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  1. MASASHI SUPER DRY added a post in a topic Brianna Slaughter / Morena In Japan   

    unpopular opinion but brianna is not at all ugly & she's actually cute (somebody here posted a pic of brianna during 2017 where she smiles & only wore light makeup which is actually sweet to me). 
    the problem with the current bri here is that she have little to no makeup skills to pull an AvAnT gArDe lewks, not to mention that she often makes these "resting bitch face" like. A. Lot.
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  2. MASASHI SUPER DRY added a post in a topic Cyome_ (Alexandra Anton)   

    cyome, there are legit people with mental illnesses who are very kind, honest, and they realize that they have flaws & tries to make themselves better....y'know, like a non-shitty mentally ill person would do.
    Sadly, you are not one of them.
    Nah, i don't diss you for your mental illness, i diss you out because of your BEHAVIOUR. Don't excuse your illness as a reason for your problematic behavior.
    Take a seat, girl. There's a reason why sasucchi of all people have dump you.
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  3. MASASHI SUPER DRY added a post in a topic Cyome_ (Alexandra Anton)   

    Okay, after lurking this thread for so long, i've decided to give a piece of my mind to you cyome. 
    Yes, we are all worried about your wellbeing after that livestream - heck we even wished you to stay safe. But what did you do after you've gotten better? You decided to blame us all over again & also bringing your hordes of insta fans to defend your petty butt just because of our mere discussion of your scams and other problems that YOU'VE DONE. 
    This is why i have doubts to give you my own sympathy, y'know? ....Well why would i? The way you guilt-tripping your fans with your bleeding attempts bcz "woe is me~, amirite?" over and over and over again while wasting all of the money that your friends & clients gave you for unnecessary stuffs (ahem....LuXuRy gOoDs.) What a waste of investments. You truly are a manipulative biatch.
    And let's not talk about your bullying, your rudeness and that one point you pretend as a dead person bcos hooo boii...that's screwed up beyond words.
    So okay sweatie, if you want us talk about you nicely, then you should close the old book & start a new leaf, like :
    1.Admit your mistakes and apologizes instead of blaming the others (this is your no.1 offense and if you still think that you're a sweet, innocent angel then we have a lot of screenshots to prove that you're wrong).
    2.Resolving your abandoned business (i know that this is hard bcs there's so many of them that ordered your charms, but at least try to make as many as you can & please give them refund if you're incapable to finish their orders. AND DO NOT GHOSTING.)
    3.Stay away from social media for a while (whether you like it or not, all of these social media stuff will stresses out your mental health, especially in your condition. Just take a break, and your mind will "refresh" by itself. Trust me, i've been there).
    4. Manage your monetary spending well! (this is also your major offense that lead to the fiasco that you've got right now. If you're capable to waste 100-something dollars for gym subscripttion (kek), then you can also waste your money on hiring a financial advisor).
    At this point, even with the advises that i just gave it to you, my sympathy is still at 0%. But if you want to improve yourself and starts following all the 4 points that i make, then my sympathy % will raise higher. But if you don't (very likely, since your stubborness &  ego lvl is taller than your height..) then my sympathy level would be remain at 0%. And don't expect us to kiss your butt, becoz unlike your ignorant fans, we see through your bs. So...
    P;s: Downvote me all you want, i just don't care. I'm just releasing all my frustation that i have to cyome for what she did to her victims. Maybe i do feel sorry for you after that recent livestream, but after i've read your latest ig post, i've lost all my hope for you bcos of your manipulation. All i want for you is to admit your faults & become a better person. That's all.
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  4. MASASHI SUPER DRY added a post in a topic Old hollywood beauty   

    I enjoy watching glamourdaze video! But the best part about old beauty videos are the trans-atlantic sassiness that the presenter usually chimes in lol.  
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  5. MASASHI SUPER DRY added a post in a topic Your Current/Former Favorite Youtubers?   

    i watch mejoo & her 4 babies too! My favourite vid of her is when her dad has changed from cat-hater to cat-lover lol. The best character development so far XD.  
    BTW, i've updated my current fav youtuber to watch, other than mejoo:
    - charles cornell
    -daily dose of internet (i bet everybody know who this is)
    -videogamedunkey ( don't watch him regularly but still one of my fav gametuber, also RAKE IN THE LAKE)
    -adam ragusea (one of the most scientific and memetic cooking shows around).
    -PICTURRESQUE/ regina (still watching her makeup tutorial, very talented)
    -beauty news (i like watching their usually 1 hour long beauty products news)
    -matilda (she's a breath of fresh air . I like her approach on clean & minimal beauty in a sea of heavy makeup booti gurus, despite a lot of her stuff are super expensive high end makeup - but no worries, she didn't force you to buy them and there are plenty of cheaper dupes that you can find.)
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  6. MASASHI SUPER DRY added a post in a topic Husbandos   

    Just wanna add another one to my husbando list: chocolate indian bad boi hottie, Ashwatthama from fgo.
    Damn, just look at this cutie's abs.
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  7. MASASHI SUPER DRY added a post in a topic Unpopular Opinons (Anime Edition)   

    I like digimon more than pokemon
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  8. MASASHI SUPER DRY added a post in a topic Momotokio   

    Her edits on that photo is on par or even worse than wylo, and that says  a lot.
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  9. MASASHI SUPER DRY added a post in a topic Xia Xue   

    Why wouldn't she believe in climate change when singapore just recently got affected by haze? Not to mention this is one of the worst haze seasons that we encountered (my place got affected too but nowhere near as bad as Sumatra....). Just to show that her level of ignorance is too damn high.
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  10. MASASHI SUPER DRY added a post in a topic Nikita Dragun   

     this pallete is meant for halloween guys, or else she wouldn't make that face cover looking so scary ☕. 
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  11. MASASHI SUPER DRY added a post in a topic Annoying commercials   

    Do youtube's double ads count?
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  12. MASASHI SUPER DRY added a post in a topic Who Do You Think Should Have A Thread On PULL That Doesn’t Already?   

    Somebody please makw a thread about Lillee jean & her mom already!
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  13. MASASHI SUPER DRY added a post in a topic General Venus Angelic Thread #3   

    go back to your circus tent, david. Even if you did destroy PULL, venoooss wouldn't even want to succ you anyway
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  14. MASASHI SUPER DRY added a post in a topic Younique - Snowflake Co.   

    Finally! A thread about younique! But slightly OT, but do Avon considered as a MLM company too? I read in r/beautyguruchatter that avon is considered as one but i'm not so sure..
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  15. MASASHI SUPER DRY added a post in a topic Brianna Slaughter / Morena In Japan   

    No, no, thr moon is too nice for her. Just send her off to any planets far, far away from here so the aliens will laugh at her & her sh!tty makeup.
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