's using someone else's trauma to try and drag Overwatch more, oo boy that's not a great look. It's great to call people out if they're disgusting, power to you, but it did sound like she was labeling this as another fault to Overwatch.


    I also got that exact feeling. Considering her hate-boner for the Overwatch community, I wouldn't be surprised that she is trying to imply that. Predators exist in every community and that's just a sad truth, but I'm honestly not surprised if Aria was planning on using other people's trauma for her own benefit.


  10. It's so funny to see Aria trying to convince herself and her followers that "Overwatch is stale and dead". We all know that you are only saying that because you can't deal with the fact that you've been kicked out of the whole community, everyone knows what a toxic bitch you really are now. Overwatch is till very much alive, Aria mad cause she bad ;)


  11. ya'll watched this? twitch is cesspool filled with racist/homophobic/sexist enablers, if not racist/homophobic/sexist themselves. They are definitely being biased, critique, then they proceed to make the SAME racist jokes and laugh every time one is said. wtf is wrong with them? for a second i thought imane and destiny were saying good things, then they just started giggling and laughing when anyone else made jokes. 

    It sad to see popular streamers act like this, sad we don't have any who dont enable/act out :( also how old are they???? literally EMBARRASSING to see them laugh so much over words that allude racism... i had high hopes for imane she held it tight for the first part of the vid but seeing her giggle and do that ridiculous exaggerated fake laugh is just....its embarrassing. 


    OT cuz it's not about Poki, but god I hate destiny. He is one of the most hypocritical people on twitch and he is talking about racism when he literally called a black person "uncle tom" and blocked people for calling him out on using the N-word. I'm surprised that no one has made a thread on this guy cuz he is borderline defending pedophilia too.


  12. I don't think it should matter as to WHY Michelle was making the video, Kiki is still abusing the copyright system. I honestly can't believe that family is STILL trying to hide their fucking online footprint like that.


  13. I apologise in advance for the wall of text but I wanted it to be as accurate as possible. Please forgive me if I sound like I'm lecturing, I'm just sharing my knowledge on the topic. And I don't think that being naive is a fault or anything.

    So, first of all there are different themes and aspects to Felix's videos that might look like they're not in relation with each other...but they are. The main example of that being his strong familiarity with incel culture, down to the extensive slang they use etc. Now, it's hard to associate Felix to incels: he's reasonably good looking, rich, (considered) funny, has a girlfriend. If anything, he represents all incels aspire to be. But what incels are actually about is a general view about the world (getting there in a sec), not just poor looks and basement-dweller lifestyle. A set of beliefs that encompasses not only the role of women in society, but also race and how it affects (according to them) your value as a person. Basically, it's safe to say that a huge chunk (let's say the majority) of incels at the very least is completely okay with white supremacism. If you've ever stumbled upon incel sites/subreddits/4chan/8chan you know what I'm talking about. Felix has extensive knowledge about it, and it's just not superficial knowledge, things you came to learn out of morbidy curiosity. He shares too many of the same views and nudges at that audience CONSTANTLY, except the casual viewer doesn't realise he does. Even by just visiting his subreddit, chances are most suscribers post on questionable subreddits as well. Premise: I'm not an SJW (just in case people want to use that argument against me) and I'm not a fan of everything the left say and does. I think with my own head and I'm guided by my own morals, but I don't condone discriminatory behavior.

    Felix doesn't just merely attack feminists (like that time he laughed about women wanting to breastfeed in public and how he did not understand that - just an example). He doesn't simply call out "twitch thots". It's undeniable that he mostly focuses on women and he goes at it with a passion. I don't care if the target is a girl on Dr. Phil or Tana Mongeau or whatever. I'm just saying that, even if he "jokes" about men as well, it's always different when it's about women. There's a lot of body-shaming, and a lot of implying that women aren't that smart. Also, in case people haven't gotten it yet, the whole "respecc women" thing is not an actual encouragement to respect women (I swear there's people convinced of that). We could call it a "joke" if you want, a joke that got incredibly old and that appeals to a certain audience a bit too often. You know what's Felix for incels? It's a red-pilled based Chad. Even Marzia represents everything an incel would want for themselves: she gives off this "prude" vibe, never steals the spotlight to the man, her interests are very girly etc. (there's many things people got wrong about Marzia as well, but I'm trying to be soft on her on this thread because I don't want you guys to judge this post based on that...refer to her thread for more info). Women are objects to incels, they don't value their personality at all and they're not ashamed to say it. And if you rebel against it/have opinions you're suddenly labeled as a "bitch". And by the way, I can't believe how many people condoned Felix calling J. K. Rowling a "bitch" on video, only because she dared to point out that playing nazi is not funny, and not a "joke". But why am I surprised? Felix's fans insulted his own mother when she posted an empowering picture for women on her IG.

    It's not a coincidence that incels are more often than not mild white supremacists at best. Even their slang reflects that, both as a way to judge women or even as self-hate. Example: "I'm an ethnicel, is it over for me? How can I lookmaxx despite my skin color?" And funnily enough, Indians are especially targeted. I mean, I'm not an idiot, there are many jokes at the expense of Indians like that one facebook meme "Hasan is not my best friend anymore" or something like that, but when you put two and two together you realise that Felix's are not isolated jokes, there's a pattern to it, and they appeal to that precise audience, the "spergs" on 4chan as you guys said ("spergs" is incredibly offensive by the way, even if it IS accurate to associate Asperger's syndrome with all of this in certain cases. But throwing around the term in such a derogatory way is not okay. Autism is no joke, and I doubt you go around calling people "downs" and getting a laugh out of it). Felix saw the opportunity with this whole T-series thing and took it. Doing collabs with Indians or posting apologies for damage control doesn't mean he's not aware of what his doing or at least he doesn't care about it. Incels love this kind of stuff because the perspective of redirecting their insecurities and shaming people for their ethnicity is very appealing to them, it's how they function.

    Incel communities have increasingly become more extremist and focused on violence in recent years.[34][35][36] This has been attributed to various factors, including influence from overlapping online hate groups[2] and the rise of the alt-right and white supremacist groups. Antisemitic beliefs are also regularly found on incel forums, with some posters going so far as to blame the rise of feminism on a plot masterminded by Jews to weaken the West.

    This brings me to another thing I wanted to discuss and that I feel has been misinterpreted: if you've ever heard about the whole symbolism behind Kekistan and Pepe, you need to know that some incel websites like Incelistan mirror that, reinforcing the association between the two. Also wanted to stress that yes, Pepe started out as an innocent meme, then was used as a mascot for voters of Donald Trump, but is now a proper white supremacist symbol, along with the Republic of Kekistan etc. People should put things into context, as Felix ironically reminds us. If the "coincidences" are so many that excusing him makes you look like a fool, maybe you should reconsider your "opinions".

    In conclusion, I don't think Felix will ever go around shooting people or is even a hardcore neonazi. As I said, I think he does experience mild feelings of racial and gender superiority and more or less consciously uses his platform to "joke" about it. Which is wrong in itself, but the actual problem is that there are actual white supremacists out there who are more serious about it and connected the dots more than people on this thread ever did. Felix IS part of the problem, and by supporting him, even just because you're not very knowledgeable about this dark side of internet culture, you're contributing to it as well. I wouldn't give him the benefit of the doubt because he's apologised so many times that it's hard not to see that as damage control. And I wouldn't certainly state that "it's all jokes"! Jokes like this are for when you're playing Cards Against Humanity in the living room, not to be broadcasted to an audience that you're 100% aware of appealing to.


    Can you show some receipts for some of this? I know you are just explaining stuff that most of us are already aware of, but some of the things you mentioned are things I've never seen PDP do, like the bodyshaming part. And the thing with his fans insulting his mother is also something I've never heard of, so if you do have screenshots or can link to somewhere that does then I would love to see it cuz thats fucked up.






    Lmao my reaction once I saw this.

    For those who have never played Overwatch, they have introduced a "workshop" feature so that you can basically mod the game (I think, I'm not good with explaining these things). Anyway, seems like with this feature you might be able to bring back Mercy's old ult, which is most likely why Aria suddenly decided to come back and make Overwatch videos. 9_9


  15. I don't think this is a really unpopular opinion, mostly a suggestion. But I really think we should make a separate category for community-threads (such as blackfishing, slavaboo etc). I feel like the threads talking about these communities rarely focus on few specific online personalities, and tbh it just doesn't fit in with a category of threads that are supposed to focus on individual online personalities. I know KF has a similar system and I just think it would be better to keep the community focused - threads in a separate category from the others.