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  1. Puri3ty added a post in a topic General Koreaboo Thread   

    Why would you need or feel the need to emphasize that you're dating someone from another culture though? Her entire channel is centered around Korea presumably because she lives there. And taking a look at her other videos, all of them have 'Korea' or 'Korean' in them. So even if you're a new viewer checking out her channel, you can just see what it's centered on. Feeling the need to put your boyfriend/girlfriend's ethnicity or race in a title of a video is (in this case) k-boo like because you're clearly using it to attract both young and old koreaboos. Think about it, with the boom in K-Pop, do you really think she put "my Korean boyfriend" for the sake of saying that she's in a intercultural relationship?  It's for young and old koreaboos to click on because as soon as they see a Korean person they get all spiced up about it. 
    He's her boyfriend. They can see that. He's Korean. They can see and infer that. There's no need to put a descriptor when literally anyone with a good pair of eyes and see that. She's just exploiting her boyfriend's ethnicity and it's honestly gross and the lowest anyone can go. 
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  2. Puri3ty added a post in a topic Edward Avila   

    Summary of Edward's "My Thoughts on Hyunah & Edwan + Makeup no one cared about or asked for"
    (also folks, please remember to use hooktube links)
    2:17-5:00 Why did I start this as 2:17 you ask? Because that's how long it took Edward to get to the goddamn point. Anyway, he says that this whole situation isn't Cube kicking out two people who are in love because he thinks they don't care that they're dating...Then...That's it. He just leaves it at and then goes into the typical "blah blah blah idol culture, fantasy, blah blah blah" if you're a kpop fan you've probably heard it before. So then he says how he finds the reactions from intl fans vs Korean fans "interesting" because he's seen intl fans call K-fans fake for dropping Pentagon due to Edawn dating, but says that calling them fake fans depends on your definition of a fan because as Eddie says, "These people that are dropping Pentagon- we're talking about people who will literally buy 500 of the same album just to get into that fansigning of theirs. These girls who will wait outside from 3 in the morning (some incomprehensible language) at the music bank, but then you have the type of fans who go on K2NBlog.com (and) illegally download their music" Yes Edward. Because as long as you waste your money on the same damn album and lose sleep over your faves, that means you should be taken more seriously. You're the REAL fan here. All these, pah, stupid I-fans who illegally download music don't know jack shit.
    Goes on to say that this really all comes down on HyunA for not talking to the PR team first/Cube and just announcing it out of the blue.
    5:00-10:00 Ngl, a majority of this video is just him silently filming himself putting on makeup. Like he'll start talking about the situation and then just cut to him applying powder and such. Anywhoo...................Edward says that Hyuna has a more established name in the industry compared to Pentagon who was really on their way to fame. Because of this he thought that they would be able to get away with it DUE to Hyuna already being well-known and apparently he thinks well-known idols get away with dating scandals more than rookies, but not anymore. Hyuna should have waited to talk about it until Pentagon had a more established name, but hey hey hey! At least she'll be able to find work after this. Eddie can't say much for our boy Edawn though :^/. So of course Edward says that when you're an idol those are just the things you have to keep to yourself and it's better to just keep it on the DL "because it depends on how the relationship will go". He doesn't care that they're in a relationship and he's not surprised by the reaction of Korean fans.
    He's thoughts on the situation stops there until the very end where he reiterates that if Cube kicks them out it isn't because they're in love. It's because it goes against the idol image of, well, you know the rest. Knetz are the backbone of the idol industry and they determine if your faves have a comeback or not (but apparently that's changing).
    P.S He is in NO WAY trying to blame Hyuna. Edward is a FAN. So this video was in NO ONE BLAMING HER. Okay guys? /s
    Oh no no no! According to Eddie, (G)-Idle and BTOB are, as he puts it, the real 'cash cows' in Cube. They're the ones bringing in the moolah. (pun intended) 
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  3. Puri3ty added a post in a topic Edward Avila   

    If I walked in and saw that I would walk right out. Doing that while you look like THAT should be illegal.
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  4. Puri3ty added a post in a topic Edward Avila   

    The thing with people like Edward using the "I'm appreciating the culture" excuse is that they're just focusing on only one aspect of it. When you say that you vlog about Korean culture, you're implying that you'll be talking and showing people aspects of it as a whole. Not just the idol industry, but everything that shapes a country. From historical landmarks to important parts in the history to the food, music, holidays, and even the language (which Edward has yet to master). I have yet to see him make a video about the temples or monuments. About the government or social issues that stretch beyond racism and gender roles. The problem with these K-Vloggers and the reason why many call them Koreaboos is because they see Korea as a place where all you can learn about is the idol industry and skincare/trendy places like cafés and the Kakao store. That's why the go there and that's why they stay. That's what they build their channel off of because that's the only aspect of Korea that appeals to them. The multiple story-times about (what really is sexual assault) meeting creepy men in clubs and such proves that they're actively looking for what they believe to be the depiction of a Korean man and see these encounters as just "creepy dudes" instead of people who tried and have sometimes succeeded into sexually assaulting them or using them because they're foreigners.
    The day I see Edward trying to expand his channel to more than just the same old routine is the day I'll believe him when he tries to say he's appreciating the culture. Until then, all I see is the Asian version of Two-Face from the Batman comics sticking his cartoon penis of a nose into things he really doesn't know about while deluding himself into thinking that he's right and everyone else is just a childish SJW. So Eddie, as always, quit your bitching.
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  5. Puri3ty added a post in a topic Edward Avila   

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  6. Puri3ty added a post in a topic Edward Avila   

    That man...That man put facial cleanser over his makeup. We've seen every damn thing in the book now, I-

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  7. Puri3ty added a post in a topic Edward Avila   

    Edward seems like the type of fan who retweets obvious whitewashed photos of his biases
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  8. Puri3ty added a post in a topic Find Your Love In Japan (Nobita)   

    Am I the only one who thinks his...crusade about being a virgin and virginity in general is funny? Like he makes multiple videos surrounding the topic and then gets defensive if you ask him or tell him he's a virgin. I just-
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  9. Puri3ty added a post in a topic Hiding in my room (Daniel)   

    I dunno, I kind of like pushing him further and further  because I know that one day he's gonna try to do something super insane and end up facing the consequences instead of trying to trigger us. With everything that he's done; I find it very hard to believe he'll continue to live a life without consequences. He's like a jester who feeds off the crowds laughter and reactions to his nonsense. He needs it so badly that he'll try to end the show with a trick and end up GETTING tricked. I also get a small bit of joy when I watch his videos on hooktube. A small bit of joy when he talks about the money he gets from YouTube while also allowing people to donate him money via livestream. A small bit of joy when he reads these comments, acts like it doesn't affect him, but always refers to the people criticizing him outside of his YouTube comments as "some people" or "people keep...".
    So I say we let the little clown keep trying to top everything and anything he does. Keep doing you Daniel, but trust and believe that the universe is can be a very cruel mistress.  
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  10. Puri3ty added a post in a topic Hiding in my room (Daniel)   

    Can we please make a thread dedicated to just how beautifully Daniel's subscribers show they don't fall for his bullshit?

    I'll give him a week
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  11. Puri3ty added a post in a topic Edward Avila   

    I'm sorry but I can't be the only one who thinks his nose looks like a cartoon drawing of a penis
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  12. Puri3ty added a post in a topic Hiding in my room (Daniel)   

    "If anything SHE'S the one leeching!"
    [minutes later]
    "I pay for half the rent, she pays for half the rent. I pay for half the electricity, she pays for half the electricity. I pay for half the food. That's how it works, we do half-half- no one pays for everything." 
    Then she's not a leech, Daniel
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  13. Puri3ty added a post in a topic Hiding in my room (Daniel)   

    I wouldn't put too much hope on it. It seems like they aren't afraid to put their hands on each other when they're angry. If it's gotten to that point then the lord only knows what will happen if they explode like that again. All we can do now is pray that his wife isn't too foolish enough to have a kid with him. I can only imagine the psychological damage that child would have growing up in household like that... 
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  14. Puri3ty added a post in a topic Hiding in my room (Daniel)   

    His newest video, "I JUST WALKED OUT ON MY BITCH WIFE" is disturbing.
    It started yesterday when his wife found his twitter and all the rude tweets he made about her. She confronted him and asked him why he was saying horrible things about her on the internet and he responded with saying that when he gets upset he talks about it because he doesn't like keeping quiet. Then they got into an argument where she told him that he was boring and he just sits there playing games on his phone all day and doesn't talk to her. She also told him that there were times where she regretting getting married to him and she wished she could send him back to England.
    [TIME SKIP] 
    Daniel talks about how last year he made a PornHub account as a joke while he was in England. No pornographic material was put there except for a sex scene from a movie that he saw on TV, but he recently got verified to become a PornHub model because he found out you can make money from it. So like any smart individual would do, he signs up for the modeling gig and sends in photos which led him to becoming a verified PornHub model. Now Daniel thought all of this was pretty funny so he tells his wife about it while they were eating dinner at a restaurant. She gets pissed and storms out of the restaurant with poor Danny boy following her. He tells her, "This is why we always sit in silence because we have nothing in common and you have absolutely zero fucking sense of humor" she gets upset again to which Daniel replies with "You're just a boring stupid old woman with no sense of humor."
    They finally reach the house and Daniel beings to pack his things as soon as she opens the door. While he was packing his wife started throwing things at him including his hair straightener; to which he grabbed it and smashes it on the floor. She continues throwing things at him (and towards the end of the video he mentions how she also kept punching him on the back while he was packing) until he grabbed her by the shoulders and pushed her onto the bed telling her to "Sit still. Don't fucking touch anything. I'm gonna sort my stuff out and I'm leaving." he then leaves and she doesn't try to stop him this time. He then mentions how he's tried to leave 2 times before and she always stopped him. Also how it would have been ideal for him to have left while she was at work.
    A Couple of Notes Regarding His Video
    He calls his wife a "Stupid Dumb bitch" and a "Stupid bitch" in the video (not to her face).Says that he's been depressed for the last few weeks. His wife just comes home and sits in front of the TV while staring at her phone and he stares at his. They barely talk or do anything because she's not interested in anything except the TV and sleeping.Goes on a rant and says that Japanese women are the most boring people on the planet. They don't do anything and they don't have any hobbies. All they do is go to their jobs, come back home tired, sleep, and go back to work again. They have zero personality and they aren't interested in anything that's interesting. He compares them to robots who have nothing going on in their lives.He says that he's done with Japanese women and that he'd rather fuck a sex doll than sleep with a Japanese woman.Apparently he was just waiting for something to go off in their relationshipVideo can be found here (it's a hooktube link)
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  15. Puri3ty added a post in a topic Unpopular Opinions (K-POP Edition)   

    I don't think blackpink is as bad as people say. I actually like them.
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