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  1. Blahhh added a post in a topic Kelly Eden   

    I worked on set with Kelly a few years back, right after her boob job. 
    I was excited to meet her as I liked her videos and was subscribed to her channel. 
    It turned out that she isn’t ANYTHING like she presents herself in her videos! Had I never seen the videos, I would have taken her for a quiet, awkward weirdo. She barely spoke to me, and would only talk to the photographer on the shoot. I really got the vibe that I wasn’t of her ilk (aka “aesthetic”). 
    What definitely proved it was how she REFUSED to credit me in her Instagram/social media. Purposely omitted my tags/credits. I went as far as to comment with my credit... nada. She finally did tag me but later in the day edited the caption and removed the tag. 
    As anticipated, the products gifted to her from my company and other clothing brands for the shoot ended up on Depop (they were gifted to her as part of a future collaboration, which never happened because she blew us off completely)  
    And yeah, she’s 100% photoshop. 
    She has horrible eye bags which made me question the age she is claiming.  That aside, I honestly don’t get all the photoshop, though, she obviously has body issues. She looked fine to me minus the fake boobs which she didn’t need and her terrible under $20 eBay wigs.  
    Its so obvious she craves free shit yet hates or doesn’t appreciate any of it. Is she a trust fund kid? She reeks of it! 
    Anyway, after all of that, I unsubscribed from her channel. I still look from time to time, and all I see is some 30-something chick that sounds like a bratty 13 year old boy repeating catch phrases that were semi popular a few years ago. 
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