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  1. Kensington added a post in a topic Anime Discussion   

    Omg yes!! I feel like a lot of people don't read shoujo manga cause of its clichés and because its too romantasised (?) but some are gunuinely good and actually touches on some personal issues thats common fofor todays world compared to shonen mangas? Dont get me wrong i love some shonen mangas but the storyline gets flat sometimes. I wish there was more  adventure or fantasy manga that has a more idk, adult ish theme rather than be very teenage boys oriented that most shounen mangas are
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  2. Kensington added a post in a topic Anime Discussion   

    Technically not anime but I've been rereading a lot of old one-shot or short story shoujo manga when I was 11-14/15 idk and they all make me feel so nostalgic and fuzzy inside. I've been really stressed out with college and all but rereading those mangas somehow makes me feel a bit better. 
    Although I'm really sad bout some manga like Suki Desu Suzuki-kun never being fully translated despite it ended a long time ago : / but I've also reread some like AAA, Haru x Kiyo, Bura Girl, Nana to Kaoru, and despite the fact that some of these manga can go to sexual assault territory quite quick, I still find them fun to read? Idk probably wrong to say that but yh, I really like shoujo manga and I feel like I'm gonna go down a rabbit hole of reading them cause I like the second-hand romance fulfillment 💀💀 
    Sorry for the OOT side tracked rant but idk, does anyone else enjoy those dumb one shot shoujo manga and all? And if so what would you guys recommend cause I'm gonna go all out with binge reading when Im done with assignments
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  3. Kensington added a post in a topic Shane Dawson   

    Ryland is just a gold digger at this point and the only reason why he's upset by Shane being cancelled and having his ads suspended is because he will no longer be able to leech off of Shane's money to buy his tacky designer stuff lol
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  4. Kensington added a post in a topic Rant Thread   

    Skin care ytbers rant ahead.
    old news but I'm glad Susan Yara got flack for the Naturium shit. Really never liked her cause she always seem like a skincare snob who acts like the more expensive the product the better, esp in The Ordinary review video. I also hate how everyone always wants her to react to celebrities skincare routine when iirc, she doesn't even have any qualifications in skincare stuff, just another skincare enthusiast. Not saying you can't comment on people skincare if you're just an enthusiast, but it just looks like her fanbase action of somewhat putting her on a pedestal as a "skincare pro" has gotten into her head and she's acting like a big know-it-all snob.
    I also kinda find Hyrams personality to be kinda annoying? I find him to be really great in giving advice and all because personally, I think he's really good  in explaining stuff but I kinda hate his "yass sis, typical white gay type of personality" on camera. Idk maybe he amplifies it for the camera and hes probably more chiller irl but I'm personally so sick of that similar personality in a lot of white gay ytbers cause its just so over the top and lowkey repetetive, and maybe their audience like that but I just wish theres more chill gay ytbers that doesn't just base their personality around that. 
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  5. Kensington added a post in a topic Nami.Lune   

    Damn I used to see her pics on my twitter tl frequently and I always thought she looked really pretty and had an amazing body. I thought her body was legit since she always posted workout pics and talking bout workout stuff in general. Kinda sad to find out that's not the case tho  
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  6. Kensington added a post in a topic Creepshow Art   

    Haven't watched her in a while but I really agree with what people are saying regarding her effort in her videos and her lack of evidence being put on her screen. I get wanting to focus solely on the art shes  making but sometimes I want to read what the person shes talking about said specifically, rather than her rewording it. Also idk if she still says this but I genuinely get annoyed over her saying "bonkers" the way she says it just ticks me off and I don't know why
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  7. Kensington added a post in a topic Rant Thread   

    Most of the ACNH islands that I see online are so ugly tbh. They're not even that well designed and the only reason why people praise them is because they use shit ton of furniture and custom path which makes their island look wayy too cluttered for my liking. I mean I get the whole point is to be creative but most of the islands are just eugh and most of the decorations dont even go hand in hand with each other which just makes it look uglier
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  8. Kensington added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

    Idk if this is unpopular or not but I couldn't care less about users here giving really meaningful advice and wanting to watch an online personality or snowflake to grow and learn from their mistakes because: Their shit behaviour is entertaining to watch and we all know they'll only change if they really want to, and they'll never change because some stranger on the internet gives some advice regardless of their good intention.
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  9. Kensington added a post in a topic Alyssa D. Silos (Alythuh)   

    Good that she's comfy with her own body but these pics just somehow come across as tryhard. And ofc shes gotta include that ugly ass Sailor Mars wine cup. Gotta remind everyone that she's a hot weeb who drinks wine almost on a daily cause that's her main selling point now. 
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  10. Kensington added a post in a topic Rant Thread   

    I'm so annoyed by my sister sometimes. Why is she arguing and being upset over a guy that lives in another part of the continent. They always play online games together and both of them just sound mega annoying when they start being toxic to each other over a game. I get competitive matches but damn she fucking shouts on mic and she's playing in the living room. Can't you control your anger and shut up? Don't lose your shit over a game and get upset over each other. I love her but damn she needs to control her voice and language when playing games. She rages so easily lately in games and sometimes I miss the chiller side of her when she used to play games. The dude is also annoying for being a dick in game sometimes and sulk when their team loses or something. Ugh. Both needs to take a chill pill and realise that being so toxic over a game isn't healthy
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  11. Kensington added a post in a topic Confessional   

    I had a sexual dream that involved one of my lecturers and the only reason I woke up was because dream me thought about my bf in the dream and that I need to break up with him after I finished fucking my lecturer. Now I feel guilty for having a dream like that and the fact that in-dream me actually remembered bout his existence and actively cheating on him in the dream is fucking me up
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  12. Kensington added a post in a topic Rant Thread   

    Anyone else tired of people who base their entire personality of having no friends and lonely? It was funny the first few times but now all they do is bitch about not having friends on every post that mentions "my friends and I" or "my best friend and I". Like we get it. You're a lonely fuck who doesn't have any friends. No need to comment the same shit every single time. 
    But most of the time these people do have friends but they just pretend to not have any for no reason?? And not to mention these people have the crappiest personality that I've ever met- esp on twitter. They constantly talk about how you're a bad friend if you don't check up on your friends and all that, but not realising that their tiring and shitty personality might be the reason why nobody ever wants to check up on them cause all they do is bitch
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  13. Kensington added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    OT but why does her hair always looks fake whether shes wearing make up or not 
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  14. Kensington added a post in a topic mikan.mandarin   

    10,000 euros??? Thats almost the same price (just 2-3k euros more) as my entire 3 years degree course and even that I already find to be overwhelmingly expensive.
    I know that she managed to afford it but does anyone know if she needed to pay the fees all in one go or are you able to pay it gradually? 
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  15. Kensington added a post in a topic Unpopular Opinions (K-POP Edition)   

    I know this opinion has been repeated over and over again but companies need to really stop pushing their idols to the western market way too hard. Why not just focus on your main fanbase from Korea and have them be really successful there rather than pushing them to be famous in America when they're not so well known in their own home country? Isn't it better if they just cultivate a western fanbase organically rather by forced promotion and changing the groups image to fit the western ideal which usually makes them lose their original appeal and charm in the progress and in the end, they lose more fans then gaining fans. 
    Even if they do suddenly become famous in America, we all know that all the big name artists who are suddenly interacting with them are usually just using it for media attention or clout from the fanbase because they know how much the fans want their favourite K-pop idol to be approved in the eyes of western people. Its just so idk aggravating to see these idols being pushed so hard to succeed in America when you know its just the company being money hungry rather than the idols wanting to do it themselves.
    Idk. Maybe I'm wrong and even the idols wants to be popular in the west but overall, the whole desperation to be approved in the America needs to just stop because I'm tired of seeing delusional fans thinking that the opinion of the general public in America is everything.
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