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  1. iuqueen added a post in a topic katieaegi   

    @Stracciatella44 her parents knew. Katie has been grounded MANY times because of it. When they found out she was going to Korea to be with hwan, they grounded her,  that one time she acted "suicidal" was because of that 
     i heard that they couldn't control her. she was just a typical spoiled brat that thought she was entitled to every thing. If she does come back to america, i wonder if her mom and bro will have open arms on accepting her back because her bother already said katie blocked him lol 
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  2. iuqueen added a post in a topic katieaegi   

    I was watching someone exposing her in the comment section, they were going OFF on katie and then as soon as i refreshed the page, it was gone. I hope she don't try to come back again, she just needs to LEAVE and stick to her asian social apps lol ! So many people see the real her now..expecially after that idol dating thing she posted, like wtf? she embarrassed herself.
    btw i know this is off topic, but on youtube, she undisabled her comments and likes. God hope she don't try to come back there as well..i cant handle more cringy videos. Her instagram comeback was a failure already soo... just go away katie♡
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  3. iuqueen added a post in a topic katieaegi   

    I see that she's trying to go for that korean fashion look. A lot of korean girls wear those types of dresses. Tbh she looks different in the pictures that her "men" take of her. Not saying she looks uglier, just different..like in the photo where she is standing beside the chinese figure lol btw why did she learn chinese if not gonna live in china? She knows 5% korean and like 50% of chinese.
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  4. iuqueen added a post in a topic katieaegi   

    If she does come back to youtube, which im sure she will since she put back some of her cringy ass videos. I bet her next video ideas will be like "Storytime: i dated a korean idol oppa"  or "How to attract korean men in korea" lmaooo 
    @justheretospilltea we all know good and well that those guys aren't just friends...  she does have freetime to go on that many dates, since she doesnt have a real job and since dropping hwan for other men. Please meet some real friends katie! 
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  5. iuqueen added a post in a topic katieaegi   

    She looks so much better with that darker hair. I feel like maybe she dyed it lighter to appeal to korean men more lmao. Because apparently they LOVE blonde hair, but of course, i don't know the real reason why she changed it.
    Btw i noticed that most of her tourist pictures are taken by someone else of her, i wonder who is taking them, if it's not hwan then it must be all these men she meets up with cuz i don't think she has female friends there (?) I hope she will try to make female friends, it's dangerous always meeting up and dating with korean men from asian apps...
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  6. iuqueen added a post in a topic katieaegi   

    @justheretospilltea  the tourist pictures are all to show off her koreaboo dream coming true. But why make try to make a grand comeback by making your first story some thing so cringy ? Lol im guessing her asian apps didnt give her enough so now shes back, but i wonder why she put her youtube videos back up, is she gonna try to be the next whitneybae?
    Also, katie was in fact in Incheon because she put pictures of her in chinatown in Incehon, shes probably not living there as people thought ? But she was there tho, she seems to be moving around a lot but kara said that katie has a roommate now, which idk how because that means she will have to pay rent but with what money? Is she airbnb hopping? Haha 
    Btw does instagram show if you screenshot someone's story?
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  7. iuqueen added a post in a topic katieaegi   

    Lmao she came to instagram and now her youtube videos are back on the youtube site, is this her grand comeback? LOL embarrassing. Is she gonna try to be the next koreaboo youtube vlogger that lives in korea? We already have enough of those cringy people  Living off youtube is hard work sis...and btw it's  a shame that no matter how many social media breaks she takes, she still will come back being the same cringy person with an arrogant  attention seeking attitude. You won't grow a good fanbase like that!
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  8. iuqueen added a post in a topic katieaegi   

    @xingsus She once said she wanted to be a surgeron of some type, like it was her dream and she was set on it but after she started talking to hwan again the second time, she pretty much gave it up so that she could move to korea and be with him. Like sis if you had went to college THAT WAS PAID FOR YOU, you could later make so much money to fly to korea all of the time, but she gave it up for a man that she broke up with as soon as she got to korea. People would love for their parents to help pay for their college but she cut off her own family and gave that up for men and a false dream in korea. I pity that. 
    Also im wondering about that as well, but you can still do a roundtrip and still decided to stay instead of leaving apparently...but her visa would expire sooner or later...she could stay up for a few months legally though. 
    Also, i want to say that, kara told me that katie is living with a roommate now. But how is she paying that rent ? Like i understand if she saved money but you can only save soooo much....
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  9. iuqueen added a post in a topic katieaegi   

    @loonie.23 yes please educate!! katie legit tells on her own self and posts cringy stories that show what shes actually doing there, such as the one on instagram about the "idol" and now since she left hwan for other oppas and cut off her family, she's gonna need to make money some how, her restaurant money isnt gonna last forever and the visa is gonna run out eventually. When will  think of reality ? Her friends need to help better her, not defend her 24/7. There was no way katie could have even gotten INTO a college in korea, even if her mom did pay. Those little oppas she keep going on dates with will only satisfy her for a short amount of time. She had an option to go to school paid for...........!! Id rather get a degree for my dream job before any thing else...
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  10. iuqueen added a post in a topic katieaegi   

    You said got INTO a college in korea even though her mom had the money but wouldn't pay for the one in korea. How did she into the college then if she knew she didnt have money ? Thats just stupid on her part. And it's good her mom wont pay for it, why should she when her daughter acts that way?  And also you said shes living off a visa, so i guess student visa is out the window now
    Also this whole college thing doesnt even matter. You have lied so much already and so has katie, just stop.. Your friend is a mess that showed off her arrogant side once again. Every thing you say that she hasnt done, she shows that she has done. Her social media break that you describe as a part of her bettering herself didn't last very long. No part of her got better. Hope she enjoys her make believe oppas/idols 

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  11. iuqueen added a post in a topic katieaegi   

    @iwanttodie oh im pretty sure it was just some random singer that preforms on the sidewalks in korea that she met, aint no way in hell will a real idol go on a date like that. 
    I went on my instagram and a lot people have posted about her story and making fun of it, she hasn't changed at all. That social media "break" made her even more terrible
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  12. iuqueen added a post in a topic katieaegi   

    @Bubbletea kara said katie is using the money from her job that she used to work at in america and shes using that money to go to college in korea which is complete bs because a korean college costs a lot and you need to know korean pretty much to understand the class and that money is gonna run out quick especially if she doesnt make a job in korea . Kara also said that katie has a good visa that will let her stay, which wonder how that is possible. Kinda weird how shes going on all these dates with men yet claims she isn't wanting to date a korean guy rn like wyd then sis 
    Kinda funny how she said she left social media (even though she really didnt) to focus on herself and to change herself but she's still the same shitty and arrogant person 
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  13. iuqueen added a post in a topic katieaegi   

    Kara said that katie broke up with him for certian reasons but i can assure you that katie probs left him for someone more attractive. Now i dont fully believe that katie and him broke up but if so, she moves on pretty quick especially for someone who claimed to love him no matter what and leaving every thing behind to be with him. Just trashy... and she was in chinatown in INCHEON so i think that person was right about her living there. Of course she would come back to show off, after having people coming on this thread lying for her while she was gone. Silly katie, was the asian apps not good enough for you? I feel like her only friends there are random guys from online that she meets up with..it's pretty sad to see
    Kara said that katie is single and wont date another guy unless she really knows him but wtf is that shit she is posting ? I marked out the other stuff because it was not important. Also why is katie posting of him as if its some big love intrest and boasting about him being an idol if they arent dating and are friends..that just make me thinks shes using him to show off... btw im posting these screenshots cuz someone on here wanted me too 

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  14. iuqueen added a post in a topic katieaegi   

    Lmao is she back on instagram? she need that attention. She's so arrogant omfg. Funny how she had to point out he was an idol and that she went on two dates with him
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  15. iuqueen added a post in a topic katieaegi   

    are you joking ? I NEVER contacted her brother for that, i haven't spoken to her brother since a long time ago, matter of fact, he is blocked. Also the girl is someone that i speak to some times, she knows and talks to katies brother as FRIENDS! You're just trying to make useless drama on this thread now. 
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