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  1. Yoshiki's Long Hair added a post in a topic Fixing Yandere Simulator - PULL Edition   

    It's definitely impossible to appeal to everyone 100%.
    And yes you guys should make a brand new project instead of trying to fix this mess, since it's way more productive and innovative in a sense. Maybe you can start easy by creating a semi-visual novel with RPG maker elements to convey the story better or something else.
    IMHO I never find YS' matching of genres (the main genre btw, stealth and love story) plausible and easy to work on. It would have worked better if the dev stayed on the original plot without too much lore and make it as simple as possible.
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  2. Yoshiki's Long Hair added a post in a topic General "non Asians pretending to be Asian" thread   

    Damn, that burn that you guys gave them 
     Oh em gee I'm soooo scared that I almost wet my pants.
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  3. Yoshiki's Long Hair added a post in a topic Final Fantasy   

    I adore IV, V and VI with all my life  Personally speaking they have a better storyline and characters, though sometimes a lil' cheesy. I mean what do you expect from an old game anyway  I heard from many that VI is one of the best, but I have yet to finish it so I'm kinda holding back on my opinion. IV and V is your average 'save the world' with some quirky and interesting characters, but for V it's more focused on the crystals and job change (I love job change so much).
    I personally enjoy IX too (esp since it's my first FF), the meaning that is brought by the story is so great, I had replayed it many times and I would still have all the feels and tears. Especially recommended to people who hadn't tried it yet.
    Last but not least, never forgetti Tactics (War of the Lions)! You definitely can't miss this masterpiece which allow you to enjoy both strategic battling and great storyline and ending.
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  4. Yoshiki's Long Hair added a post in a topic Otome/dating games   

    Ehh. For mobile, CYBIRD has quite a few with good quality in art and story. I personally recommend Ikemen Sengoku and Ikemen Vampire. There are a few new ones out recently, but imho I don't recommend Ikemen Live (the latest, only in Japanese currently) due to its narrative/story structure. It's mediocre at most with amazing art, but that's all to it.

    I wouldn't stop you if you're still interested tho.
    I see someone mentioned Brothers Conflict. OMG YES! BroCon is one of the best and they're normally very easy to swift through. The characters are overall likable and with a better MC who can speak up instead of dead doormats. Bah, I hate those.
    Played a lot of 'em that I can't really remember some good ones tbh lol, plus the ones that I recommend are more or less already mentioned 
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  5. Yoshiki's Long Hair added a post in a topic The Sims unpopular opinions   

    Sims 3 >> all the others due to having a great, if not the best, default sim model (and tweaking) tbh. Sims 2 did a great job there too, but imo without CC or mods it's quite hard to create a sim with as near realistic features as possible. Sims 3 have the ugliest default hairs and clothes too, but you get what I mean.I would care more about the supernatural stuffs if I was still an edgy teenager who likes vampires because for edgy's sake, but no, not anymore. Who thought having werewolves and zombies who makes a hella lot of noise in your household is a good idea anyway Why can't players direct Sims to kill instead of needing to let them die in an accident/catastrophe. I don't mean I support killing in real life, but it's a real pain when you need to get rid of one/more of your sim and you can only wait for them to die slowly.  You can add whatever negative moodlet/penalties as you like, but I would do that so I can get Elder Sims/annoying and unwanted sims to disappear immediately from my household forever. Don't quote me btw
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  6. Yoshiki's Long Hair added a post in a topic Akidearest and The Anime Man   

    Figures since he wouldn't be able to debut in Japanese dub anyways. There are way more professional VAs in Japan for the positions, and he won't be getting that ever. He was able to have roles in Poppu and Grisaia (as a cameo) were just for his 'English' voices.
    I mean even if he did get landed on one, he would appear once and never after if he continues to keep up his hobo look everywhere, even in professional space. For you guys who didn't know, you can watch one of his video mentioning him having his vlog on voice acting for Grisaia, where also he met professional VA Nazuka Kaori with a small 'interview'
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  7. Yoshiki's Long Hair added a post in a topic Akidearest and The Anime Man   

    Thanks for the list screenshots, mucho love 
    Anyways I'm effin' salty because if they wanted to include webtoons, Winter Woods is not even in the list. What.
    That's like one of the greatest webtoon out there with great story, art and meaning of life sdkjhfsdkjhfjksdhfkjhsdf okay I'm salty af
    Some of my favourites are up at the list tbh, but it's also partly because they are a fairly known series, but wtf man. Some of them shouldn't be even at the top 100, but they still got it anyways because they have a fanbase backing them up. Not that I'm angry about the results, but I'm still disappointed to see series like Rurouni Kenshin and D.Gray-man ranks in the 90's. What the effin' fuck these two are way better than Shingeki no Kyojin overall speaking, though D.Gray-man suffered a lot on the second half chapters due to the hiatus of years
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  8. Yoshiki's Long Hair added a post in a topic Akidearest and The Anime Man   

    Talk about a great example of inappropriate thumbnail.
    Paedophilia is a thing, and you guys sure aren't helping any bit, if not adding oil to the forest fire.
    Gakuen Babysitters is supposed to be a cutesy healing manga (and anime), not for you people who thinks liking lolis or shotas in a sexual way is okay because it's 'fiction' ffs. I don't want any of you guys coming near to my favourite manga series of all time and ruin it *cries in animal language*
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  9. Yoshiki's Long Hair added a post in a topic Akidearest and The Anime Man   

    That is one of the main reason why I unfollowed his twitter  hobo thinks he's all great and mighty to 'love' hentai and publicly liking and retweeting em, but what it all does is just polluting his own and his follower's wall tbh.
    I would want to stay the fuck away from this guy especially if I were to be one of his sponsors.
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  10. Yoshiki's Long Hair added a post in a topic General "non Asians pretending to be Asian" thread   

    That's all I gonna say, Jasmine. What do you expect, people praising you for getting a random hookup and seem to have wanting to create much more drama with your 'other half' whose name you don't even know?
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  11. Yoshiki's Long Hair added a post in a topic Akidearest and The Anime Man   

    This could be true, but I would bet that Jobo just want people to go all wow and looking up to him spending all dat sheit on animu figures. Despite him always complaining he doesn't earn enough money he sure wants to save his face and pride as the world's 1st japan-english animu yuuchuuba who is haafu nipponjin.
    Almost died inside as I type that string of stupid shit lmao
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  12. Yoshiki's Long Hair added a post in a topic General "non Asians pretending to be Asian" thread   

    I don't really find a problem about her though...? She did mention that she knows she isn't Chinese but she still likes the oriental dress and such.
    The bio could be just her mentioning she's half British and half...Netherlands? (sorry if I'm wrong, I have bad geography xd) By mentioning Chinese just beside her ethinicity could mean she interacts in Chinese aside from English. Her Chinese is good, especially if she actually learnt the language not from childhood because it's a really hard language to master if you're not familiar of the language from birth.
    If anything, I would just say she really likes the Chinese Oriental look and does a great job replicating it (if thats the correct word). Not a big problem like the other asiaboos that we've discussed in this thread imo.
    I mean she doesn't go "oMFg look at me OPPA saraghae kawaii desu chan fuck my ethnicity I'm half korean half russian half british chinese japanese #%#$%". So I don't see a problem in any way 
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  13. Yoshiki's Long Hair added a post in a topic Things People Would Be Surprised To Know About You   

    I'm actually cold and heartless (quoted from one of my seniors at university).
    Actually I don't even know myself, I just basically don't care about anything or anyone unless they start to step into my heart. Or else I wouldn't give a flying fuck about anything. I don't engage in conversations that much, and I don't really want people to pry in in any way possible until I confirm they are genuinely nice. Tbh I would rather die from loneliness than forcing me to act outgoing, talkative and being a social butterfly when I'm actually not.
    Though I care alot about people I like and love, but it will soon disappear and return to nothingness. It is like all the feelings and emotions will reset to zero after a certain period of time, and I have been experiencing this unknown stress for years under the fact that I actually know what I'm undergoing.

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  14. Yoshiki's Long Hair added a post in a topic Sexuality/Gender   

    Personally I don't really care about the sexuality and gender issues and honestly think people are just overreacting and wanting to show off their knowledge (or just idiocy) to the public. But I will still answer your questions with my honest personal opinions  I can foresee all the downvotes incoming~
    Tbh I don't really understand your question...... do you mean that people who identify themselves as bisexual will still only end up with either one gender as their partner and disregard the other? If so, my opinion is that these people are not selfish, but doing the right thing. You are supposed to only have a soulmate/partner anyways. So people who say they are selfish, does this mean for people who like the opposite gender must marry EVERY OTHER opposite gender person??? What and where is the logic behind this? So as a bisexual (or sexually identify as anything else than the normal one) must cater to everybody's wishes or else they're selfish??? wtf?? 
    (Correct me if I misunderstand the question btw. I seriously don't understand it)
     Personally I think it's fine as long as they don't cause any problems to the others. You know some people can be really obnoxious and seem to can't continue living if they don't constantly yell at people that they sexually identify themselves as the opposite gender. For reals though, why can't the world just live in peace and stop stirring up stupid dramas and problems on gender issues  People can sexually identify as an Apache Helicopter and I wouldn't give a shit. Maybe a chuckle or two, but no more than that.
     Transphobia. I think this is actually natural due to the fact that humans are designed to be paired with their opposite gender as their partner, and that people would act and think as their own gender. We cannot control it, and can never try to control it. Since transsexual people doesn't act as the 'default' gender, it is actually normal that people will be confused and even have a phobia about them. Since when did humans get comfortable witnessing something that was not the 'default' way of things anyway? 
    I don't entirely blame people who are transphobic, but I surely do not encourage or agree on their behaviour on trampling trans people with their hypocritical social justice.
     Am not one, can't give my thoughts and opinions mate, soz.Same answer as #4
     People are improving in this area, but still not quite imho. There would be less problems if there weren't 'intelligent people' who are basically SJWs stirring up unwanted dramas and problems to the society tbh. Seriously speaking, if you aren't in the circle, just don't do anything and get the fuck out. You do not experience the same thing as them, you don't even share the same kind of emotions as them. So on what reason do you think you can fight for their jUstiCe? Based on your idiocy and hypocritical thinking, you're just going to stir up even more problems on the specific issue instead of truly fighting for justice. If the people of the circle really wants the society to acknowledge them as a normal human being, they can and they will fight for themselves.
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  15. Yoshiki's Long Hair added a post in a topic How did you find PULL?   

    First stepped into this forum by searching about the reason why the Anime Man (Joey) and Noble aren't friends anymore and why the former treats the latter as if he never existed.
    Not that I really wanted to know about it, was just curious since I saw many of the Anime Man's fans/viewers are constantly mentioning about it, and BAM here I am.
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