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  1. JH1991 added a post in a topic Kelly Eden   

    The video is an hour long...that's a bit ridiculous. I actually have seen videos that gave legit advice in less time. 
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  2. JH1991 added a topic in Introduce Yourself   

    Hi, I pretty much just came here because of the Kelly Eden thread and finding out that she was a piece of work. Nice to meet ya. 
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  3. JH1991 added a post in a topic Kelly Eden   

    Looking at everything on lolcow and seeing how she pretty much told someone that "It is clear that you've never lost someone before." was really shitty of her. She's not the only human on this planet who has lost someone. Cassandra was very brave to stand up to her and stand against the rabid fans. I honestly think that a voice actor having to come to her rescue was unnecessary and pretty much putting down someone with real issues and standing up for someone who uses her issues to gain profit for her "job". Oh it's your job to be a "mental health advocate"? It's not a job it's a choice you have to make to stand with others. Profiting from her cousins death is just sad and low of her and I hope he rests in peace and that the family can find peace in these trying times.
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  4. JH1991 added a post in a topic Kelly Eden   

    I recently decided to unfollow Kelly, because I learned the truth all on my own. Not really from this form but from an Instagram story. I used to be a fan of hers. I was at a low point in my life and her videos brought me joy for awhile. When I moved I started to watch her less and less and noticed more and more how annoying she got to be and obnoxious. Even though I continued to follow her out of pity. It wasn't just the Instagram story but seeing the screen shots of Toshi walking on art that a fan gave her just confirmed it for me. I'm an artist myself. I planned on giving her some of my art. I'm glad I never did. I'm glad that I found out the truth. She treats her fans like garbage. She says she's a mental health advocate but doesn't want to help. She's only in it for herself. She doesn't care about mental health and it seems like a thing she says just to keep her image. It's sick because there are actual people needing help and mental health needs to be accepted and people need to reach out. Kelly just makes it worse by making herself the victim and disregarding other people. Again I'm glad I found out the truth and opened my eyes. I finally tasted the coffee and it was damn delicious. Best coffee ever. 
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