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  1. Nadia added a post in a topic Lilou Vos   

    Yes, become relevant again  

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  2. Nadia added a post in a topic Kiki Deleted Boyfriend Videos!   

    I would hate to have Kiki's life and mentality, where she thinks that she HAS to have some sort of audience to feel like she matters.. and she's never going to be this "famous" person that she wants to be... so in turn she will never be happy... her and Dakota remind me of the old school movie "What ever happened to Baby Jane" she had her 15 minutes of "fame" then died off and lived the rest of her life in the past, while her sister who always lived in her shadow became more successful .. it's just sad..
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  3. Nadia added a post in a topic Kiki's Twitter/Instagram   

    did she just make her Insta private? or am i just late to the party?  
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