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  1. Dook added a post in a topic sayathefox   

    Yeah there’s no doubt she got plastic surgery. Even if she did break her nose it wouldn’t be this extreme of a surgery? Also why did the surgery make her nose so unnaturally pointy- unless the real intention is to make it pointy and skinny- like what a plastic surgery is for. If you truly broke your nose then surgery would be to restore it, not to shave off literally 90 percent of it and make it pointy!! It’s so obvious, idk why she’s covering it up. 
    Also she looked like tana Monqeau before her surgery it’s kinda uncanny 
    Many people get PS and most of the time it’s pretty subtle and you can’t detect it. I was super shocked when I found out about how natural PS can look... so if “natural” looking ps is undetectable, then “unnatural” ps pretty much immidietly gives away that you got PS. I don’t get why saya chose to get such a drastic transformation- and try to cover it up! if a doctor was to fix her “broken” nose. It could result in a pretty drastic change- but the result would be somewhat close to her old nose- or just ordinary and natural looking (average sized). No doctor (that isn’t a cosmetic doctor) will see a broken nose- and instead of reverting it to look normal, shave half of it off and make it pointy like MJ! Doctors will fix and make it as normal as they can, but not any more than fixing it! Shaving it down and pointing it out much more than nesecessary- and obviously a choice made by her for aesthetic reasons. 

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  2. Dook added a post in a topic Gangnam Unnie   

    Previously I discovered this girl, who photoshopped from hell and back. Occasionally she deleted her things and eventually put up those anon-asking things. 
    I took the chance to question why she photoshops, and to my surprise, she actually doesn’t go off, and admits it? And I google translated her reply which made me more surprised.
    just gunna leave this here. 

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  3. Dook added a post in a topic Gangnam Unnie   

    I came across this girl today and I’m wondering if she’s obvlivous to the amount she photoshops? This is insane she looks like an alien. It seems like she is also not afraid of showing her self harm (cuts) on her wrists. 😖

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  4. Dook added a post in a topic sayathefox   

    Yeah that’s what I was thinking. If she really did look like her pictures in real life why would she hold back on posting a lot of pictures😅 the unedited pic from the fan Looks so different from her feed now and she already had surgery then 😬 yikers 
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  5. Dook added a post in a topic Chinese Living Dolls   

    In Chinese these people are referred to snake people (or something like that) because of their pointy faces 😂

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  6. Dook added a post in a topic sayathefox   

    I’ve also noticed she rarely posts candid pictures or shows tagged pictures on her Instagram? Or any pictures from conventions and stuff? And when she does it’s all blurred or filtered. Is she still not satisfied with her looks even after ps? That’s hella sad ☹️
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  7. Dook added a post in a topic sayathefox   

    I’m still shocked on how much the plastic surgery changed her face :00 she went from a generic white girl to this extreme type of look. Her nose was so big and western and now it’s teeny tiny and she looks like a completely different person. Plastic surgery works wonders  LOL. Also I wonder what people think of her when they meet her irl and find out she basically changed her entire face 
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