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  1. Dyosa_ added a post in a topic AnnaCake   

    Is she married to him already? She goes from calling him her fiance to husband lol. 
    Her humble bragging lol.

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  2. Dyosa_ added a post in a topic Wylona Social Media Updates   

    Throughout all of her different PS phases the only thing that are consistent are her eyebrows lol. 
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  3. Dyosa_ added a post in a topic Gangnam Unnie   

    Is that really daxbin in this video? She looks nothing like her edited foto's but I am really digging her fresh face. 
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  4. Dyosa_ added a post in a topic Wylona Social Media Updates   

    Wait, what... I understand her English. That's new lol
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  5. Dyosa_ added a post in a topic heyitsfeiii   

    It's just the lighting. Her skin looks like a normal warm tone here and it shows because it's either her wearing yellow or she's right besides Avila who looks cool toned 😛
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  6. Dyosa_ added a topic in Beauty & Fashion   

    Stores that offer petite sizes in EU?
    Hello, I've been living in Belgium for a couple of years now and I haven't found any clothing stores with petite clothes. I'm too poor to get clothes altered/Taylored and asos does not really have a lot of options for petite. Any suggestions which stores offer petite sizes? Online stores that ship to Belgium is ok too. 
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  7. Dyosa_ added a post in a topic Gangnam Unnie   

    I know daxbin has multiple plastic surgery and maybe photoshopped too but I can't get over how dolly she looks. I like her lips lol. 
    But her face changed a lot

    but I'm curious about her makeup though lol. I'd love to see how she does her eyes. Idk if it's makeup or photoshoot but it's an interesting shape lol
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  8. Dyosa_ added a post in a topic Lily Maymac   

    Makes one wonder where her real life friends at because I haven't seen any real life friends defending her lol. Or maybe they can't say anything because that's her true personality lol. 
    Anyway, all this is blowing up and I'm just here waiting for what funny/sad excuse Mom Macapinlac is going to say lolol

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  9. Dyosa_ added a post in a topic Using Filipino as an insult?   

    Filipino here (born in the Philippines moved to US at the age of 11 and moved to Europe at the age of 22). One thing I noticed is that "you look like a filipino" often has a negative connotation. It automatically means you're a caregiver, a janitor, or someone who married a foreigner for money or to get out of the country. I'm not saying that's what it mean but apparently in some Asian country there was a school book where they define other nationalities in one word and bam "Filipinos = nannies or caregivers" which are beneath them. And it irks me a lot because most of these so called janitors and caregivers have Bachelor's degree. It's not their fault other countries won't recognize their education. And life is hard,  gotta do what you gotta do so I've  much respect for these overseas Filipino workers! 
    The marrying foreigners to be rich or get out of country part, I don't blame other countries for saying this because it's the Fellow Filipino themselves who say this! I noticed this in a Filipino party lol. Someone mentioned she married a white guy, they automatically assumed she's a gold digger lol. 
    Speaking of Filipino parties (the one organized by Filipino communities not the ones organized by your family lol), it's like a pissing contest lol. Who can pee higher. Who's child has a better degree or who has an expensive car lol. 
    And in my experience,  I get along well with Filipinos that grew up abroad or are "white washed" because they have the same mindset, open-mindedness, and they're not judgemental. They tell you "Oh cool! You're a Filipino! Me too!" or "awesome!  I'm part filipino!". And that's it lol. 
    On the other hand the one that are "fob" (pardon my language) are the ones that can get judgy or stuck up lol. Or deny their ethnicity. Or get a pissed when someone said they look Filipino. I have a coworker who got annoyed at her customer when they said she looked Filipino lol. And she's  like "what?! No! I look Chinese!" and then there's this other one who moved to Brazil married an Australian and kept telling her husband shes Brazilian. Now they have a kid, the husband posted a picture of the baby and was like "my half Aussie, half Brazilian baby" I was lol'ing so hard hahaha. 
    And the whole proud to be Pinoy thing can get annoying. Like someone joined a *Insert country here* got talent or the voice, bam!  proud to be Pinoy... When most of those contestants were born or grew up in that said country and relates more to that country...how are they representing Filipinos? I'm happy for the contestant and sure I'm proud of her or him. They're not Manny Pacquiao who is actually representing the philippines.  And don't get me started with miss universe... Ill support our representative when she has the same nose as me! 😂 and lol our showbiz celebrities. Most are half looking or are actually half. Most can't sing or can't act... They just look mestiso lol. 
    OK so I do have a complex against half or mestiso looking Filipinos but I don't go as far as denying my nationality. But can you blame me? A country where Koreans, Japanese and Eurasians are deemed the beautiful ones it's hard not to lose one's identity. That's why I appreciate that there's this Maine girl and there's this Cutie chubby kid Liza or lyza? 
    I'm so thankful for majority of the overseas Filipino workers who stayed humble and inviting. Because of them when others find out that I'm a Filipino they say "omg so cool! I love your food! You guys are so friendly and welcoming! Last time I went to a Filipino party I got fat. They kept on making me eat food after food after food!" 
    Sorry for long post lol
    I wanna apologize if my post put us Filipinos in a bad light. Not all of us are like what I mentioned. If you watch itsjudyslife, it shares her Japanese and Filipino side of the family (family parties, Lola or relatives in general helping you with the kids, tight family bonds, lumpia) and that's how most Filipinos are I promise lol. 
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  10. Dyosa_ added a post in a topic Lily Maymac   

    Really had no idea what she was doing in Malaysia lol until I stumbled upon Judy's post. Vacation my ass.😛

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  11. Dyosa_ added a post in a topic heyitsfeiii   

    Liking kpop and being interested in the culture, language or the country itself is fine. However, I've never seen her affirming or denying her heritage. It's always Korea this Korea that. Also, most of the product she tried that "works" for her (even though it doesn't because her skin is still bad and her foundation makes her ghostly) are Korean or some click baity Asian stuffs. She doesn't take advise to try certain American or European skin product that'll help her skin also. So yeah I'd call her a Koreaboo. Also, if you make other people cringe about your obsession I guess that's kinda koreaboo ish? But go do what you love lol it's just a label and no one is directly calling you a koreaboo 😛
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  12. Dyosa_ added a post in a topic Lily Maymac   

    Lol wow what a mature response from Lily considering how she always end up looking bratty in Twitter before. Good for her that she's growing up... or is it because the other party is somewhat famous too? 
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  13. Dyosa_ added a post in a topic Lily Maymac   

    Sorry if I'm being rude but I feel we're getting off topic. I suggest making a different post in the general discussion maybe? I'd love to join that discussion 😉
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  14. Dyosa_ added a post in a topic heyitsfeiii   

    She made it into a buzzfeed article about skin care products lol. 

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  15. Dyosa_ added a post in a topic Yumi King   

    I surprisingly liked her outfit here. It looks something like what they sold in Zara last spring. And it's so refreshing to see her in a normal outfit. I am actually surprised she wore something less gaudy for her exam lol. 
    And maybe since it's speculated that it's a pre-req dance class (elective), I'm assuming she did a written/presentation/essay exam? I honestly think she'll wear something more unthinkable if it was an actual dancing exam (like we've seen in her dance rehearsal pics) 
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