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  1. MiiSan added a post in a topic Ariana Grande   

    That combined with the fact that Nicki bleaches her own skin is kinda weird to look at.
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  2. MiiSan added a post in a topic Hiding in my room (Daniel)   

    So I've got back to catch up a little bit on Danny boy and after the divorce looks like the Hong Kong guy is helping Chihiro tell her side of the story. There are comments on the video that are supposedly by her and does confirm how badly he treats her and the people around him. He has aspergers apparently as well.
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  3. MiiSan added a post in a topic Hiding in my room (Daniel)   

    he could just do actual NSFW videos since he's officially verified on pornhub
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  4. MiiSan added a post in a topic Hiding in my room (Daniel)   

    Was kinda curious if that actually happened or was staged. Looks like it's the latter.
    Not sure if stupid to reveal that on the discord or just doesn't care anymore, since he basically lives off drama.
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  5. MiiSan added a post in a topic Hiding in my room (Daniel)   

    ^Well, gee, I don't know... maybe do better content?
    He literally can do anything else than bitchy rants in front of his mirror. He can properly draw but refuses to even do a full drawing style video for stories he wants to tell. He can do more trip vlogs. He can better his cooking. Literally anything decent can be improved if he gave a bit more thought and focus on his videos.
    Like don't expect people will watch your boring content. Plus I know youtubers who put much more work into their videos but barely get even 1k views.
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  6. MiiSan added a post in a topic Hiding in my room (Daniel)   

    ^Lol, he also said in his response to Elvis the Alien that he doesn't wanna go above 100k subs because he doesn't wanna get roasted by the entire commentary channels lol
    He is literally a walking contradiction.
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  7. MiiSan added a post in a topic Ariana Grande   

    She looks like Lil Kim post surgery on the last picture.

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  8. MiiSan added a post in a topic Shane Dawson   

    Glad that not all commentary channels are blind to Shane. It hasn't been bombarded with dislikes from his fans so it's a good start.
    I also find his docuseries that he makes pretty distasteful, Eugenia's especially.
    Would've thought that the Eugenia one could've been better since he also struggles with ED but he transformed it into "TEEHEE GUYS THIS RECOVERY IS SO SUNSHINE AND FLOWERS" like how can you fail at something you're supposed to be familiar with? I know that maybe the lawyer probably told him what to include and what to not but honestly I rather not release the video at all if it's gonna be misleading rather than putting it up for profit.
    But hey, it's Shane with his OMG faces that needs to put in his videos once in a while.
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  9. MiiSan added a post in a topic Onision   

    OK, watching Repzion's last video on him (the one where he buys more wetlands) kinda freaked me out when he mentioned that the characters in his books that are in sexual situations have the same names as his children. I mean... I honestly hope it's a coincidence but he changed their names legally after he finished his book so it's kinda suspicious.
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  10. MiiSan added a post in a topic Hiding in my room (Daniel)   

    Oh joy, he's gonna run away, sleep in hotels and bitch about his wife in livestreams again.
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  11. MiiSan added a post in a topic Eugenia Cooney   

    Came here as well after I saw the new photos. Can't express how much I'm proud of her for this improvement, especially after she struggled with her disorder at her lowest for years and years. Wishing her all the best <3
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  12. MiiSan added a post in a topic Emilia Fart   

    I do like watching Emilia and her being eccentric but... damn, Trisha has proven that she's a snake in the last while and it's kinda sad to see Emilia still looking up to her.
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  13. MiiSan added a post in a topic Hiding in my room (Daniel)   

    Lol he decided to hide his subscriber count. Doesn't care about losing subs, eh?
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  14. MiiSan added a post in a topic Marzia Bisognin (CutiePieMarzia)   

    It's a bit of a fun reading if you skip the plastic surgery stuff, imo. The art theft stuff are mostly in the last 2 threads if I remember right. Might have been discussed in earlier threads but all I can recall now was just her low quality content she was putting on. Someone else can correct me on this haha.
    Another thing that is discussed there is basically her constant stiff image, giving this idea that she has no flaws, never ever showing her right side of the face and just the same pose over and over. I personally don't know what to think about it since that sounds like body dysphoria to me but at the same time I think it's unhealthy to show to your audience that you're perfect, never having any physical imperfections and that it's wrong to have those.
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  15. MiiSan added a post in a topic Marzia Bisognin (CutiePieMarzia)   

    I'm actually really surprised that she gets away with so much yet nobody on youtube calls her out for that and if they do, it's BuLlYinG SwEeT AnD InNoCcEnt MaRzIa.
    Selling overpriced minimal effort products? Zoella got big time roasted by YouTube generally for that but not Marzia.
    Sponsoring unethical companies like Tezenis? Many youtubers like Gabbie Hanna, James Charles, Tana Mongeau, Trisha Paytas were constantly dragged by commentary channels for something like that but again Marzia flew undetected.
    I'm also annoyed as a freelancing artist that she sells stuff like this for £25 a print...

    How can you honestly sell this to a fanbase that you clearly KNOW that they will buy anything with the name Marzia on it?! It looks like she done  single layer draft in photoshop and that's it. If you check her mai website: https://maì.com/collections/iron-planters almost always her stuff are sold out. This just looks bad and unprofessional and kinda reeks "give me yo parents' money!!" attitude. So many talented artists are trying to get out there and struggling to get recognition while she relies solely on fame and art theft basically. No way her tracing stuff and the Adventure Time attempted style art would get this far if it wasn't for Felix.
    Which I'm actually guessing that Pewdiepie is probably her shield and that's why she avoided controversy. Like who would think that Youtube's beloved top creator would have a scummy girlfriend, right? She's loyal, she dated him before his fame and all that.
    I also suspect that her retirement from youtube also has to do with Angelika Oles making a video on her and was scared to death to be exposed so she deleted the evidence there. It's a bit of too much of a coincidence that she done that almost immediately after Angelika liked that comment about researching Marzia and talk about her.
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