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  1. spectralsightings added a post in a topic WWWengie   

    What happened to her content
    basically summarizes everything on her YT acc, I like her when she used to do meaty videos. Now, it seems like she just live up to the hype 
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  2. spectralsightings added a post in a topic Berry Tsukasa   

    Lol i was friends with her years back and I wonder why she deleted me. She used to be friends with someone named Myk Michels(idk if it's Michels whatever) and I think they both edit their photos together. She used to be pretty (berry) when she's still fairly new to Fb I guess? She's doing fansigns for people and I must admit that I envy her for her glorious body proportions. I'll post a photo of them together asap if I could just scour them on Myk;s profile..
    Update okayyy here it goes
    Anyway the screencap is abt myk posting a photo of them while they were still youngsters and someone asked where myk is. She said she's the one wearing red stripes and 3 of the girls are her cousins and the boy's her bro. The other one's berry.
    Im guessing the one besides myk??

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