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  1. SadBlythe added a post in a topic Eugenia Cooney aka Skeleton Queen   

    I personally don’t see having anorexia nervosa and being overweight as opposites. There are plenty of perfectly healthy overweight people and there are perfectly healthy super skinny people. Either way, I agree that it’s wrong to kick someone off of YouTube because they are extremely underweight or morbidly obese. 
    I think another issue is that anorexia nervosa is a mental health issue and if YouTube kicks Eugenia off the site for being anorexic, they can kick anyone with a mental illness off the site as well. They could start kicking people who are skinny because of chemotherapy or crohn’s disease off the site. YouTube could kick off anyone they don’t deem “healthy enough” and I don’t think that’s right. YouTube should not be playing doctor. It seems like a slippery slope. 
    (I hope I explained this well!) 
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  2. SadBlythe added a post in a topic Elon Musk   

    Me @ Elon Musk
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  3. SadBlythe added a post in a topic Ember Whann   

    Idk if she’s really relevant anymore, but she seems to have found herself a small following. She’s creating and selling merch for herself, but I have a feeling that a lot her followers are fake and/or bought. 

    ETA: She reposted the picture with this caption 

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  4. SadBlythe added a post in a topic Philip DeFranco   

    I’ll add all this information to the first post, thank you!! 
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  5. SadBlythe added a post in a topic Shane Dawson   

    Wow Shane and Kati really caused so much damage, and for what? Enough people watch Shane that he doesn’t need to use clickbait. Why even bring up ASPD? Was it really worth it? 
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  6. SadBlythe added a post in a topic Shane Dawson   

    Does anyone know what this tweet is referring to?

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  7. SadBlythe added a post in a topic Philip DeFranco   

    This whole thing is so shady. He should have been upfront with his affiliation with BetterHelp from the start. 
    Yeah his video came off to me as like how dare any of you question me, but he never provided evidence of it being a legitimate service. Also the whole thing where he doesn’t believe the people who’ve had negative experiences is kind of vile. Asking these people to send screenshots proving that they are real customers/patients/whatever was pretty out of line. 
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  8. SadBlythe added a post in a topic Philip DeFranco   

    I added this video to the first post! It has some really good info! 
    This comment on the video really hits the nail on the head (even though I’m still wondering if he’s personally invested, I’m not ruling that out yet!)

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  9. SadBlythe added a post in a topic Sahar Luna   

    ...u ok sis??
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  10. SadBlythe added a post in a topic Who Do You Think Should Have A Thread On PULL That Doesn’t Already?   

    Philip DeFranco Thread!!
    So far I only have information on the BetterHelp scandal, but if there's anything else I should add PLEASE let me know! 
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  11. SadBlythe added a topic in New Topic Approval   

    Philip DeFranco
    Philip DeFranco

    Youtube Channel - Facebook Page - Twitter - Patreon - Wikipedia Page - Philly D Channel - The DeFranco Family Channel
    Philip Defranco is an American youtuber most notably known for The Philp DeFranco Show which started in 2007. According to his channel description, PDS is a "5 day a week, daily show where I talk about the news and pop culture that matters to me and should matter to you". Philp DeFranco's channel currently has 6,324,963 subscribers and 2,471,349,402 views (as of October 10th, 2018). DeFranco has covered topics such as TanaCon, Jake & Logan Paul, child exploitation on YouTube, net neutrality, the Equifax leak, PewDiePie, and the DaddyofFive Family Scandal.
    Philip Defranco was born Philip James Franchini Jr. on December 1st, 1985 in New York City, NY, USA. DeFranco currently resides in Sherman Oaks, California with his wife, Lindsay Jordan DeFranco, and their two sons, Philip "Trey" and Carter. Philip DeFranco suffers from polycystic kidney disease, considers himself a Libertarian, and is an atheist despite his Catholic upbringing. Readers of Wired Magazine voted Philip DeFranco the Sexiest Geek of 2008.
    Patreon Controversy
    Better Help Scandal
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  12. SadBlythe added a post in a topic General Instagram “nymphette” girls   

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  13. SadBlythe added a post in a topic Have you made any local friends online?   

    I’ve made a lot of friends online, but none of them are local. I’m an American, but I have friends all over the world! I have met some of them in person, but it’s not like I can hang out with them whenever or go grab a drink at the bar together. I’ve tried Bumble, but I didn’t meet anyone on there. Most of my online friends I have met through YouTube! 
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  14. SadBlythe added a post in a topic Simply_Kenna/cozykitsune [Thread 4]   

    OMG did they forget Kenna’s poetry book, daily Japan vlogs, interchangeable Mickey Mouse ears, etc etc?? Kenna could never commit to something like merch. 
    Also wouldn’t it just be mugs with stolen artwork on them?
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  15. SadBlythe added a post in a topic hate my skin   

    My dermatologist told me that diet doesn’t play into acne in the way that people on the internet thinks it does. He said that eating a plant based healthy diet will definitely help your skin overall, but acne is caused by a bacteria and can’t be cured by cutting out sugar, dairy, etc or eating less. Sugar can make acne worse, but cutting it out won’t make it go away. Hormones also play a huge role in acne as well. You might want to ask your general practitioner to check your hormone levels! 
    The people who are eating garbage with perfect skin are either a) seeing a dermatologist, b) photoshopping their skin with the blur tool, c) have really good genetics, or d) all of the above! 
    I don’t know where you live and how much a dermatologist would cost you, but I think seeing one is totally worth it! I live in the US and have gone without insurance and still paid out of pocket to see a dermatologist. 
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