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  1. saerosade added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

    No, I definitively agree with you, but I guess I should have clarified in my post that I was referring to the straight people who use romantic labels to seem "special", as if they're part of the community because they can "love" someone from another gender, when they don't mean that in a romantic sense. I've seen quite a lot of them on Tumblr, as I did with microlabeling (like, being sapiosexual or whatever, you know).
    Honestly, romantic labels as a whole are very confusing and there aren't tons of studies on the subject, and I don't know how applicable they are in reality. People are a lot more complex than a simple definition and your sexuality isn't static either, you're always discovering yourself... Fifteen years from now a lesbian might actually discover she's bissexual, or the other way around, for instance. It's never that black and white when it comes to humans. I'd say even current labels aren't enough: I call myself bissexual very loosely, because I just don't care about gender/sex, but some people might apply to the definition of the word strictly.
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  2. saerosade added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

    Regarding all this talk about Shane Dawson this, Jeffrey Star that, and whoever else is involved in this clusterfuck of events I couldn't care less about: stop making stupid people famous. Mediocre makeup "artists" and barely entertaining Youtubers are not worth the hype, the praise or your time. Can we just move on from these people? There are so many crazy talented individuals out there and you guys are begging for literal scraps of integrity and artistry from people who aren't able to offer you the bare minimum. Let them wither out of the spotlight.This also applies to the Kardashian-Jenner clan. Never understood the hype, and it boggles me how not a single soul in that family is willing to do something meaningful with their lives, or at least something that isn't entirely shallow and self-centered. With the money they have, they could be helping millions of people around the world with charity works, but they're wasting it on fucking designer bags and lip fillers. Eat the fucking rich, I guess.If you tell me your sexuality and after that I'm still wondering what gender/sex you're attracted to, then it's not a sexuality. Labels are not about how you experience your sexuality (because we are all different people who have vastly different life experiences) but to whom, and it really takes away credibility and attention from the actual LGBT+ cause to have straight people microlabeling themselves to feel "less" straight.I also strongly disagree with the use of "romantic" labels (e.g. biromantic, panromantic) if not by asexuals. If you say you are heterosexual and biromantic, you're just straight, bruh. If you experience sexual attraction but you're not attracted to the person you love that's just... Friendship? Platonic relationships can be just as meaningful as romantic ones, it's not gonna hurt to say you have friends, I promise.I admire those people who get into bullet journaling, because I've tried it before and oof... I bought myself a planner on my senior year of highschool and I couldn't be bothered to write my class schedule lmao. It takes way too much time and I don't see the point of writing anything down if I know I'll just remember it later.
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  3. saerosade added a post in a topic Unpopular Opinions (K-POP Edition)   

    I usually like the non visual members, lmao.
    My top 3 for women are Jessica and Seohyun from SNSD, and f(x) Luna (I still think Luna is one of the prettiest women out there, she really has that star quality about her that makes her shine!) - I don't think those three have anything in common to constitute a type, per se, at least I'm not aware of it. As for men, I guess I'm a lot pickier and I do have a type; the visuals are usually marketed as "good boys" and I kinda don't like that boy next door look (?) all that much, so I'd say quite easily: EXO Kai, NCT Yuta and SF9 Hwiyoung (I don't stan SF9, but I just like looking at him lmao).
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  4. saerosade added a post in a topic Rant Thread   

    What an asshole lmao. "Don't ask me I don't know" then don't start giving life advice then?
    Of course you can have moments of happines while still being depressed, but there's a literal chemical imbalance in your brain, it isn't just a choice, I can't just decide that I'm happy and all of a sudden I'll get my serotonin fix. This is such a dumb mindset, like those people who think doing yoga or a sunbath will cure you (can that help? Yeah, but no amount of vitamin D will make me want to not stick my head inside an oven if I'm not taking antidepressants and I'm out of therapy).
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  5. saerosade added a post in a topic What's your Kibbe Body Type?   

    Exactly. Most people over there are so worried about "fitting" what's considered typical of a certain type that they get tunnel vision - then they're often mistyping themselves and/or others because they can't see past a stereotype, and give up any autonomy or critical thinking. Say you disagree with the extinction of the pure G, N and C types and you'll be stoned lmao.
    And ngl, I know that the whole concept of vertical line is a bit abstract and subjective (it's ultimately based on your perception and compared to other people and the overall average), so I get that it stirrs up confusion, but some people are just completely off! It mostly comes from the idea that all types are proportional all along, so if you have long limbs you automatically have a long vertical line, which isn't true: with Gamine and Natural types, the yin-yang balance is a bit more blurred and can manifest differently in different people even when it comes to the same type. SGs, for instance, have some yang in their skeleton, so they might have limbs that are more elongated, which makes them look a bit more lanky, though still short (think Eartha Kitt, for instance).
    I know there's a Facebook group, but idk how good or how bad it is (frankly, I haven't had a Facebook page in almost ten years and I don't intend to go back).
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  6. saerosade added a post in a topic What's your Kibbe Body Type?   

    Honestly, I don't look into it all that much, it's good for some fashion inspiration, but I don't take it too seriously. People get really heated when you stray away from stereotypes and think outside the box: I've read some misleading comments, like saying all Gamine types have big heads and that's a "dead giveaway" of a Gamine, and most people over there don't really get the concept of vertical lines either. I always take their opinions with a grain of salt.
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  7. saerosade added a post in a topic What is your favourite fashion decade/style?   

    I LOVE the '60s! I'm super into the mod style, the mini skirts and that Brigitte Bardot signature makeup and hairstyle.
    I also really like the '90s, it had a great duality of the very minimal, "heroin chic" look, and the bright, colorful and fun styles during the late years (think girl bands and boy bands), but my favourite part is undoubtely subculture fashion, especially grunge and goth. Think of The Craft: Nancy Downs is a style icon!
    I'd say my wardrobe is a good mix of '60s (style lines + fit) and '90s (color scheme, patterns and overall vibe).
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  8. saerosade added a post in a topic Rant Thread   

    So I finally got around working on my plans to make all of my lingerie, even if I'm starting in a small scale. My favourite bra got its band ripped during washing last week (RIP), but I managed to save parts of it (like the cups, underwire and the hook and eye closing), so I decided to just buy some fabric and proper elastics make a new one, since I had already found a free pattern for my size, and it worked out so well!!!!!! It took some adjusting to fit me like I wanted to (I should probably have made a mockup, but I couldn't be bothered), but I'm delighted at how well it turned out and how well it fits me. I even made a matching bralette too (which was super easy, it took what, half an hour? An hour, tops) and cut some panties out of the same fabric to sew soon. I've been feeling super productive lately and if money comes around I might just make a few more sets!
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  9. saerosade added a post in a topic What's your Kibbe Body Type?   

    @Vanna has been doing a great job of updating the first post on the topic with comparisons of different types, but Aly Art (honestly, I know I promote her a lot lmao) has started a series where she compares an X type to all the other types as well; if you're unsure about your type, you might wanna look into that. So far, she has done Romantics and Dramatics, and I'll link both of them below.
    Romantics: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=meUdYRYXvJs
    Dramatics: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mXTKBUaTFos
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  10. saerosade added a post in a topic Blackpink (formerly Jennie Kim thread)   

    Tbh, it's too bad SM plays it safe when it comes to promoting here in the West (they chose to release an English version of NCT's Regular, that is a bop, I'll admit, instead of the absolute banger that was Boss; and don't get me started on how Luna's Free Somebody or Seohyun's Don't Say No didn't get an English release either...), but I think all Korean companies have been playing it safe and YG is no exception.
    Nothing YG has released recently is groundbreaking either, be it in SK or not, especially for Blackpink: 2NE1 was doing it before in Korea and other early 2010 artists were releasing similar stuff in the West. Their English collabs sound outdated and out of touch with trends, because instead of having their own unique style, they sound like generic party songs from 2010 but without the nostalgic appeal of the actual songs from 2010. The EDM, heavy autotune, poor lyric content, it's beating a dead horse at this point, idk how the hell he gets away with this sad excuse of "girl crush concept" anymore.
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  11. saerosade added a post in a topic Makeup/Skincare Advice and Discussion   

    I'm gonna try it out to remove makeup, though I have been using this specific baby shampoo brand to wash my hair since forever lmao. My hair is really oily and normal shampoos make it even more so because they strip a lot of your natural oils, so it worked out really well. The only thing I do as an extra step is doing a final wash with a solution of water and apple cider vinegar: baby shampoo is usually more alkaline than adult shampoo (because a baby's scalp is more alkaline as well), so you have to balance the pH to avoid dryness; and apple cider vinegar is also pretty good for oily hair and makes my hair suuuuper shiny, so I really like it!
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  12. saerosade added a post in a topic bestdressed/ ashley   

    Part of growing up is starting to see the world through clearer lenses (and that includes seeing your parents' faults and flaws). The more you grow up, the more you realize your parents don't know you or your interests like you thought they would, you notice that they don't understand you and that they want what they think it's the best for you, but it might not necessarily be the best option objectively. Some parents are shitty, but some are just faulty people trying their best, and it's not within our reach to say whether Ashley's parents are good or bad people, or good or bad parents, because we don't know them, we aren't their kids, and it doesn't matter at all to any of us. Airing their dirty laundry online or any of the other questionable or straight up bad things she has done isn't entirely their fault: like you said, it's a narrative she has been telling herself and others, and we can't let ourselves fall into that trap. She's an adult, she's responsible for her actions.
    The thing is that seeing things clearly is the first step, but you gotta get past the attitude of blaming everyone else for your problems as well, or you won't move on with your life, and that's where she's stuck. It's comfortable to blame others for your problems and not look inside and see that you are just as faulty as everyone else, you are hurting and alienating others just as everyone else, but you have to do it and own up to your actions. You can't choose the cards you've been dealt, but you can make the best out of your hand always, so even if her parents were indeed bad and that has left her traumatized, she has to work that out! Like everyone else on this thread has been begging her to do it since day one, Ashley, for fuck's sake, go to therapy! Get some friends who will knock up some sense into your head! Be honest with yourself, with your parents, with your audience! Scrap that "uwu smol bean" image and become a better version of yourself, grow up!
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  13. saerosade added a post in a topic Unpopular Opinions (K-POP Edition)   

    Never understood that, tbh. Is it supposed to sound sexy? Alluring? They just sound out of breath.
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  14. saerosade added a post in a topic Rant Thread   

    Thank you so much!!!!!! Sometimes I get a bit anxious while writing because English is not my first language and I am so much more articulate when I'm speaking Portuguese, you know? But I guess my innate desire to argue transcends the language barrier lmao. Though I do read a lot on a topic before commiting to a point of view, and that is certainly a smart thing to do.
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  15. saerosade added a post in a topic Rant Thread   

    Tbh, I don't think what JKR said is *that* problematic (her sarcastic tone isn't good and she could have phrased it a lot better, but I'll get to it later), but in a sense, I get where she is coming from, though, because reducing someone to a biological function (as in "people who menstruate", "people who have uteruses" and the such) doesn't sit right with me either. It's like those incel guys who call women "females" or "femoids", as if we were animals or a biological study subject, and it borders on dehumanizing us while also erasing the fact that women everywhere, especially in third world countries, suffer from birth because there is a biological component in how gender is interpreted by our society (one example, among many, is female genital mutilation - a baby doesn't get to opt out of structural misoginy if they are seen as women for whatever reason).
    There are also lots of cis women who don't menstruate, who don't have a uterus or ovaries and that doesn't make them less of a woman because, again, there is a biological component in how gender is read by society, but this isn't the only and absolute category to define gender. If I write an article about periods and title it "women give tips on how to deal with menstrual cramps", I'm making a general statement because yes, the majority of women have/had periods, but it doesn't mean that only those who have periods are women. In the same way, a social movement isn't based on individual problems, rather on class struggles, so of course there are problems that you will never face: a trans woman won't have to worry about reproductive rights in the same way that I do, just like I, a cis woman, won't ever have to worry about having my name and gender not recognized by other people/institutions; sometimes these struggles will intersect, sometimes they won't, but that's fine, because we know that being cis and being trans are fundamentally different in their experiences - but it doesn't mean one is better or worse than the other, just that there are particular fights regarding feminism that won't be as useful to both sides.
    As for the part that I highlighted, yeah, a lot of people get thrown under the bus wrongfully because some people just can't fucking read lmao. A couple weeks ago a girl on Twitter got dragged to hell and back because she made a thread about female masturbation and dared saying "women" a couple times instead of "people with vaginas", and like... Was that really necessary? Do you really need to get this pressed because a teenager on fucking Twitter is telling you how to finger yourself better and you happen to not have a vagina? Couldn't you just, idk, keep scrolling and save yourself the anger? Some people just want to witch-hunt. But, frankly, I won't give the benefit of the doubt to JKR because we all know she's just a shitty person trying to sell more by pretending she cares about social issues, and I know she didn't intend to say that to make a good point or with good intentions.
    (Also, kinda sad how gender critical feminism has turned into a scapegoat for transphobic people to be transphobic under the guise of the theory and for everyone else to blame said theory for the root of all evil. I just happen to think that abolishing the concept of gender would benefit us a lot more than keeping it, nothing more, nothing less - and as for trans people, they're valid and should be respected at the bare minimum, and everyone who says otherwise is just disguising their own prejudice under ideology)
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