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  1. Granola added a post in a topic Find Your Love In Japan (Nobita)   

    Nobita is one of those extremely annoying and pathetic people who complain and try to garner sympathy for being ugly/bad at English/can’t find a partner etc, instead of actually working on those things and bettering himself.
    Whenever I hear his voice I’m stunned by how bad his accent is when he has been learning and practicing for so long! I don’t mean to sound mean- I would never say that about a beginner- but he’s speaking English so often, why can’t he train his voice and study correct pronunciation?? I’m not expecting him to sound native or anything, but it’s tragic to hear him talk in katakana English. I know many Japanese people who don’t know English who are able to pronounce things well with a little training. It’s not impossible for anyone. But no, Nobita wants to stay embarrassingly bad... why
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  2. Granola added a post in a topic Sakimichan   

    I wish there was a thread to talk about wlop, I love his art as a whole but there’s a few things about it that irk me in a sense. Namely that in his comic Ghostblade the female characters faces look like Gangnam Unnies a lot of the time, and anatomy can be pretty messed up. The lighting is just stunning, however, as well as compositions. 
    Not to derail the thread LOL since it’s about sakimichan. I guess they’re bound to be compared since they both do anime-realism type art. 
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  3. Granola added a post in a topic Brianna Slaughter / Morena In Japan   

    This is random but... why does she constantly change her accent?? Like she’ll start talking super Latina/AAVE sounding and it sounds SO forced and unnatural imo. And then her real voice (basic American girl voice) comes out randomly during the video. Lmao this is in her videos too but in her lives it’s so obvious and awkward. 
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  4. Granola added a post in a topic katieaegi   

    I assume a lot of these girls always wanted to be models but that wasn’t a possibility in their home countries where they’re a dime a dozen, but in Korea they’re a rarity so they can make it work. And the photographers/small companies want them bc they’re “exotic”. Hey, if it’s mutually beneficial I guess there’s no problem, but western people can definitely see that these girls are super average loool. I wouldn’t be surprised if Katie got a job as a model there. I don’t think she’s ugly at all, if it wasn’t for her awful personality I honestly would find her cute. Also makes me curious how many of these girls are illegally working and how they don’t get busted, or the companies don’t 
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  5. Granola added a post in a topic Holly Brown/ H.C Brown?   

    It is so cringy when people respond to criticism. She should not have commented IMO 
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  6. Granola added a post in a topic katieaegi   

    honestly most of the foreign models in Korea I’ve seen on Instagram are extremely average. Like at least 95% of them are not that pretty imo. Not that they’re ugly, but certainly not model level. 
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  7. Granola added a post in a topic Brianna Slaughter / Morena In Japan   

    that’s really interesting- this is my second time getting a student visa, and I’ve never heard of another option like that. I also went to language school however not university, so maybe it’s different. Was it a special program through your school? 
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  8. Granola added a post in a topic Brianna Slaughter / Morena In Japan   

    I’m not sure if it’s been mentioned, but I’m curious how Brianna managed to get a student visa. Im in the process right now, and for a long university program you have to have a bank statement showing you have minimum 18,000+ dollars in the bank. (For just a semester it’s only around 10,000) And she’s apparently poor, so it makes me curious. The visa requirement is the same for everyone regardless of scholarship or situation, bc it’s set by the government. 
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  9. Granola added a post in a topic Brianna Slaughter / Morena In Japan   

    I’m sorry if you’re taking this personally or misunderstanding my point of view. I have continued to reaffirm that I DONT think it’s her fault or that she deserves this at all. But no matter how much I and people who think similar to me try to express our opinions, people constantly misinterpret.
    The fact is that she’s the victim. But she should know that dressing very provocatively at night around unknown men in a city is simply more dangerous. That’s just the way it is, in all cities, everywhere in the world. Period. If she wants to be more safe, she should avoid these behaviors. I’m sorry but I just don’t understand why that is such “blood-boiling” information. It’s the same as me saying “try to avoid wearing an expensive purse loosely hanging off your shoulder while walking through a dark crime-ridden area.” You are still the victim and it’s not your fault if someone steals from you. But it’s important to know that it’s dangerous, and you CAN do what is under your control to be safe. To me, this is empowering. But I guess to some people it sounds like victim blaming, no matter how much I insist I don’t think it’s her fault. 
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  10. Granola added a post in a topic Brianna Slaughter / Morena In Japan   

    this is honestly how I feel about her. 
    You know what smart women do in a situation like that? Smart and self-protective women do not engage with the men or even talk to them except to say “No. Go away”  And they go to the nearest safe place or police station. They don’t draw unwanted sexual attention to their bodies in dangerous areas at night. That’s the reality. Women need to know how to protect themselves, pretending like you can do what Brianna does and expect to be safe is a dangerous idea. There are a lot of shitty men in the world waiting to take advantage of women like her. You can’t control if they target you, but you CAN control the chances to an extent by not dressing provocatively at night in dangerous areas. I think it’s common sense, but people ignore the reality and are quick to scream “victim blaming!” 
    Shitty men exist in every country, they should not be held as the standard, especially when japan is exceptionally safe and society despises men who behave that way. All of y’all are out here refusing to admit that Brianna needs to take some personal responsibility to protect herself. Yes conservativey dressed women also get harrassed, but pretending like there’s 0 correlation between her outfits/actions and being harassed is ridiculous. Of course men will target women who dress like her. 
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  11. Granola added a post in a topic Natalia Natchan (previously "Yukapon")   

    Of course I don’t know the details of her career aspirations, but moving to LA seems like a bad idea. In Tokyo she’s unique and memorable as a foreign girl fluent in Japanese, being involved in Japans pop culture while bringing in her own western perspective. But in LA she’s just one of the million people trying to do exactly the same thing as her. Her skills in Japanese and connection to Japanese pop culture are useless in the land of washed-up insta models and soundcloud rappers, especially since she doesn’t stand out at all as a white girl there. 
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  12. Granola added a post in a topic Brianna Slaughter / Morena In Japan   

    I don’t think anyone on here said she deserved to be attacked for what she’s wearing. Of course not, I feel awful for her. 
    But that does not mean it’s okay or safe to dress the way she does in Japan. Yes, women who dress conservatively get harrassed as well, myself included. But you are MUCH more likely to be in danger wearing essentially underwear/showing your breasts in public around strange men. 
    The argument of “well people will stare at foreigners no matter what they wear” doesn’t make sense to me. There’s a difference between being inquisitively stared at for simply looking different, and being stared at in horror for dressing extremely provocatively in public around children. If you dress like Brianna does you will attract a huge amount of negative attention, including these kinds of sleazy men seeing you as an easy target because you’re already acting provocative. 
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  13. Granola added a post in a topic Norm - Tokyo Lens   

    The way he talks drives me insane. Does anyone relate to this? The weird inflections he puts on words, the intentional pauses, like he’s reading a fucking monologue in a play?? It’s completely insufferable. I guess he does it for dramatic effect or to hold people’s attention or be unique or something. Idk how to describe it exactly- if you’ve heard him talk in one of his videos I’m sure you’ve noticed. 
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  14. Granola added a post in a topic Brianna Slaughter / Morena In Japan   

    I have mixed feelings on this. Of course she is the victim, and it is NEVER okay for someone to do that to her. However... I know that if I dressed scantily in certain areas, I would also be in danger of harassment or worse. It’s kind of like walking around a seedy area with your wallet and jewelry dangling around, when it gets stolen you are partially to blame for not taking the right precautions. Of course those men are scum and should be punished. But I believe in taking personal responsibility and Brianna needs to take steps to protect herself. Walking around in essentially underwear is extremely dangerous and inviting men to harass you, I’m sorry but that’s the hard truth. Sending this message of “totally wear whatEVER you want outside around strange men, you go girl!” is so dangerous to impressionable girls that follow her. No, it’s NOT safe to dress like that in a city. 
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  15. Granola added a post in a topic Natalia Natchan (previously "Yukapon")   

    i want to go back to the time before I met you. Back to when I still had myself. 
    I know there’s a lot of things you’re afraid of. You put up a front, but I know you’re actually afraid. 
    Ive overcome so many awful things and became a strong woman, but you hate women that are strong. 
    Because you wanted me to become a weak human being like you. 
    It might be scary, but I know I can overcome this. I can go back to my old self. 
    Youre pathetic. I’m wishing you a life all alone full of suffering. 
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