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    i think its very off and bias if its only from margarett as i read the statement and how she use venus acc ( i can tell if thats vebus or her from msgs) she pretends to be venus * coz she knows the pass* from my psychologist father he mentioned to me that margarett is the manipulative here.. she objectify her own daughter ( saying about her round butt, how pretty she is , how doll she is) its not normal for a person to get obssessed .. venus has her own life and she is happier than ever :)) margarett is just a dillusional , obsessed , manipulative, psychopath , suicidal, narcissistic , self centered , greedy, envy  human being.
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  2. rsingotou added a post in a topic Marzia Bisognin (CutiePieMarzia)   

    i find marzia interesting ( i love her style, her personality, her hobbies and her weirdness) and i don't see that she is using felix for fame and she got tired of it being called "the girlfriend of felix" thats why she removed the cutiepiemarzia into just marzia because its her life now .. and she did studied fine arts online (to people saying she just use felix money) youtube is a lot of work as a youtuber i know how much time it consumes esp every week or even twice a week (imagine being creative everyday it just drains you) the only thing i dont approve with her.. is her unreasonable pricing for her merch (clothing , beauty stuff) only rich people can afford.. not going to spend $100 for a plain tshirt with small logo .. or $35 for a candle .. its ridiculous .. i know she is working hard for her livelihood ..but.. hoping she thinks about her other fans that wants to buy her stuff (ehem.. like me... ) she's a nice person over all just need the pricing fix gurll
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