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  1. FlakeReview added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

    I don't understand how people can compare pewdiepie to the alt-right, I really don't see the connection. He did shit that he deserved to be called out for of course, but he clearly understood that what he did was wrong and learnt from it. So I really don't understand how people can throw around the alt-right word so easily when other influencers have done way worse. 
    And the whole vox thing was just a huge reach, the journalist even tried to claim that a random player walking past him in a video game was legit proof, like come on... 
    I do understand how the "sub to pewds" thing is getting really boring now tho and I couldn't care less if t-series actually pass him by now. But it amazes me how dedicated and big his fanbase is, he is clearly still one of the most popular youtubers out there.
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  2. FlakeReview added a post in a topic Aria Rose / Saccharine Beats   

    I think one of the biggest mistakes Aria did was to have the same username as her social medias. It's a unspoken rule that you never use the same username on gossip websites as the ones you use on social medias. Mostly because if you're unlucky someone could track you down, but also if you have a youtube channel with many subscribers people are easily gonna find you here.
    But also, if you make a name for yourself on both youtube and PULL and get called out for snowflakey behavior, everyone is gonna know exactly who you are and it will just be embarassing. This is why she is acting like a victim, I wonder if she thinks we are the bad guys now? 
    So much for bragging about how people contacting you must not be regulars on PULL, because you weren't aware of this despite being here for quite a long time....
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  3. FlakeReview added a post in a topic Akidearest and The Anime Man   

    Found on reddit and was reminded of someone

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  4. FlakeReview added a post in a topic Aria Rose / Saccharine Beats   

    She still thinking it's the community's fault to her being toxic? 
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  5. FlakeReview added a post in a topic mikan.mandarin   

    I think the reason she isn’t speaking japanese that much in videos is because she is feeling insecure about her skills. I do think she might be exaggerating her actual level, but since she got accepted into college I am curious. Maybe she is one of those people who can understand it but has a hard time speaking it?
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  6. FlakeReview added a post in a topic Poppy / Moriah Pereira & Titanic Sinclair / Corey Michael Mixter   

    Don't know if this is true or not but gave me a good chuckle lmao
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  7. FlakeReview added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos #2   

    Wasn't there literally an underage section tho? I'm pretty sure screenshots exist of the website having a section for underaged girls and they apparently removed it now. Tay why the fuck you lyin.
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  8. FlakeReview added a post in a topic Aria Rose / Saccharine Beats   

    She acknowledge her PULL thread but still refuses to better herself smh
    Also, not that many people know what PULL is, but good job in directing your fans into looking it up and finding your thread!
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  9. FlakeReview added a post in a topic mikan.mandarin   

    I don't speak japanese so I'm not the best to judge, but it really just sounded like she was using simple words. Venus and the italian girl (sorry i forgot her name) speak in longer sentences and sound almost fluent. Meanwhile I mostly heard Mikan say shorter phrases and simple words like "kawaii" and "wait". I skipped through the video a bit tho so I might've missed some and I don't speak japanese either. It just sounded like the other girls were speaking more fluent japanese with eachother while Mikan spoke in english.
    Also another shade at kenna when she brought up the vegetarian restaurant? Didn't kenna try to claim that there wasn't many vegetarian alternatives in Tokyo?
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  10. FlakeReview added a post in a topic Aria Rose / Saccharine Beats   

    lmao okay Aria..... you can't sit there and say "they're spouting bullshit and being toxic" WHEN THAT IS THE EXACT SAME THING YOU DID. You sound exactly like the e-girls that you loved to talk about, do you realise that? Your logic sounds just like the snowflakes that are being discussed in bigger threads on here and since you were/is a PULL user, I'm suprised you're not noticing it. I'm honestly stunned.
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  11. FlakeReview added a post in a topic Aria Rose / Saccharine Beats   

    Well call me fucking disappointed 
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  12. FlakeReview added a post in a topic Aria Rose / Saccharine Beats   

    I do want to give Aria a second chance, but come on girl, you deleted everything. You made an apology on twitter and then deleted it. People deserve a public apology, you can come here and explain your side of the story but you still need to apologise to the OW community.
    Also, mentioning that you are being threatened and stuff like that is not good to put in your apology, it comes off as guilt-tripping. Of course you don't deserve to get hateful messages, but mentioning it means nothing when you're supposed to apologise to people.
    Soradot made another video, and it looks like you still weren't up to having a discussion. Now I don't want to assume things too quickly here since I can understand how overwhelming the situation is ( and I haven't seen the rest of your twitter ), but combined with deleting your apology ( which you only uploaded to twitter in the first place ) it doesn't look genuine.
    If you want me to be completely honest, it looks more like you came here to write all of that in order to save your reputation on here. I am hoping for you to apologise properly and be more open for discussion to the people who are criticising you.
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  13. FlakeReview added a post in a topic mikan.mandarin   

    I watched the video and for the first time I was actually able to relate to Mikan when it comes to weight and body etc. Don't wanna get too personal but we have almost the same experiences with it. This makes me feel bad for pointing out how skinny she was in a video some pages back, I should've known better. Sorry Mikan!
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  14. FlakeReview added a post in a topic Aria Rose / Saccharine Beats   

    I don't see an issue in her calling out pokimane and belle delphine, but it did spark some drama between her and poki/belle's fans it seems like. I don't mind her calling out "Loli e-girls" either, because I personally find that type of pedo-baiting wrong. Sometimes I would just feel like she was being a bit hypocritical about some of the things she said about other girl gamers. 
    Also, when this thread got moved to Online Personalities, it seems like one of the mods(?) changed my summary and improved it. When I originally wrote it, I felt like the info was all over the place and not summarised well and I'm glad someone "polished" it, so to say. I don't know who did it but I want to let you know that I really appreciated it, thank you <3
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  15. FlakeReview added a post in a topic Aria Rose / Saccharine Beats   

    Coming from a fellow healer main with many hours on Mercy, this thread is NOT about Overwatch. It's about Aria and the drama she started in the community and the toxic personality she has. You seriously sound like a WK holy shit
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  16. FlakeReview added a post in a topic Aria Rose / Saccharine Beats   

    Did she delete her twitter again?
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  17. FlakeReview added a post in a topic Aria Rose / Saccharine Beats   

    I decided to point out the main points of the the video I linked from Soradot ( Here )
    Was not able to take criticism from another youtuber mercy main who gave valid criticism to the reworkmercy movement. Instead of being open to discussion, she referred to the person as a "shady ass hoe". (screenshots are shown in the video)The hypocrisy: Aria has a video on "How to be an E-girl/uwutuber". I guess she wanted it to be a joke until you realise she is doing the exact same things she is making fun of in that video. She also made a thread on here about "uwutubers".Toxicity; despite supposedly being all about positivity. ( Example )A reddit post with more info on her toxicity.
    You can have whatever opinions you want on a character, I personally don't agree with her mercy opinions, but raiding a forum for it and encouraging your fans to do it too is just shitty. She often deletes everything as soon as it backfires, all the videos that talked about the forum raids are deleted now.
    I know she's a PULL user, but I wasn't sure if she's still active. Anyway, being a PULL user shouldn't give her a "free-out-of-jail" card for snowflakey behavior.
    Sorry if my explanations here looks like a mess. I'm not good with screenshots, but all the links I've posted here include screenshots as proof of her behavior.
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  18. FlakeReview added a post in a topic mikan.mandarin   

    So I've seen many people mentioning Mikan in kennas thread, likewise Mikan has been compared to kenna in past pages so I'm giving my opinion just cause.
    Mikan may have some snowflakey traits but i still think she is way better than Kenna. Because I can actually believe that Mikan has worked hard to get to where she is right now, while kenna shits her pants when someone dare mention "trust fund". I know I might be harsh on Mikan in this thread sometimes but I would still pick her over Kenna anyday lmao.
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  19. FlakeReview added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    I was just wondering where the video was at, she actually deleted it???? Gurl how u gon save this...
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  20. FlakeReview added a post in a topic mikan.mandarin   

    Okay so the only reason to why I brought that up, was because she made it into such a big deal on her story. I personally don’t think she looks trans, and quite frankly I don’t understand why you would ask someone that either. 
    My only issue with this part is why she made it into a huge deal. You know you can simply answer ”no” and then let it be, or just even ignore the question if it bothers you so much. People thinking she is trans clearly bothered her enough to put it in her story. I’ve seen people ask her if she is japanese and she happily responds to them without making it into a huge deal.
    I also suspected that she brought her ethnicity into it for woke points but I can’t tell.
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  21. FlakeReview added a post in a topic mikan.mandarin   

    I still stand on my opinion in this: Mikan can't call herself a role model for middle eastern girls when she is literally photoshopping herself to look more east asian, almost erasing the ethnic features that she have. That doesn't add up and it only smells of fake body positivity. 
    She looks so much different when you compare the pic with Venus to her current IG pics.
    Also I remember when she put in her story of how she was upset that people asked her if she was trans and she made it into a "why do you only ask middle eastern girls that" or something.
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  22. FlakeReview added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos #2   

    Petition for changing the name of the website to "Bitter Wine Moms" 
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  23. FlakeReview added a post in a topic Mariah Mallad / Momokun Cosplay   

    Momo you're late to the "subscribe to pewdiepie" train, smh....
    I hope pewdiepie roasts her
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  24. FlakeReview added a post in a topic Akidearest and The Anime Man   

    Love how Joey chose not to include this one in his LetsFight video. It's only 7 comments down from his post 

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  25. FlakeReview added a post in a topic SSSniperWolf / Lia Shelesh   

    So Lia had this thing on IG where people could ask her questions.
    Someone asked her what plastic surgery she had, she replied that she has never had plastic surgery, just septoplasty.
    Someone else asked what beauty filter she used for her videos: She replied and said she does not use a filter like that.
    TL;DR Can’t spell Liar without Lia!
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