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  1. Kensington added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

    YouTubers with voices like penguinz0 just irritates the fuck out of me. It sounds condescending as fuck and just annoying in general. Maybe the bored and monotonous voice is an appeal to some people but I just can't listen to it for more than 10 seconds because it sounds like they're genuinely uninterested in creating the video they're voicing over for. Not saying that every youtubers need to have a high pitched and excited voice all the time because I know maybe they can't change how their voice sounds like but I just can't stand it. No matter how interesting the video is, when the voice sounds like an uninterested drunk person slurring, I immediately get turned off and just can't finish the whole vid eventho I really want to.
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  2. Kensington added a post in a topic Rant Thread   

    I genuinely hope thats not the case cause I'm not into getting disowned by my family and dropping out of college.
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  3. Kensington added a post in a topic Rant Thread   

    I really love having sex with my boyfriend and I started taking birth control pills just for him since we enjoy doing it raw but recently he's been worried of me taking it due to the side effects although its been three months of me taking it and it's kinda a bit too late to worry about it?? And he lowkey wants me to quit eventho I already told him the side effects already settled in? So I just don't get why he's suddenly worried. Plus I know he likes to cum in me so like if I were to quit won't that be a negative for him? I really don't understand guys sometimes. I guess its his way of caring for me but still.
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  4. Kensington added a post in a topic Meme thread   

    Sorry for the lack of spoilers but these are some of my fav tbh.

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  5. Kensington added a post in a topic Rant Thread   

    College has been fun and I'm starting my degree in a month but lately I feel so tired hanging around my big friend group since more and more people keep joining amd I don't really talk to them since they keep to themselves. It's kinda irritating? Not saying that the group is exclusive or anything but I miss how the group used to feel, before so many people are associated with us and basically being quite insufferable in general.
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  6. Kensington added a post in a topic rin / gothfruits   

    No offense but the faces that Rin make are so fucking ugly and unattractive to the point where its uncomfortable to look at. I know its probably for "comedy" but eugh, its so uncomfortable to look at. And will they ever shut the fuck up about having to constantly do "adulting" stuff when its just normal basic shit that even a teenager can do.
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  7. Kensington added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

    Thats kinda weird and cringy ngl
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  8. Kensington added a post in a topic Your Current/Former Favorite Youtubers?   

    I don't rly keep up to date with youtubers but some of the yters that I enjoy rn and could binge watch are:
    -Mikaela Long
    And some of the ytubers I used to watch:
    -ChaoticMonki ( I still love him but I just haven't watched his vids in 3yrs now lol)
    -Tiffany Kudrikow? (Idk how to spell her name and is she still making vids?)
    -Tati ( Kinda enjoyed some of her vids but after the recent drama idk anymore)
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  9. Kensington added a post in a topic Rant Thread   

    I'm starting college next week and I'm so fucking nervous for no god damn reason. I'm literally getting nervous about having to pay my semester fee this weekend and my mind won't stop making up these scenarios where the administration office suddenly lose my registration form and I can't attend college?? Or me showing up late for my first class or not being able to find my lecture hall and missing a class???? Honestly at this point I'm just so done with my imagination.
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  10. Kensington added a post in a topic Favorite Smells   

    Some of my fav smells are:
    Old books, peach perfume, brownies (that burnt smell they give off when being baked), the rain, petrol, vanilla & golf courses.
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  11. Kensington added a post in a topic Rant Thread   

    I love the town I'm currently living in right now because it can be peaceful sometimes but I also hate how fucking ugly this town is?? The way they built some of the buildings are so unpleasant to me and this town doesn't really have any interesting places to explore. I know I sound like a bitch about this but I wish this town has it's own nook and crany that I can explore instead of being filled with ugly and misplaced buildings being built around a pretty area that ultimately ruins the scenery.
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  12. Kensington added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

    -I really like polaroid pictures but I just wish the films are cheaper.
    -I really don't know much about what makes a picture "good photography" and "bad photography" but I wish people would stop shitting on newbies photographer who does photography as a hobby instead of a profession. It's really off-putting and irritating to the point where their 'ego & elitism' is showing.
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  13. Kensington added a post in a topic shoe0nhead / June   

    Apparently she's engaged now. Gratz to her & her bf. I never rly took her as the type to settle down tho so this was kinda surprising.
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  14. Kensington added a post in a topic JessicaUniverse   

    She has so many makeup?? I'm kinda jealous lol
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  15. Kensington added a post in a topic lilmixedhunny / ceilidh joy   

    Her tweets regarding her being in Africa was pretty shitty. I feel really bad for her for having to go through all that. I hope that one day she'll get better regarding her mental state and addiction.
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