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  1. Rosetee added a post in a topic Taylor R - Social Media Updates   

    her fashion is just getting worse at this point   
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  2. Rosetee added a post in a topic Dark under eye circels   

    It´s also super important to drink! Stay hydrated so your body can get rid of the toxins from the bad food
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  3. Rosetee added a post in a topic Nikita Dragun   

    She literally says "trans people" so mtf and ftm. And eyeryone got something to conceal, why is a corrector and a powder suddenly only something for females? I don´t wanna defend her but that´s nitpicky 
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  4. Rosetee added a post in a topic Kylie Jenner   

    Why is a clingy one-year-old a sign that she´s pregnant again 
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  5. Rosetee added a post in a topic Menclub - Tom Lip's controversial online magazine   

    The stupid golden bear I can´t 
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  6. Rosetee added a post in a topic Jeffree Star   

    I think he´s actually doing something a little different that other beauty brands by bringing out a monochromatic eyeshadow palette but yeah more something for instagram looks than anything else. Just like the liquid lipsticks. Is he really selling a lipstick bundle with only blue shades? who buys that 
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  7. Rosetee added a post in a topic Random Chat Thread   

    Oh wow I´m glad to know I´m not alone, I don´t know anyone with a similar issue. I´m really sorry you have to struggle like that. It´s shit honestly. 
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  8. Rosetee added a post in a topic Random Chat Thread   

    Do any of you guys feel anxiety all through the day? I mean are you chill between panic attacks or do you also feel anxious on a lower level? 
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  9. Rosetee added a post in a topic Safiya Nygaard   

    I don´t even know how many ppl they had in their team. I just remember a girl that helped them with the Instagram hack video. What really annoys me is the uploading schedule. Why do they even make "promises" like ~yea we totally filmed ahead guyz~ and then let the subscribers hang 
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  10. Rosetee added a post in a topic Nikita Dragun   

    For the record the pumpkin corrector is 25 $ lmao and the powders are 35$. Then she sells two kinds of bundles one for 55 $ and one for 105 $ ... 
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  11. Rosetee added a post in a topic Ariana Grande   

    okey THAT is definitely misleading. The plan emoji is unofficially the sign that sth is vegan in my opinion. Did she get any direct backlash at this hastag/post?
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  12. Rosetee added a post in a topic Nikita Dragun   

    She has dropped her Make up line now idk if it was mentioned before but I saw it on Trendmoods insta. She had to defend nikita quite a bit in the comments lol 

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  13. Rosetee added a post in a topic Taylor R - Social Media Updates   

    Did she delete even more videos? also - 40 k views looks crazy 
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  14. Rosetee added a post in a topic Kimiperi   

    I know exactly what you mean with her comments. She said something like when body and mind are in sync or mental heath comes from a healthy body... gurl. In my opinion shes literally celebrating her thin body. I honestly don´t know what to think about it because it´s great if you can be confident in your body but I feel like in her case it could contribute to her wanting to stay thin... 
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  15. Rosetee added a post in a topic Currently Reading?   

    Markus Heitz „Die dunklen Lande“/ the dark lands in preparation for the upcoming Blind Guardian Album 
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