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  1. nordicalien9 added a post in a topic icy_tenshi   

    Hi  It’s Icy.
    A friend notified me that there’s a thread on me on a forum, so I wanted to respond. I’m sorry for my English in advance.
    1. “Propaganda to white skin”
    I was bullied at school for being to pale, so I said that I appreciate that in some cultures like the Japanese one it’s appreciated. I didn’t want it to come across as something else..
    2. “Fat shaming and Asian fetichisation”
    i remember someone on ask.fm asked me if I like a plus size model and I said no.. that’s fat shaming? 
    And I don’t know what you mean by Asian fetichisation? Is it because I like japan?
    An account claimed I was copying them because they had white hair.. I think it’s self explanatory.. they did not invent them.
    4. I don’t understand the “she is from south Italy, not russian”? I live in a city called Bolzano, russian however are my parents
    5. I never claimed I’m perfect and my pictures are raw. I think it’s obvious it has filter and I take it with snow...
    6. You claim I’m a bully and liar just because someone said so? If you believe everything you read on the internet..
    7. “Faked being a model in Beijing” I never said I went to China to be a model. I only said on Twitter one time that a Chinese model agency invited me for a photoshoot, however I didn’t accept after a long conversation because they were not willing to give me a working visa (they wanted me to come on tourist visa)
    8. I had some pictures taken by photographers in the past (I tagged the photographer on the picture with the blue dress). I don’t understand the “her ex girlfriend takes the pictures”? Where do you get that from? Lmao
    Honestly, I don’t buy followers. But how can I prove it? I don’t know? 
    My pictures got posted on big account as shoutouts and the followers grew.
    But it’s true, I’m not very active.. and I lose them.
    I’m still surprised how my Instagram growed and I’m still not used to it.
    Reading this forum just gave me anxiety. so many lies, especially the random ones (like me lying about my height? why? or saying that my real name is elsa? is this a joke?)
    Or saying that I’m a nazi? Yeah, a lesbian nazi! Pretty sure nazis would burn me first.
    so I doubt for my own sanity I will be going back here. I said my truth, I hope you will do your own research before believing everything someone writes
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