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  1. Sazzle added a post in a topic Onision   

    Onion boy (about his Patreon being deleted): "ARE YOU HAPPY NOW?"
    ME: . . . Yeeeeeepppp!
    I've got this bad feeling that he is setting Kai up to take the fall and nothing will really happen to him.
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  2. Sazzle added a post in a topic Onision   

    I think he lacks self-awareness among many other things. Other people would question why so many people hate them, not Onion boy though. He thinks there is something wrong with everybody else.
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  3. Sazzle added a post in a topic Onision   

    My heart just broke watching this. I fucking hope that these people FINALLY get what has been coming to them for years. Taylor/Lainey/Kai is no longer a victim in my eyes and hasn't been for quite awhile. Please let something happen this time. The information about what he does whilst his children are in the room is disgusting.
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  4. Sazzle added a post in a topic James Charles   

    I know I am going to get thumbed down like crazy, but what has his race got to do with it?
    Once again the double standards enter the arena. Can we please just start treating people based off of their actions and not their skin colour, gender, sexuality or religion. The behaviour is what matters.
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  5. Sazzle added a post in a topic James Charles   

    Can James not fully close his mouth? Every picture he seems to have a butthole mouth or something. I don't know why I find that facial expression annoying, but it just looks stupid to me. Is it supposed to be a pout?
    I'm also sick to death of the double standards in life. If a straight woman was hitting on and throwing herself at a gay man, people would lose their shit. The same thing if a man did this to woman. A gay man does the same thing to a straight guy and what a surprise nobody says anything. I watched one of the videos with the Dolan twins and Grayson looked so uncomfortable. The problem is he can't say or do anything. If he does he would probably be called homophobic by James fans. When it's really about respecting people's boundaries.
    It reminds me of when I think it was Garrett and Morgan were getting shipped together, people lost their minds because Garrett is gay so it's wrong. Yet the ones who were saying it's wrong to ship a gay man with a straight woman are the same ones who ship straight men together. Hypocrites much. You can't pick and choose what is okay for one person and what's okay for another. All genders and sexualities should be respected. That includes straight men.
    The other side of this James hitting on straight men thing, is that it's dangerous. It takes one guy to not appreciate it and knock him out. Knowing him though he'd blame it on the person being homophobic, not because he was sexually harassing someone and get sympathy.
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  6. Sazzle added a post in a topic General Kanadajin3 thread   

    I thought that maybe she would learn from her past mistakes, looks like she has not. I can't believe this is still going on.
    I still say that something happened back in Canada. Nobody switches so much (almost like a teenager going through phases) at this age without a reason.
    How does her conscience live with itself? I'd feel so much guilt, but she seems to feel nothing for what she does.
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  7. Sazzle added a post in a topic Shane Dawson   

    LOL! He looks like someone when they're asked a complicated maths question, but he's just been asked what 2x2 is.
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  8. Sazzle added a post in a topic Shane Dawson   

    I've got a feeling I'll need a few drinks to get through this, but of all the weeks to be on antibiotics. *sigh*  How bad is it guys?
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  9. Sazzle added a post in a topic Kanadajin3 Twitter   

    Maybe she is no longer able to live in Japan? Rather than admit it, she's making things private so people don't realize her lies were actually a lie?
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  10. Sazzle added a post in a topic John Kuckian   

    YouTube really is showing us that it doesn't give a flying fuck about smaller YouTubers. Shane Dawson gets accused of being a pedophile (which we all know is untrue) and the accusers channel is taken down pretty quickly. Kuckian calls Peter Monn a pedophile for weeks on top of all of the other shit he has been doing for years, YouTube does nothing. I really hope the people involved are taking legal action like they say.
    We are not even 2 weeks into 2018 and so much YouTube crap has already happened. It's like people sat down and said, "Do you know what? I think my New Year's resolution is be an arsehole this year."
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  11. Sazzle added a post in a topic Logan Paul   

    I said in a previous post, 'I wonder what his parents think of their sons behaviour?' Well. . . that's my question answered and it explains Logan and Jake's behaviour so much. The apple does not fall far from the tree. If I'd have done that my parents would be asking what the fuck is wrong with me, not these people are haters.
    YouTube has definitely shown there true colours. People have been getting their videos demonetized and/or channels deleted wrongfully without investigation, but when the big money makers actually do something wrong they drag there heels. Nice one YouTube.
    Please can someone come along and be a competitor to YouTube.
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  12. Sazzle added a post in a topic Logan Paul   

    I've seen a few of his fans videos about this and they range from upsetting to downright stupidity. One with a boy crying about the dead person and wondering why he killed himself, which was upsetting. One girl just saying he did nothing wrong. And the stupidest one ever I've seen so far. A boy saying the dead person should feel lucky to be in Logan's vlog and he would do anything even suicide to be in one of his vlogs. The kid is basically saying the guy should feel LUCKY! And he would kill himself to be in Logan's vlog. That sounds like a cult type of behaviour to me. To all of the kids defending him and threatening others I have one question, "Where are your parents?"
    I spoke to my mum about this and I said to her, what is up with this generation? Have their parents just given up and stopped caring? Does anybody remember when kids were supervised when on the internet?
    The funny thing is these types of lazy parents are also the same ones who come after YouTubers who are making videos for older audiences saying it's inappropriate for kids. No shit Sherlock! They're not aimed at kids. Maybe if you did your job and looked after your child instead of expecting the internet to babysit they wouldn't have seen the older stuff.
    Also are these parents not teaching their children right from wrong? I just can't with these kids. We can only hope they grow out of it and that they don't grow up to be an army of sociopaths.
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  13. Sazzle added a post in a topic Logan Paul   

    I'm trying to get my thoughts into the right order, as I am so mad right now.
    This is beyond just being disrespectful, it's downright cruel. Imagine if that persons family see that? Kids have seen that. He even used it in the thumbnail too. I've watched clips of it and even as a woman in her 30's it freaked me out, let alone what it could do to someone much younger. Not to mention how they were behaving and how his fanbase is justifying his actions.
    There's some saying, "Oh it's fake". HOW DOES THAT MAKE IT ANY BETTER? He says in it that suicide is no laughing matter, but the proceeds to laugh. Yes, I know some people have that involuntary reaction to horrible things, but why even keep it in. It seems like they didn't give a shit at all. It makes me wonder what the parents think of their sons behaviour. If I was their parent I would be ashamed.
    I feel like I live in a fucked up world more and more. There seems to be no balance with the younger generation, they're either offended by everything or they have no basic emotions at all.
    What's got me also pissed off is that YouTube did nothing. If this was someone else they would have taken that video down so quick, but it seems YouTubes rules only apply to certain people. I really hope Logan's channel takes a dive for this, if it doesn't I don't even want to know what else he would do.
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  14. Sazzle added a post in a topic John Kuckian   

    The problem I have with him is not just his behaviour, but his attitude. He has this attitude like he's amazing and everyone else is disgusting. I honestly feel like he is projecting. He calls out so many people for being liars, scammers, pedo's. He can't see he is doing the same. I'm wondering what he is thinking now? I'm guessing, "OH SHIT! WRONG MOVE!" I think he thought doing this to Peter would make him internet famous, or take the attention away from his makeup line. I can't take anyone like him (who smirks or smiles at finding out someone is abusing children) seriously. Funny how YouTube is so click happy to delete when it affects AD's. Not so much when it's about YouTuber's themselves. Sorry, I mean low subscriber YouTuber's, we all know if they had millions Google would bend over backwards.
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  15. Sazzle added a post in a topic Kanadajin3 Twitter   

    This is so childish. I get telling the wife, but the friends? And why post it on your twitter? It just goes to show what an attention seeker Miranda is. I have a feeling she was that kid at school who nobody liked, because she always told on everyone. She's probably just messaging herself though, let's be real.
    "Look how desired I am! See! This guy wants to marry me! But I am so nice that I found out who he was. I messaged his friends and wife, because I am soooo nice. People are always stalking me, because I'm a famous White, Japanese, Muslim girl."  (Sorry, but just imagine this in Mira speak. I can't type idiotic as I don't speak the language).
    Funny how most YouTuber's with much higher fanbases than Miranda's don't get these weekly problems. Most would have just ignored the person. But I still reckon she is making it up, like everything she does.
    Also, I'm pretty sure it's 'Bruh' not 'Bra'. That's something you wear.
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