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  1. Yoshiki's Tears added a post in a topic Xiao.anna (possible snowflake & PULL user??)   

    You're mostly correct on the grammar mistakes.
    At first read through I didn't find anything awkward (much to my dismay in reading too many broken language ffs), but thanks for pointing them out as they're really awkward that I can say only people who are not natives will make these mistakes. 
    Especially this one:
    The correct (and normal) way of people typing this is usually : 最近我不是説過我都有在看《三生三世》嘛?
    Which directly translates to : Didn't I mention that I've been watching "Sansheng" recently?
    The context is the same, but it sounds more natural and people would normally write/type in this way instead of how Anna types. Hers is so stiff that even a log would be in shame.
    And as a matter of fact, Anna. Compared to your fantasy, the Chinese does not like foreigners all that much, same as the people from all countries. You're lucky if you met nice people, but you're not automatically welcomed and loved just because you're white. Regardless of race and ethinicity, you try to be a little shit, people will ridicule and throw shit on you with no mercy. I think Ricegum made a great example on that part before.
    We're all okay if you like the country and language and other stuffs, it's all okay if you want to dress up in hanfu or anything else related to the Chinese. But if you're loving the country because 'you don't feel like you belong to your birth country', we don't welcome you a ting bit. Being a chinaboo doesn't make you any different than weeaboos and koreaboos.
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  2. Yoshiki's Tears added a post in a topic Rant Thread   

    I just really hate the fact that I have very severe motion sickness.
    I end up almost throwing up riding every type of vehicle/automobile (except my family's car), I doubt I can even go to work while having to take the commuter every single day since I'm almost guaranteed to be sick and green after getting off 'em. Renting a room is the best choice, but I have been having issues on deposit collecting that I actually kind of want to avoid renting rooms that need a deposit (which, is almost none since people need insurance).
    Not even mentioning the fact that I literally can't do anything else than listening to music while taking my ride to ease my inner volcano even for a little.
    Sigh  I'm really envious of other people who can travel everywhere without worrying you're going to throw up even in the next second
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  3. Yoshiki's Tears added a post in a topic Akidearest and The Anime Man   

    Yes and that's what I'm talking about  I know he has a second channel since I was subbed to it too along with his main channel. I do admit him doing vlogs and playthroughs are nice too. I personally find his WTF Japan series to be a better one too tbh, since that's what I subbed to him for, instead of anime stuffs. 
    And as you said, it's because he put all the non-anime related stuff to his 2nd channel, people don't care about Joey himself more than anime and mangos don't and won't contribute to his views and subs (excluding the fact that people just forget that he had a 2nd channel). It would've worked better if he just did a separate series like how he did WTF Japan, because that series isn't focused on ACG only, but still allowed his main channel's viewers to contribute.
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  4. Yoshiki's Tears added a post in a topic Akidearest and The Anime Man   

    I would consider resubbing to her if her other videos are of this quality tbvh.
    And I'm strongly agreeing on the fact that Aki is definitely improving in her videos and how she act, but doubts is given to Jobo since he's getting worse the more time passes. Mainly due to the recent anime drying up in quality and content, and he's literally running out of things to rant about. Not blaming him for the animes though, since the recent animes are mediocre at best (semi-excluding the long running ones) and there isn't much to say about most of the time.
    He would be doing much better for his channel if he would just get the "anime/manga only" sticker off his channel and try to do some other stuffs not relating to the ACG field. As I've mentioned before, I would be interested to watch his videos talking about the Japanese entertainment industry, things about idols, bands/singers, famous people etc. instead of just anime stuffs. Hell, just dive into unknown territories (that are legal and safe ofc) that piques viewer's interest and views will be going up fast, esp when Jobo has a 1M+ sub channel, happy or not.
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  5. Yoshiki's Tears added a post in a topic General "non Asians pretending to be Asian" thread   

    True, since if she's really preggo she would've take alot of selfies that show both her face and her tummy, especially when she's so proud of her mixed child trophy. Even if she doesn't show her face, it's highly unlikely someone would use the same photo twice to post in Instagram. I'm not a selfie person (and I hate it tbh) but even I know something's off.
    Let's hope she's faking preggers so there's at least one less soul to suffer in the boo's hands.
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  6. Yoshiki's Tears added a post in a topic General "non Asians pretending to be Asian" thread   

    Sadly the mother herself prizes her baby to be a special miXeD child blessed with the blood of Koreans, and she will surely be fetishizing the shit out of her even after she's born and growing up.
    If I am given the choice, I would refrain from getting my child to study in Asian schools and instead going for the Canadian one. Yikes 'cause Jasmine is delusional enough to not be able to tell apart reality and drama. 
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  7. Yoshiki's Tears added a post in a topic General "non Asians pretending to be Asian" thread   

    Almost any Asian country's education system is like that. It's good in a way since students can learn to cope with stress and more knowledge, but it's also the main reason why there are so many student suicidal cases. And we're not even counting on the facts where the 'odd one' will definitely get bullied, stress in workplace for adults etc.
    Being mixed is not a goddamn trophy that you can show anywhere, Jasmine. You're basically pushing your child to a cliff because bullying is still prominent and are getting worse through the years. I don't mean every mixed people will experience this, but more or less they will somehow, because human are trash and we cannot accept anything that isn't in our world without making efforts. Not spreading hate speech and racism btw, but you get what I mean.
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  8. Yoshiki's Tears added a post in a topic “The creepy Anime Asmr guy” Bear emporium   

    Do you have the links to this guy's SNS so we can know a little more? Like his Facebook, Twitter or Twitch.
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  9. Yoshiki's Tears added a post in a topic Rant Thread   

    I recently found out there are a lot of live action movies coming out from famous companies like the Warner Bros Studios.
    There's a trailer about a Pokemon CG(?) film, live action movies based on anime/manga, and just now I saw in the news that there will be a Sesame Street live action movie.
    Sesame Street.
    Sesame Street.
    Sesame Street.
    Has the film industry gone all dry on movie ideas or something? How pathetic is it to even have a Sesame Street live action. We all thought the once notorious "Emoji Movie" is bad enough, but no. There are even worse titles coming out very soon.
    What the fuck.
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  10. Yoshiki's Tears added a post in a topic General "non Asians pretending to be Asian" thread   

    So as far as I'm concerned, Jasmine managed to post how she would blame the guy for knocking her up a few weeks/months before, and now she's all okay about it and is happy for her hALf kOrEAn baby? Whatever happened to the situation on asking for a PR/Visa on Korea?
    Imagine being really happy with the result of getting knocked up,,, ugh, I would never dare to show my face to anyone if I were one.
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  11. Yoshiki's Tears added a post in a topic Xiao.anna (possible snowflake & PULL user??)   

    Very Young Girl is a mistranslate, which can be easily found through Google Translate smh.
    Her original Weibo has almost the same meaning as the translated, just change the "Very Young Girl" to "Very Girlish".
    Not trying to white knight or something, but I think she just meant she likes the pink dress which makes her look girlish. I don't really find anything attractive about the dress though, could be just my tastes.
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  12. Yoshiki's Tears added a post in a topic Akidearest and The Anime Man   

    Well technically Castlevania is based on its own game, which is originally Japanese... but yeah I understand you since it's actually made by Netflix instead of the japanese anime industry. The art for this series is awesome though to be very honest, especially when compared to other Netflix original series.
    Things aside, at least this time Jobo doesn't say that he's been a fan of Castlevania (or Akumajou Dracula) since he's still a fetus  well, dude has to make his cash, so I understand he has to ride on the trend somehow.
    But seriously though, I'm still waiting for the day when he will decide to go deeper into the anime/manga industry or even the japanese entertainment stuffs with enough research. People get tired of anime stuffs after some time anyways.
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  13. Yoshiki's Tears added a post in a topic nude kawaiii Instagram models   

    is it becoming a trend to pose with ahegao?
    I'm not saying it's entirely wrong to do it, since it's one's freedom to. But srsly though... I find these discomforting more than anything else. And yeah, I guess to tell someone to have at least some decency is not wanted anywhere since it's someone's 'freedom' and no one can call it out or something.
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  14. Yoshiki's Tears added a post in a topic MulberryArt (YanSim Artist)   

    He won't, because the college setting isn't animu enough for his tastes.
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  15. Yoshiki's Tears added a post in a topic Akidearest and The Anime Man   

    Oh God that beard...
    Is he trying to go the "pewdiepie" way of growing a luscious beard?? ffs
    At least Poods had his beard taken care of nicely, and actually kind of suit him.
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