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  1. LoboShuffle added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

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  2. LoboShuffle added a post in a topic Shane Dawson   

    you guys seriously need to look at the thread under laurDIY's post on shanes twitter. people are saying some crazy stuff there. Apparently they found the Veeps ticket website but the CEO's name is no where on there, and they just started the company in 2018? (late 2017)?
    they looked up the CEO and stuff. Im posting her linkedin page. Something about the ticketing company seems fishy. her and michael follow eachother on social media. I just dont understand why her name isnt on the website?  I would look into this! And she has a partner in her company allegedly? Is it Michael? why did they go with a brand new ticketing company? Tana said they've been planning Tanacon for 6 months. Thats right when this company was created. Weird.

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  3. LoboShuffle added a post in a topic Rant Thread   

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  4. LoboShuffle added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

    Just wait until the Tournament of Power in DB super! It will drag on....and on.....and on.....and on.... It got so dumb, repetitive and boring. The first part of DBS was great tho!! 
    Btw--Fortnite is fun. Yes...its the new "fidget spinner" lol... Anyway, It's still fun--At least the other part of the game no one talks about. Fortnite is popular for the battle royal. But there's another mode to the game called "save the world". It's a story mode, and you get paired up with other players and together you kill zombie monsters (called husks). It's tower defense basically. You build a tower around the computer/ATLAS device that's retrieving data about the zombies...and while it's downloading the data, you defend it by building, killing monsters, and working as a team. It's actually really fun and waaaaaaay better than the battle royal mode IMO!
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  5. LoboShuffle added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

    people who are obsessed about weed are so dumb. Especially when they're decked out on a daily basis in "weed" themed clothes like shirts with pot leaves all over it. Look--i get you like weed, but can you please, for once,  talk about something else? does it Really have to come up in every conversation through your day?
    I took a cruise to the Caribbean on Christmas and i honestly have to say, i wasnt impressed. I will probably never take a cruise again.
    I think everyone should learn how to sew.
    girls at the gym look so dumb when they're tryin to weight lift with looooong ass fake nails. I cringe every time.
    This is gonna be a really weird one...but my first big crush was a guy who came to work temporarily at a hotel i was working at. He was from Ukraine and he shaved off his eyebrows and his head was shaved completely too. My friend told me he looked like a cancer patient but since then I've always really like guys with shaved heads/eyebrows. I know it might look Really really really strange to some..but i love it. My husband has lots of hair and a huge beard..but i like to look back on his army pictures when his head was shaved
    And this is my most unpopular opinion ive ever had. This one seems to stir up a lot of hatred and controversy: There are times when i value animal lives more than human lives.
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  6. LoboShuffle added a post in a topic Venus Angelics Videos   

    THIS!!!! ^^^^
     I was so sad to hear what she went through. It sounds like something you hear only in a movie or tv show. I am seriously sitting here in shock. And the pictures of her back with her bones sticking out.....:( this whole video made me feel so sad. But i feel the worst part was the doctor hacking away at other parts of her body. Why did he remove her gallbladder??
    Edit: Forgot to add something i wanted to say. Imagine if she didnt have Mana or if Taylor would have never met with her. She would have had to go through this all alone
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  7. LoboShuffle added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

    Here are some more opinions that may or may not be unpopular:
    I hate pepsi. It's complete trash. Coke/Coke Zero is god tier compared to pepsi
    I have a Playstation 4, xbox one X and Nintendo switch and i have to say my favorite out of all the 3 is by far the Xbox. Its surprising because im a nintendo girl at heart and always will be, but lately i have been loving the xbox and i honestly wonder what took me this long to get one.
    Pesto is better than marinara
    Tofu is actually really good when prepared right.
    about 90% of all anime is garbage. The other 10% are life changing anime that have an amazing story, amazing dialogue, amazing character development and overall just everything someone could hope for in an anime...But it takes a while to find those ones. Dont get me wrong, there are some good mainstream ones. But not everything thats super popular is good.
    Andddd on that note, I dont see the appeal of Death Note and Attack on Titan. To me they weren't anything special.
    Gayle, Goldie and Lobo are three of the cutest/ best villagers in Animal Crossing new leaf.
    Pink is the best color with purple following behind it and yellow in third place.
    I dont like TaylorR. I dont see what the hype is all about. She's a rich girl who spends $$$ all day and films herself putting stuff on her eyebrows.
    I dont like when girls wear shockingly red lipstick. It looks like clown-makeup to me. I try to unsee it..but i just cant
    I hate working for big corporations like WALMART. You feel bad when you're at work because they make you feel you're replaceable. You're just a body. They dont care WHO they get in there to work, they just need SOMEONE to do it. They dont specifically care about the individual though. And i hate feeling like that.
    I dont like how jobs wont hire you if you have extreme colored hair, peircings or tattoos.... I mean with hair dye...it doesnt last forever..and at the end of the day.. It's just hair....Is ol' granny REALLY that offended by it???
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  8. LoboShuffle added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

    Yes. Like i said in an earlier post. It started harmless with the left advocating for gay rights.  I feel like once something like trans started getting accepted (which was  BIG because trans was and still is to some very taboo) then OTHER taboo groups have tried to piggy-back on that trend to get normalized aswell. I remember at one of the marches recently NAMBLA showed up with signs saying "No Trans hate, No pedo hate " or something like that. I have the picture somewhere on my computer. The ACLU has defended Nambla before too.
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  9. LoboShuffle added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

    This is what i was referring to. The left started with gay rights as a social justice cause and now they just keep pushing their activisim into more dangerous territory. Watch the video.
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  10. LoboShuffle added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

    we've let degeneracy run rampant in our country and take over popular culture. You know its bad when articles are being written about normalizing pedophilia. Ive seen at least 5 in the past 2 years. It's starting to spread to youtube aswell with some pedo youtubers being bold enough to make videos about how being "in love" with young girls is normal..Honestly-- It feels like in the last few years we've opened Pandoras box by accepting trans. Ever since trans became a trend all the worst freaks of society have come out of the woodwork to try and get rights and be normalized too. Its very disturbing.
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  11. LoboShuffle added a post in a topic Hiding in my room (Daniel)   

    AHAHAAH KNEW IT!!! I called it!! she was getting pissed off during that live stream. And of course she was already mad about him telling everyone about the Australian guy fiasco lol. Not to mention when he tried to change topics about the embarrassing stuff he had just said the whole chat made it into a meme and was putting it in the text to speech donations and spamming the chat with "ZigZag" so he really dug his own grave with that livestream.
    I dont really know if it is fake. He just said in the video himself that he "Doesnt care at all" if people know embarrassing things about him. He said it doesnt effect his daily life and he doesnt go outside much to begin with so...
    He also said he doesn't get it...(privacy) and why his wife wants privacy so badly because no one has seen her face and no one knows who she is. He thinks he should be able to tell the world all her embarrassing things because she's anonymous. I think what Daniel doesnt get is Principle. It's the principle of the matter. You're still telling people your wifes intimate secrets that she doesnt want the world to know. It doesn't MATTER if she's anonymous and we havent seen her face. You're still telling all kinds of private things about your wife when its not YOUR place to tell them.  Also what if people saw them outside together??? She also made that point to him in this new video.
    then i guess his wife started crying when they were in bed and she felt guilty for suggesting to break up and cancel his spouse visa. She said she was sorry and hopes they can be together without fighting daily from now on.
    It seems like she's emotionally exhausted trying to deal with him... After working all day she has to come home daily to drama, fighting and crying. Not an ideal life IMO
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  12. LoboShuffle added a post in a topic Hiding in my room (Daniel)   

    Oh for the love of God. Daniel really needs to get over the Australian guy. He's obsessing over it so much.
    ALSO did you hear the absolute SHIT story he told about the house he used to live in? People would get packages from Amazon and other places online, and daniel would STEAL the packages from the main lobby area, and take them to his room to open them and snoop. He said one girl got make up, another got rabbit food, and a boy there got a box of condoms. He said to hide the evidence he would put the items in a trash bag and hide it in the trash they even had to install a camera above where they put the packages for people to pick up....because SOMEONE (daniel) was stealing them. He's even more of an effed up person and i thought.
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  13. LoboShuffle added a post in a topic Hiding in my room (Daniel)   

    Ok so from the stream last night...
    His wife was secretly watching again on her lunch break and was messaging daniel. She  was PISSED. He told everyone in the chat something about his wifes asshole being in the shape of a zigzag. So everyone in the chat and donations started spamming "Zigzag". She told him on LINE "Why do i have to constantly scold you on things you should know you shouldnt talk about on stream...youre embarrassing me!" They were kinda getting into another fight again. I dipped out after that to go to bed. Did anyone see anything else other than the disgusting animal eating ketchup off the table?
    They're fighting a lot. Shes SO done with him already lol. I give this marriage 2-3 months max.
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  14. LoboShuffle added a post in a topic Hiding in my room (Daniel)   

    Thank you SO MUCH for letting us know he's live. I wonder what kind of trouble he'll get into today
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  15. LoboShuffle added a post in a topic Kelly Eden   

    Im new to Kelly but I have to say something. Kelly's make up honestly scares me and freaks me out. She always makes sailor moon look like a drag queen.
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