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  1. Granola added a post in a topic Bubzbeauty / Lindy   

    she doesn’t look young to me, she looks her age. (Which isn’t a bad thing)
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  2. Granola added a post in a topic Sarah McDaniel   

    It’s so incredibly cringy when she posts these “look I’m a deep thinker and intelligent” stories on Instagram. I think it’s because she portrays herself as nothing more than a shallow sex object, so the contrast is jarring. She built a career off of her appearance and lying about her eyes. All of her followers are either thirsty men (99%) or girls who look up to her because they think she’s pretty. Neither could give a shit about this pseudo-intellectualism, so.. why?? Why post these random quotes and intellectual things that u just stole from someone? It’s bizarre. 
    Sorry if this has been discussed before, i haven’t read through the entire thread lol. 
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  3. Granola added a post in a topic sacheu/Sarah Cheung   

    next time make it more clear you’re trying to be sarcastic. I got a slight inkling you were sarcastic but the post was just confusing and misleading. 
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  4. Granola added a post in a topic sacheu/Sarah Cheung   

    I somewhat agree with a few things you mentioned but I think you went too far. I just personally think focusing on shallow things like your appearance/sex life will lead to unhappiness long-term, but I don’t think women need to practice abstinence/refuse to get procedures done/never talk about sexuality. 
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  5. Granola added a post in a topic Brianna Slaughter / Morena In Japan   

    Wow Bri is going from McDonald’s every day to being .. vegan?? Color me shocked lmao I don’t believe she will stick with it for two days 
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  6. Granola added a post in a topic sacheu/Sarah Cheung   

    Being sex positive/a proud “hoe”/sugar baby is no longer unique or even controversial online. Girls who claim this label are a dime a dozen now. There’s nothing wrong with liking sex, I myself had a phase similar to this, but I still think you should keep it relatively private? Idk. And being a “hoe” is not a personality trait or something to flaunt. I really hope she’s finding personal fulfillment in areas that aren’t related to her appearance or sex, because focusing on that shallow shit will destroy you emotionally. 
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  7. Granola added a post in a topic Akidearest and The Anime Man   

    Lmao if you look hard enough you will find assholes online who spew prejudiced garbage. 99% of people don’t have a problem with nerds /Star Wars fans but of course Joey must find the lone trump supporter saying bigoted nonsense just so he can say “fuck you!” and start drama. Just why? I find it so exhausting and immature when people call these types of things out just to rile up outrage and drama. Just mind your business and don’t let it affect you unless it’s necessary. It’s so childish.  
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  8. Granola added a post in a topic Brianna Slaughter / Morena In Japan   

    the French are not responsible for the actions of their ancestors. No one is. Historical monuments and art being destroyed is ALWAYS bad and never excused because “well that ethnic group did some messed up stuff in history soo no big deal.” I’m sure no one would be saying that if a historic temple burned down in Kyoto, even though the Japanese have brutally colonized countless other countries.
    Once again Bri is actually just hating white people, I almost believe she’s trolling for attention because it’s so messed up. “European architecture was never THAT” bitch wtf are you an architect or art historian now? she literally just pulled that out of her ass lmao. 
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  9. Granola added a post in a topic Kim Dao   

    what is this sorcery? She is short irl, how tf does she make her legs look that long? Lol 
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  10. Granola added a post in a topic Wolfiecindy / Cindykimberlys   

    She still looks beautiful, just tired or something is off. 
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  11. Granola added a post in a topic Eugene Lee Yang   

    Lmao I don’t think Eugene looks young. He doesn’t look better or worse than any of the other guys imo. Am I the only one who thinks this? Just bc ur Asian doesn’t mean you’ll age well. 
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  12. Granola added a post in a topic mikan.mandarin   

    I don’t think it’s bad of her to smooth her skin and good for her for being honest! It sucks how social media gives an unrealistic image of how skin looks, so I respect her for admitting the editing! 
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  13. Granola added a post in a topic mikan.mandarin   

    To be fair there are a ton of editing options to make your skin look beautiful and smooth in videos. It’s super easy and you can make it subtle so that it’s not obvious. So there’s no need to feel jealous of how smooth her skin looks in videos/on Instagram 
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  14. Granola added a post in a topic Eat Your Kimchi (Simon and Martina)   

    I don’t know how Simon feels but it must be so hard to be in a relationship where you have to care for the other person like a sick child... and you’re still so young. They’re in their thirties right? And he just has to look forward to her illness getting worse and worse  that sounds difficult. 
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  15. Granola added a post in a topic Eat Your Kimchi (Simon and Martina)   

    honestly I have the same feeling about foreigners in japan who make claims about Japanese people/ society without actually knowing Japanese (or they know a bare minimum of conversational Japanese but communicate mostly in English) it’s like they’re looking at the country through a window or something, not actually a part of it. It’s frustrating because I believe they are in no way qualified to speak on societal issues/ Japanese people if they don’t know Japanese. No exceptions. The language is absolutely essential to understanding the culture and society, and I’m sure Korea is the same way. 
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