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  1. virgo added a post in a topic Lauren Southern   

    Probably sometime in the future Lauren will come out explaining why she left the alt-right because of how woman-hateful that movement is. Of coarse this will only happen after she's done mooching off of the money she gets from her whiteknights. 
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  2. virgo added a post in a topic Lauren Southern   

    I really can't stand the way she talks. The way she moves her mouth is so annoying, especially in this video:
    I really can't stand the way she talks. The way she moves her mouth is so annoying, especially in this video:
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  3. virgo added a post in a topic General Nigri thread   

    How are those $150? Those photos aren't really too different from what she's done before! But she looks bored in these ones.
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  4. virgo added a post in a topic Lauren Southern   

    First she makes a video mocking single career women.
    Then she posted a video about how she thinks women who want a career and kids should not be shamed. Just a while back she was being petty towards girls who want careers. Now she's contradicting herself. The only reason she made that video is because people are beginning to see that she's a career woman and a huge hypocrite. 
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  5. virgo added a post in a topic Fake friend stories   

    That is just horrible! And so fake! Once that vacation was over, I would have called her out on her backstabbing ways and told her to never contact me again. People like this need to be called out or else they're just going to keep doing it. So sorry you had to deal with this girl. 
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  6. virgo added a post in a topic Women who hate women to get favoritism from men   

    I think maybe women who hate other women are like this because experience. Maybe they were bullied by other females growing up. Or maybe they were never the "hot" girl so they look for ways to take out their anger. Still, none of these are good reasons to be petty towards other females. 
    If you're already having doubts about her then that's a sign the friendship is pretty much over. Better to end it now by cutting all contact so that way you won't worry about feeling uncomfortable. 
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  7. virgo added a post in a topic Women who hate women to get favoritism from men   

    Can't stand females like this. And these females who hate other females to get attention from men seem to always use their looks to control men. They're ugly on the inside and they don't realize looks can only get them so far. I laugh when these types of females lose their looks and go crazy because they had nothing else but their looks going on for them, so they can't control anyone anymore. A beautiful personality is far better than looks.
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  8. virgo added a post in a topic Women who hate women to get favoritism from men   

    Ugh! I know exactly what you mean! And these girls act like it's only females that are capable of backstabbing you or causing drama. In reality, both genders are capable of being fake. These types of girls are just looking for excuses for their attention seeking ways.
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  9. virgo added a topic in General Discussion   

    Fake friend stories
    My fake friend story:
    I was friends with this one girl for maybe three months before I realized she was a moocher. She would only contact me when she needed something like a favor, was bored, or to complain about her many problems in her life. She would only want to hang out with me when none of her other friends wanted to. She didn't seem to care much when I would talk about myself or my problems. She's in her late 20's, unemployed and doesn't seem to really care about finding a job. I remember when I told her I was going on vacation with my family, she seriously asked me if she could come with us. I responded with no because my family doesn't even know her, and I know she would use them for their money. She never spoke to my sister, but when I told her my sister got a job at a hospital she asked me if I could ask my sister if she could find her a job. She was dating this guy who cheated on her and was mean to her, yet she stayed with him and used him for his money. She would always text me about how much he was hurting her emotionally and I tried to encourage her to leave him and stayed up all night talking to her, but she didn't want to leave him. I really didn't like her boyfriend because he was a jerk and he once tried to flirt with me! Once in the middle of the night, she texted me asking me if I could check to see if her boyfriend blocked her on social media. My answer was no because I don't use any social media and I didn't want to get involved in unnecessary drama. In the end, I realized she was using me. I grew tired of being used and realized she was a moocher, who was emotionally draining.  I stopped talking to her. I feel bad for her sometimes, but I remember how she treated me. She enjoys playing the victim all the time as a way to get people to feel bad for her. I do wish her the best in life though. 
    What are your funny fake friend stories?
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  10. virgo added a post in a topic Ever felt envy over an online personality?   

    I have. I would look at their photos and social media and feel jealous. I mostly feel jealous of how they get to travel and have lots of friends. Then I realize that I am much happier in life not being popular and that I am me. If I had to live their life for maybe a week or two it would be fun. But after a month of living like them, I would become miserable because deep down inside I don't like being popular. 
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  11. virgo added a post in a topic Women who hate women to get favoritism from men   

    Those types of females annoy me. And now I feel that is the new hip thing for Youtubers. They're so desperate for attention that they know the easiest target audience to get attention from are the misogynistic lonely guys. And then these guys put these girls on a pedestal like they're unique. 
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  12. virgo added a post in a topic What would you do if somebody posted you in the Snowflake section?   

    If someone did that to me I would know it's out of pettiness because I know I am not a snowflake. 
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  13. virgo added a post in a topic Lauren Southern   

    Lauren will make a status on Twitter that's not even all that funny, and it gets tons of likes. 
    I have to agree with when people say she just seems to not like other females. Has anyone seen her video "What every girl needs to hear"? Once again, her spouting "facts" when she herself isn't married with children. And it doesn't help that she's 22, but looks 30. 
    I guess after being called racist many times, she decided to post this on Twitter:
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  14. virgo added a post in a topic Lauren Southern   

    Something else I noticed about Lauren's white knights is when someone on Youtube asks Lauren why she's not married with children yet, they usually make excuses for her like, "Oh she probably hasn't found the right guy yet". Yet, they go bashing other unmarried young women by name calling them, or unfairly assuming that they are all sleeping around and ignoring the nice guys. It's so dumb. 
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  15. virgo added a post in a topic Lauren Southern   

    I'm not sure how long the alt right has been around, but, as of now, I feel like becoming a part of it is just a fad. 
    Lauren does sometimes make good points, but I can't tell if she really believes them or if it's just for attention now. I used to like her a lot, but now she's showing more signs of being a petty snowflake. 
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