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  1. frogs added a post in a topic Jvloggers general discussion thread   

    Yeah, their CEO is a mess and their retail/work culture is awful. Here's a smattering (its from 2013 but friends who work for the company still say the environment is toxic): https://www.fastcompany.com/3021367/a-shocking-retrospective-of-the-lululemon-founders-many-offensive-comments
    Taylor did work hard on herself, it's been great to see! There was a spell of time it seemed like she had some body dysmorphia, which was worrying, but she seems to be in such a better place now. I do pop her on in the background when I'm doing chores/at work (I work from home like she does). And it's okay to like someone for liking someone! A lot of jvloggers don't show Japan as I know it, if that makes sense? But your comment has me wanting to sit down and give Osharegirl another go! I like LoveLyzKelly's recent series; that's my life as I know it. Idk if she's problematic though, y'all will have to inform me!  
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  2. frogs added a post in a topic Jvloggers general discussion thread   

    It can be a crapshoot for sure, but fam/friends who don't live here love them so we usually split them, cost and items. It's also hell on earth to go buy them, so I tend to stick to the ones I can pre-order these days thus stay inside my house #oldwomanyellsatcloud lol
    Yeah, her style isn't my style, but most Jvloggers seem to be either super JFashion or North Face wearing Lululemon fukubukuro buying basic people (again, that company has issues, so I was suprised to see Taylor supporting them but...she did buy a breeder dog so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ who knows with her. Maybe she's just finding her way, idk. She still irks me after her Plus Size Fukubukuro video from last year). And I totally agree, I'm over white girls in Japan and I am one LMAO.
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  3. frogs added a post in a topic Jvloggers general discussion thread   

    I got quite a few, it's kind of a hobby for me/friends and family share them with me - only two really let me down (one being the most expensive ofc), one was meh and two were out of this world (like over ¥100,000 in value). I felt like even the businesses were meh about the whole thing this year, too.
    Mine don't say on the tag what they are, but they give you an idea on the website/shop - "9 items and two accessories" etc, but not "two dresses, four pants, one shirt" etc as it's mostly free stock so shit from the backroom and a mix - eg I knew one brand would either have a coat or a dress as the "big" item plus a mix of other crap after seeing the layouts on New Year's Day on Twitter; I got the dress so I went on Twitter after and swapped with others who got the same brand (but I speak enough Japanese to do so, I guess). I tend to get a mix of you-know-what-you're-getting bags and blind bags (just for fun). I know to avoid Village Vanguard after being burned two years in a row, what a bunch of crap! 
    Osharegirl's videos were a mess. I don't get her, but I don't think I'm her target market. 
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  4. frogs added a post in a topic Jvloggers general discussion thread   

    Yeah, exactly what you said. Our cat is a street urchin (from when we lived in Tokyo, she just wouldn't leave us be so we took her and got her checked out and now she's my annoying alarm clock), but we recently went to see if we could adopt a dog as we moved to a bigger place and they seemed to have no issue with us, but co-workers have said they have had issues, so like everything in Japan regarding foreigners it seems so arbitrary/however the wind is blowing that day.
    I didn't know Taylor was a vegan  Makes the whole thing even more...blech. 
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  5. frogs added a post in a topic Jvloggers general discussion thread   

    Dogs from those stores cost thousands of dollars, not hundreds  having a pet in Japan is expensive because of the above mentioned puppy mills and they're an accessory. I still remember the three million yen cat I saw in Roppongi and it was the most depressed thing I'd ever seen   There's a pet store near me that sells fennix foxes and monkeys, the rules here for pet stores are disgusting. And that store is a huge pet store, by most standards, unlike others (the 24 hour pet store aimed at hostesses coming home and they are in tiny boxes comes to mind). Bleh. 
    We have a cat and have fly screens for our windows. She's fine (and enjoys chillin' and smellin' the smells from the neighbourhood). 
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  6. frogs added a post in a topic Jvloggers general discussion thread   

    Australians can renew their Working Holiday visa twice (entry of six months, then twice at immigration for a total of 18 months), but it's up to the discretion of immigration, natch. I think I got almost two years out of mine just with processing times and stuff. 
    She seems to be happy back home! I always liked her videos, her accent is lovely.  
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  7. frogs added a post in a topic Jvloggers general discussion thread   

    LMAO excellent
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  8. frogs added a post in a topic Jvloggers general discussion thread   

    Guys, don't dog pile, please - it's just my experience and hopefully adding to the convo. We all live here, it's living breathing culture. Shimane isn't Tokyo isn't Osaka isn't Sapporo, I learned that super quickly. Doesn't invalidate your experience, nor should you invalidate mine! Kansai might be different, who knows? Kylie Jenner's look is huge here, hence the reference to "thot" image. 

    I suspect we're all "right" and that's cool too. We're here to talk shit on jvloggers, not tell each other we're wrong for the lives we're living/what our eyes are seeing. Tokyo def was more modest when I lived there, I agree! <3
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  9. frogs added a post in a topic Jvloggers general discussion thread   

    Nope! Actually, felt the same way on my past few trips to the Outer Rims, too. The times, they are a changin'.
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  10. frogs added a post in a topic Jvloggers general discussion thread   

    I live in Kansai, which perhaps is less "conservative" than Kanto, but honestly - y'all never seen hostesses? OG gyarus? The thot Western fashion trend that's spiralling through Japan right now? It's not what animes etc lead you to believe. Cleavage, midriffs etc - they're all fair game here. Not to mention how relaxed the country is about tattoos, shorts...everything has changed in the time I've lived here, for sure.
    She wasn't "asking for it" in any capacity. Outta here with that nonsense. She can wear what she wants. However, even in my home country she'd probably get in trouble for that top - legit from the cops - if it weren't at a private event. Doesn't mean Japan is a "conservative" country, mine certainly isn't but there are Public Decency laws (granted, that are probably way out of date). And doesn't mean she deserved harassment. 
    All that said, this girl is an odd bird, I can't work her out.
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  11. frogs added a post in a topic Jvloggers general discussion thread   

    Japan is homogenous, homogenous means "of the same, alike" and in the context of a country, where the majority of the population is one ethnicity and nationality (ie: the majority are Asian/Japanese, whereas Australia or America is a "melting pot" of ethnicities and nationalities, thus not homogenous). It's not always a negative word, although it often is used hand in hand with xenophobia making it as such. 
    Which Japanese people are, however (xenophobic) and racist to a fault. They also have no interest in exploring outside their bubble because...well, why would they? I'm sorry you experience racism, and you're right, they don't know the power of these words and it's awful. I know when I was a teacher, I worked my butt off to dismiss any and all gaijin cliches and racism that came my way. "Your nose is so big!" "Nope, small actually." "Americans are fat!" "Not all of them." etc 

    Even when I'm walking down the street and I get the same ol' "HEY PAHTY PEEPEL" and "soddy" and "HEY WHERE FROM YOU AMERICA" and "OH MAY GAH" etc etc blah blah I try to shut them down and explain why it's rude. Like, "WHERE FROM?????" is like me screaming "どこ?どこ?????" at you, y'know? I'm not the Patron Saint of Teaching the Japanese How To Address Foreigners, nor a martyr regarding the subject, but man I get tired of it  You wanna learn English? Learn the cultures, too. I'm learning yours and I'm paying your taxes and a pension I can't access unless I spend six million years and 29321832910 pages of paperwork attempting to. And stop giving me the English menu, dammit!  
    (Hope you're doing well <3)
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  12. frogs added a post in a topic Jvloggers general discussion thread   

    You can get a five year but it's only (ONLY) if you are a foreigner who can do a job a Japanese person can't (ie: specialist coding for a program, like a friend of mine - they literally created the coding and are sponsored obvi by their company), or if you have children with a spouse. They're impossible to get other wise, like the website says, so...yeah. It basically looks like she's defrauding immigration then putting it on Instagram and makes me a little uncomfortable/worried for her  
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  13. frogs added a post in a topic Jvloggers general discussion thread   

    Anyone follow Kaila/Rainbowholic?
    She just posted about getting the notoriously impossible 5 year visa.
    HmmmmT. Maybe a little too much information there that Immigration would find interesting, Kaila. 

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  14. frogs added a post in a topic Jvloggers general discussion thread   

    Aw thanks boo <3 I've started, here and there, but working from home makes it a little boring and I can't film meetings and such when I leave the house as I'm in uniform. I might give it a go, if only because I'm getting tired of the "I CAN'T FIND CLOTHES OMGGGGDIJSFDLSFJ" situation that seems to be a big thing right now (literally bought a heap today and I'm a US16). 
    Kansai is so different to Tokyo, it's nuts. I never realised how much until I moved here instead of just visiting my partner who lived here while I was working in Tokyo. It is affected a lot by the low cost airline boom however, so there are a lot of tourists from neighboring countries, but that's just adding to the fun. You've given me food for thought/inspo, thanks <3
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  15. frogs added a post in a topic Jvloggers general discussion thread   


    "I've been here in Glorious Nippon for *7 years, two of them just were in a real inaka place you've never heard of called my home country..."
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