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  1. janteloven added a post in a topic General Language App Drama   

    I just remembered a story I had about HelloTalk!
    When I was around 14 I had joined HelloTalk (I wanted to practice Korean with actual people). There, I had started talking to this really nice guy from New Zealand -- he had said that he moved there at around 8? Anyways, he was a good 4 years older than me. He wasn't really creepy or anything, just quite odd?? He went to an all-boys high school and constantly complained about his "stupid j*p" teacher, how he can't buy a gun, etc. When I did 23&Me, it had said that I was primarily Danish and Baltic (not surprising) and I shared it with him because I expected to be more French/German/Iberian. His response was literally a white pride flag??? He may have had a darker sense of humor but it left me with a bad taste in my mouth... (most of our correspondence was via kkt btw)
    There's this guy on Tandem as well who was rather odd. I shared my WeChat with him (ignore my stupidity smh) because he wouldn't be able to chat on Tandem for long (SMHHHHH). Eventually, he started coming onto me and telling me that he loved me. I knew he didn't he was literally just some horny 30+ year old posing as a 19 year old. So, I promptly decided to fuck with him. I faked liking him and eventually started talking to other girls who had shitty experiences with him lol. 
    Do y'all remember when SNOW had the chat feature? Around 3 years ago, I started talking to a guy on that app (again, because of HelloTalk). He ended up messaging me something along the lines of "I LUV SEXI GURLS WITH BIG BUUBS." It was so ridiculous that I had decided to screenshot it and send it to my friend. Well, my dumbass sent it back to him with the caption "lol what a fucking creep." Let's just say that that was the last time we messaged lol.
    Does anyone else have any other "exciting stories???" I kinda want to revive this thread lol
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  2. janteloven added a post in a topic Shane Dawson   

    Shane is so childish smh. Politics is an unavoidable topic in America and an important one at that. I don't care if he's progressive or conservative but he has a platform to promote change. You see people like Taylor Swift and Kanye West and though I don't necessarily care for Kanye's views, he is using his platform to strive for what he believes is the betterment of society. I'm worried that, after seeing his reaction, his fans won't feel as obligated to care for politics.
    Now, I don't think celeberaties or influencers should be obligated to share their political views, quite the opposite actually. Politics can be sensative and I know some people just prefer to keep their ideals to themselves. However, I do think that Shane mentioning politics altogether was unnecessary -- if he had to say anything, tell people to vote or just end it at "I love you Pittsburgh." If you're going to mention politics, make it purposeful, not just a placeholder. 
    (just remember y'all, whether you're conservative or progressive, please remember to vote in the upcoming election. and do your research! don't just vote for the party)
    (this got a little bit convulted but i tried to keep it as neutral as i could )
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  3. janteloven added a post in a topic Margaret Palermo   

    just looking at her Instagram, it's a little bit odd how desperately she tries to be young. her style is very immature, especially for a woman of her age. while i'm all for dressing how you feel, i don't think margaret does it well. the clothing she wears is pretty average for people, you know, 20 years younger than her. she's 42 years old, she can look trendy and pretty without dressing like a 20 year old. it looks like she tries to follow korean street fashion but it doesn't necessarily work with her age or face??
    margaret examples
    korean fashion examples. i don't know everything about korean fashion (i live in the states), but it's been growing in popularity and so i assume i know the basics?
    in the end, you should wear what you like. it just comes off as unprofessional/immature if you dress like an 18 year old as someone in your 40's. 
    do you guys think that margaret's attempts to look young are connected with her jealousy(?) over venus? do you think she's bitter that venus is younger and prettier than her? she seems to act rather arrogant and narcissitic, so i wouldn't be surprised.
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  4. janteloven added a post in a topic Shane Dawson   

    shane just keeps getting more and more problematic tbh. what's so troubling is that people are defending him for his shitty actions -- they're excusing his actions or dismissing them completely. i wish his viewers could realize that he doesn't have good intentions, he just wants clout. 
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  5. janteloven added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

    (i think you mean gender dysphoria; dysmorphia and dysphoria are different)
    - edgar allen poe is overrated
    - shane dawson was problematic before all of his "docuseries"
    - ellen can be funny but too many of her jokes fall flat
    - both pop and musical songs are entertaining
    - transtrenders ARE damaging to the trans community??? like tf??
    - "astrogender" and "cloudgender" aren't real genders
    ignore, it won't go away lol
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  6. janteloven added a post in a topic The Massie Fam General Discussion   

    this topic makes me really sad tbh. as someone who struggles with body issues (body dysmorphia) and has resorted to unfavorable/unhealthy weight loss tactics in the past, it leaves me with a bad taste in my mouth. just because quick weight loss in the kpop industry is "normal" does not make it okay. people telling kyla to lose weight quickly are not in their right minds. 
    to kyla, all i can say is to focus on your health. build up muscle, focus on getting strong, not thin. not only will that be more permanent, but it will also keep you healthier. i really hope she can eventually come back with pristin.
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  7. janteloven added a post in a topic Shane Dawson   

    shane's most recent video honestly aggravated me to the fullest extent of the word. he was 100% biased towards jake. his actions, questions, and compusure were all wrought with fake ass sympathy for alissa. the most inconsistent thing about his story/personality is the fact that he claims to be an "empath" while being completely self-absorbed and desperate to push his own narrative -- which is very obviously anything that will bring in the most cash. shane doesn't care about the people he's interviewing. 
    another thing that was "enlightening," was how shane consistantly disregarded alissa's comments -- comments that were pretty incriminating for jake. the fact that he so quickly moved onto other topics and rarely delved into jake's abuse is likely because he lacks the awareness to realize that this was a real problem that affected real people. it's also likely that he just didn't have the actual ability to ask more advanced questions. he's not trying to solve the problem or get to the bottom of anything. he's merely skimming the surface. whether this is because he's a negligent/unqualified reporter or because he wants to make the most money in the fastest way possible, it comes off as lazy.
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  8. janteloven added a post in a topic Shane Dawson   

    i choked when i saw this -- she literally got mistaken on such a straightforeward question? i'm speechless jfc. 
    if anyone wants to make the thread, have at it! we have her public facebook, website, and now book to look into lol. i'm sure there's hella tea on her. 
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  9. janteloven added a post in a topic Anyone else studying Chinese?   

    i just found this thread, so sorry for adding on when it seems kinda dead 
    i've been learning mandarin on and off for about 2 years now? i got really preoccupied with school and my other language lessons so it was hard for me to engage with practicing the language tbh. recently, i've definiely gotten back into the groove of learning and applying mandarin to everyday life but it is a bit awkward because i don't want to come off as an asiaboo, i just really need application practice to retain vocabulary and to practice tones. 
    despite the controversy surrounding language apps, it is really easy and simple to get in touch with native mandarin speakers. i usually only talk with the girls (i've had bad experiences with guys "accicentally" sending me porn lol) and they're so helpful! 
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  10. janteloven added a post in a topic Shane Dawson   

    (sorry about that lmao. it was the only book i had on hand at the moment as i'm out visiting family.)

    this was on the therapist's public facebook and i just want to reiterate how inappropriate it is for a marriage and family therapist to diagnose personality disorders and randomly apply them to people she hasn't even met.
    it's bizarre that people from my brothers highschool were so intrigued/interested in this series -- though i'm not surprised, as they're not well versed in psychology. 
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  11. janteloven added a post in a topic Shane Dawson   

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  12. janteloven added a post in a topic Shane Dawson   

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  13. janteloven added a post in a topic Shane Dawson   

    shane should have taken the responsibility to consult multiple psychological experts! if it was my documentary and my reputation was on the line, i would have consulted people in neuropsychology, professors of psychology, etc, etc. it's just lazy to consult a single YouTuber who works as a marriage and family therapist. she doesn't have the right qualifications.
    shane's video was filled with unnecesary clips to make it longer and invalidated any actual content. the clips are also just used to extend the video, simply because shane couldn't bother to interview and talk with more people. 
    my mom (who has a phd in psychology and is a professor at a large univerisity) has never diagnosed a patiant with sociopathy and she's worked in that field for decades. the only person she has ever met that would even qualify as a sociopath was her old coworker, a doctor with diagnosed narcissim and ASPD. even then, he held a job as a reliable surgeon. the therapist and shane were over dramatizing everything throughout the interview, it was honestly enraging.
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  14. janteloven added a post in a topic Shane Dawson   

    the use of "sociopath" in his series is more for drama than anything else. in clinical psychology, people are hardly ever diagnosed as sociopaths because it's a "quick label." they're typically diagnosed as having aspd or narcissism. the ideas presented by the psychologist were a incomplete and rather ignorant. she definitely left details out to make the conversation more dramatic. her poor descriptions/analysis of these mental illnesses left a really bad taste in my mouth. she made them out to be terrible, untreatable, undetectable. people are treated for these personality disorders and others like them. she was just so unprofessional about it. the editing and consistantly macabre/unsettling clips were also unnecessary, in my opinion. it literally just furthered peoples stigmatized perspectives of these illnesses which is extremely disrespectful? 
    idk, i just found it extremely unsavory. 
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  15. janteloven added a post in a topic Ruby Granger   

    though i haven't read through the entirety of the thread, here's my two cent -
    universities do not focus solely on academics. the school i want to go to (ucsd) has high standards regarding your gpa, your class ranking, how many leadership positions you have at your highschool, your s.a.t, etc. i'm not that surprised that she was was not accepted/waitlisted for oxford. it was naive thinking on her part to believe that her grades were the only things to be taken into consideration. hopefully she can learn from this and apply to a smaller school for undergrad and then do her graduate program at oxford. 
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