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  1. lucy_serendipity added a post in a topic General Venus Angelic thread #2   

    Yeah, I found this Hatsune Miku figure on Amazon for $35 (with free shipping). It's still cheaper than what she's selling it for ($50). 
    She better not start stealing credit card information just to stay in Japan. That's credit fraud and could land her in jail for a long time. Honestly, I hope she leaves when her visa expires. 
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  2. lucy_serendipity added a post in a topic Staying off of drugs   

    I'm so proud of you. Thank you for sharing this information with us. I wish you all the best on the road to recovery away from drugs. Yeah, definitely stay around positive and supportive friends and family that love you for who you are and don't negatively influence you. You can also talk to a therapist and maintain good habits and happy thoughts. Distract yourself with exercise or other hobbies you love. Love and cherish your life. Carpe Diem! 
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  3. lucy_serendipity added a post in a topic HANDSOME MEN   

    Personally for me, I like adorable and handsome guys. But what is beauty if not in the eye of the beholder? 
    Asian crush: Kim Bum

    American Guy: Ansel Elgort

    OMG, I love Freddie Highmore. He's and adorable actor. I love his role as Norman Bates in Bates Motel! 
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  4. lucy_serendipity added a post in a topic Selling Clothes/Accessories??   

    You can sell clothes and accessories on eBay. Also, have you heard of a site called Gyaru Community Sales? It looks like a good place to post your items, especially if you are trying to get rid of gyaru clothes. In general, I recommend eBay or Storenvy. Both are great places to sell clothing. 
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  5. lucy_serendipity added a post in a topic Cute hair styles and dos   

    Braided hair is really nice, especially when it's done well. It helps you keep your hair together and looks really cute. There's also a lot of styles like fishtail or french braids. Another suggestion is putting hair into a ponytail. It's awesome that you grew your hair out so long though. That usually takes a lot of time and patience. 
    Here's a link I found to some cute and easy hairstyles:
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  6. lucy_serendipity added a post in a topic Random Chat Thread   

    OMG, I love her reputation title. Horrible Mother. That's so accurate, haha. 
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  7. lucy_serendipity added a post in a topic Margaret Palermo   

    I agree. I'd love to see her do more Vlogging around Japan and show us more sightseeing posts and videos (when she gets her YouTube back). I'm hoping Margo leaves when her visa expires and Venus can start wandering around without worrying about what wall her mother is lurking behind. 

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  8. lucy_serendipity added a post in a topic General Venus Angelic thread #2   

    It's a shame though. It would have been nice to flag Margo for copyrighting those clips, especially since she did the same thing to her daughter. Just because you gave birth to her and held the camera/edited the videos doesn't give you the right to ruin your daughter's career. Honestly, I feel like Venus could have gone to school and got a regular degree if her mom didn't move around so much to evade taxes and force her to become a "kawaii" YouTube doll. Venus is an adult and entitled to the videos in her channel. It's not up to Margaret to terminate her account. 
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  9. lucy_serendipity added a post in a topic Margaret Palermo   

    How much longer is that woman going to stay in Japan for? Lol
    I'm also really curious who her friends are. Do they not know her enough to see what a manipulative woman she is? Hope she leaves when her visa expires. 

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  10. lucy_serendipity added a post in a topic General Venus Angelic thread #2   

    Plus, didn't Venus buy her own Macbook after her mother locked her old laptop? I doubt she doesn't make enough if she can afford a new one. Margo is the one that can barely make ends meet. It doesn't look like that woman can afford a decent hotel much less a laptop lol. When are you going to get a job Mother Gothel? Also, I'm pretty sure she HIJACKED Venus's account. This woman always contradicts herself, lol. 
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  11. lucy_serendipity added a post in a topic Margaret Palermo   

    Anyone know how long Margo has before she must leave Japan? Knowing her, she might either try to stay and risk deportation or terrorize her "bully" daughter abroad. 
    On another note, is Margo actually distressed that Venus and Manaki don't sleep together? Lol 

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  12. lucy_serendipity added a post in a topic General Venus Angelic thread #2   

    Guys, revenge porn is illegal in Japan under the Child Pornography Act. Margo could really get arrested and put in jail if she did such a thing. The problem is the law looks like it's more ambiguous and overbroad than it needs to be. Margo shouldn't be allowed to sell Venus's clothes and make a profit. I bet she wants to sell the clothes to stay in Japan. She'll probably say something like "These are my clothes ~desu. Venus is bully. " 
    Please check out this link for more information: 
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  13. lucy_serendipity added a post in a topic Neko Atsume   

    Do you guys have any idea how you get missing wallpapers? I'm missing a couple, but I don't know how I get them? Is it cat visits or chance?
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  14. lucy_serendipity added a post in a topic Snowflake guilty pleasures?   

    I like the new Venus. She's become much more natural and relatable once she escaped from her mother's clutches. I wish her all the best. 
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  15. lucy_serendipity added a post in a topic Modeling??   

    Start with social media and post a couple of professional photos of yourself on Instagram and start a YouTube account (if you haven't already). People will start noticing you and once you accumulate enough followers, you may get offers. I'd also recommend you check out this informational article: 
    Also, different countries usually have different requirements in terms of height requirements. You might not be able to be a runaway model, but you could be a petite model. I wish you all the best! Remember, be confident and believe you can accomplish anything. Shoot for the stars! 
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