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  1. luckyjune431 added a post in a topic Hellou guys   

    Hi there! I can help you with that~ English is my second language~ Im shayla, 27 years old.
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  2. luckyjune431 added a post in a topic Whassup   

    Where are you lurking at?? Im new too...Hi! same here~
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  3. luckyjune431 added a topic in Introduce Yourself   

    Facing my true self
    Hi, my name is Shayla.  Im from Malaysia.  My mom is chinese and my dad is Philipino.  Im mix basically.  Im new to this forum so I hope you guys can help me explore all other information at this site.  Looking forward on making friends with you guys.  Im 27 and currently working as an Engineer at some company in Malaysia.  Born and raised here.  Its a multirace country where all the Malay, chinese and indian live together.  Its nice here.  Joining on hoping to make new friends outside from my country.  
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  4. luckyjune431 added a post in a topic Tinkerchel   

    She is in her mid 30s???? Seriusly?? I dont believe it..I love her cuteness and innocent look, but after I read all these comments and all the screenshots and proofs..Im dissapointed..(Im Gay btw)..
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