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  1. Rrachel added a post in a topic Trisha Paytas (blndsundoll4mj)   

    Oh, as I said I'm new on the forum so I didn't really knew if she fitted better in Snowflakes or in Online Personalities  I ended up putting her here due all the dramas that have surrounded her and how she lies publicly everywhere, not considering her trolling videos I mean, but in her 'serious' ones she's also a mess in that area. There have been several scandals around Trisha Paytas though as stated before, so is not someone who I just myself or a couple people find annoying.

    Yups, this are some of her lies/dramas around her...
    1) ROBIN WILLIAMS: After his death, Trisha claimed that she had sexual relations with Robin Williams, and had "hung out with him a dozen times" when she was 19 years old. Though, in 2013 she said on one of her tweets that she doesn't know him.
    2) RAPE: Trisha has stated things several times about the subject of rape and how insensitive she is around this topic, which she has had to apologice after due her fans being angry and the lose of susbscribers, also deleting videos she has made about this.

    3) ANIMALS, BEING GAY AND JEWS: Known as a hardcore catholic, Trisha has deleted videos that she made where she stated that homosexuality is something you chose, she has made videos anti-jews and one of animals stating talking about how much she hates them and does not care if they are abused or tortured. She has since made an "apology" video which is still up.

    4) PHOTOSHOPING PICTURES: And after this, make lies about them.

    5) ARIKA SATO: Trisha Paytas become popular while doing videos with her friend Arika (another youtuber) and click baiting people by being the two of them on the image of the videos with small clothing. Eventually Trisha Paytas accused Arika of being with her only to get more subscribers and stopped the friendship, copying afterwards everything Arika did, Trisha started to buy everything Arika displayed on her hauls and eventually a new fight broke due the copy of styles. Trisha flat out said, "I'm obssessed with Arika... I copy her etc.," and Trisha even admits copying GiGi Gorgeous and others when she likes something. 
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  2. Rrachel added a post in a topic The new banner is complete \o/   

    Honestly, amazing job on the banner! Mira is so accurate I can't even ahhaha
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  3. Rrachel added a topic in Little Snowflakes   

    Trisha Paytas (blndsundoll4mj)
    First of all I hope I'm doing this right, I'm new around here and I searched both here and in online personalities but I didn't saw anything made about her already (:
    So, let's start by the basics. 
    Trisha Paytas is a youtuber, aspiring actress and ex-striper, known for her hauls, shopping addiction and trolling videos.
    MAIN CHANNEL: https://www.youtube.com/user/blndsundoll4mj
    SECOND CHANNEL: https://www.youtube.com/user/TrishasLife
    Nearly each one of her videos have caused some sort of drama. From supporting Sea World to faking to have had an affair with Robin Williams when she said on one of her past Twitter posts she didn't knew him. She has also had many episodes with other youtubers like Channon Rose and Arika Sato and she has a very unstable personality where she has posted drunk videos of herself, fakes having boyfriends and relationships, fake story times and others.
    Would love to see where the peeps @ prettyuglylittleliar stand on on her  
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  4. Rrachel added a post in a topic Michelle Phan   

    I've been a faithful detractor of Michelle from the times she said her facial changes where due her losing weight (LOL?!), she's one of the fakests beauty gurus out there and is amazing how she paints her staged life in her videos yet people still follow and look up to her. Is she still with her boyfriend?
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  5. Rrachel added a post in a topic Fine Brothers Entertainment / The Finebros   

    This guys got too high on their horses. I was late for the drama sadly, since I unsuscribbed to them months ago due being bored with their videos (damn, I hate to miss the drama) but at least they saw how the community was reacting and decided to cut everything out.
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  6. Rrachel added a post in a topic Gigi Gorgeous   

    I used to be suscribed to Gigi but I guess the bubble poped when she started making fake story-time videos. Which I know a lot of Youtubers do but at least I'm not a fan of being lied for enterntaining porpouses. Specially when Gigi made the story video with Trisha Paytas (fakest bitch ever) about the Uber driver. Like... I could deal with her being plastic, but being fake too? No thank you. 
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  7. Rrachel added a post in a topic General Venus Angelic thread #2   

    I'm new coming to the drama, I was unsuscribbed to Venus for some months due finding back then pretty fake of her getting married to Manaki when she called him poor and other shit on the comments of her videos with him. But now it all makes sense, since the exact words she seems posted are the ones Margo said about Manaki in her Instagram account. For a couple days, after finding out about Venus running away, I was certain it was all a made up situation in hopes of getting more attention, views, subscribers and stuff y'know?
    But damn. This is too real to be a fake stuff and the similarities between the posts I just said before ended up making my mind and realising this is a real situation and now I feel pretty shitty about judging Venus so hard before. Margo is honestly crazy, her posts in IG are just amazing, that naked pic? Attention much? How old is she? She really needs helps.
    Thanks everyone for all the info about the situation, I just decided to join after reading all the evidence here and is lovely how the community here shares all what they see and keeps things pretty organized! Perfect for my lurker drama-lover needs 
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  8. Rrachel added a topic in Introduce Yourself   

    I'M NEW! ♥
    Hi everyone!
    I should have honestly made myself an account here earlier. I first came to know this forum when all the kanadajin drama with rachel happened (what? at least one year ago or two right?) and I was impressed in how you guys are able to share all the info of what's going on (like, you guys skills in stalking and lurking is amazing). Anyway, I'm 22, from Chile. Nice to meet you everyone 
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