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  1. HotStuff added a post in a topic Taylor Nicole Dean   

    Getting rid of her animals? God no! She said in the end of the video that she still plans on getting MORE ANIMALS. But at a slower rate so it is totallllllly okay. She has even bought a new pair of crocodile skinks to replace the pair that died. 
    She seriously needs to stop getting more animals - and actually get rid of some of them, and if she wants to work with animals she can become a zookeeper or actual animal educator. (where she educates about animals she does not own herself) If her illness makes her unable to work these jobs then she is certainly not able to care for the animals he has night now!
    She has said that she takes care of the animals 3 times a day everyday herself. If that was true then the accident with the heat mats would not have happened! 
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  2. HotStuff added a post in a topic Taylor Nicole Dean   

    What does that have to do with EDS? (I don't know anything about the illness and couldn't find anything in my short google search)
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  3. HotStuff added a post in a topic Taylor Nicole Dean   

    Now she bought a new ball python. FOR 7500$?!?! JUST because it is special and pretty? 
    I get there are people who are animal collectors, and fair enough as long as they take proper care of the animals. BUT Taylor is trying to be this animal educator? She should advocate to ADOPT not shop reptiles! Especially ball pythons as they tend to be thrown away quite often! But no.... she only wants the special and beautiful animals. Does she even have a "regular" ballpython? 
    I really don't get it.... If I had that kind of money I would not spend it on ONE animal just because I thought it was pretty. I would work to be able to donate the money for a good course or something like that. I would show my audience where to help out and try to make a difference. 
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  4. HotStuff added a post in a topic Taylor Nicole Dean   

    Sooooo, she is keeping the monitor. 
    I commented on the picture (she posted it on Instagram) how she plans on keeping the monitor and the cats, and people kept commenting that she probably has another room for the monitor - but she has not showed another animal room (she still has animals in a closet = probably no more rooms) and I don't think she is moving the monitor into another room whether she has a room available or not. 
    This means that when it gets big and needs exercise outside its enclosure that it won't really have a lot of room the move around in as the animal crowded already? I am just so concerned for the monitor honestly - and the cats!
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  5. HotStuff added a post in a topic Taylor Nicole Dean   

    A while ago she addressed the smoking. Of course not officially on her twitter so everybody could see it. 

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