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  1. bichael added a post in a topic JkFilms   

    how is this dude an adult, his tweets read like an angsty fourteen year old
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  2. bichael added a post in a topic Pokimane   

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  3. bichael added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    These losers on lsf have clearly never interacted with a girl before - show those dms to any girl above the age of 8 and they'll tell you it's not well-intentioned. Poki's dms are how mean girls interact with others so they can claim innocence when you call them out.
    How are you gonna have an independent thought for once in your life but as soon as daddy xqc tells you what to think, you do a 180?. The extent of Poki's networking and grip on the streaming community is so blatant here - these streamers are falling over themselves to defend her and stay in her good graces when she's so clearly in the wrong.
    OT I'm a fan of the bachelor franchise, and this past summer there was a similar situation (Blake/Caelynn). These two people hooked up before the start of the show. On the first episode, the girl ambushes the guy, accusing him of leading her on, only using her for a one night stand. and ghosting her after. The show's prefilmed and the contestants don't have access to their phones while it's taped, so the dude posted dms disproving her whole narrative after the episode airs. Despite the girl later coming out and admitting to lying, everyone on the show sided with her because he was the one to leak DMs. Now this dude's been branded as this huge asshole and his public career is over - even though he did absolutely nothing wrong.
    These people value their secrecy so much that they expect anyone outside their circle to just take whatever bullshit they're given. If they even think of exposing the truth, they're public enemy number 1. 
    I've never been so disgusted with the whole twitch community. They're all fake as fuck.
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  4. bichael added a post in a topic Tana Mongeau   

    ahaha the fact that her dumbass stans can't see how "Jana" is a promotional stunt for her MTV show...I have to laugh
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  5. bichael added a post in a topic igumdrop   

    ahahaha she's on stream crying for sympathy rn, she's a total joke
    EDIT: She spent a solid minute talking about how she'd take full responsibility, only to make a side remark of "I thought they were being aggressive" - does she not realize the casual racism she's describing? Poor guy was just on his phone, but because he's a black man the default assumption is that he's aggressive? It's fucked up.
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  6. bichael added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    OT spill the tea sis
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  7. bichael added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    bruh and this just shows how pathetic her attempts to warm up to LSF are. Poki just isn't the type of streamer they enjoy watching. No amount of clinging onto Greek/Hasan is going to change that.
    And IMO, LSF is not a group you should want in your corner anyway. A significant portion of them have misogynistic/racist leanings (reading some of the shit that gets upvoted there makes me wanna vom). This blind pursuit of numbers and growth, with zero regard for who she's trying to appeal to, is the main reason her content is such hollow garbage atm. First it was the prepubescent Fortnite tweens, now it's the edgelords of LSF. How low is she going to stoop for viewership? What consistent identity does she even have as a streamer?
    Take some pride in your work for once and cultivate a community you can be proud of. 
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  8. bichael added a post in a topic Belle Delphine (Mary-Belle Kirschner)   

    they're pedos, the braces help the illusion that belle is underage. Her fans are disgusting and need to be put on a watchlist
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  9. bichael added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    lol I feel like I got a virus just by clicking on that link - I'm gonna do a scan but ya'll should be careful haha
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  10. bichael added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    bwahaha LSF is literally fueled by hundreds of people that hate-watch/donate reaction bait to twitch thots and other dumbass streamers in hope of karma-whoring off a clip; at least the people on this forum aren't so blinded by their dicks that they're unable to face reality
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  11. bichael added a post in a topic Tana Mongeau   

    Jason's such a fucking sleaze, Tana's literally young enough to be his daughter 
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  12. bichael added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    On the contrary, destiny worships her to an almost delusional degree. I can't even count the amount of times he's claimed that she's such a smart and ruthless businesswomen, and how it's so "hard to find a girl like that." This shit pisses me off so much because he has an audience of young teenage boys that he's broadcasting these generalizations to, and they're not even remotely true. Sure, if you spend the majority of your time around pseudo-camgirls with no drive other than to latch onto a more successful man, you'll think that way (also, as if Poki is any better, all she does is hide it). However, most of my fellow women in college rn have career aspirations and are incredibly driven, and they're a hell of a lot more respectable than Poki.
    Hey destiny maybe you don't run into any boss ass women because you're a fucking loser who has no chance with them anyway ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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  13. bichael added a post in a topic Xxxtentacion   

    jahseh 💔 help me 🤝 pass 😢 my algebra 😤 quiz 🙏
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  14. bichael added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    The invasion into the beauty community begins. As much as I dislike Jeffree for his problematic past, I have to give him credit for his success in business. Tbh that's probably why poki wants to be a beauty/lifestyle influencer. I don't think she cares about makeup/fashion or even getting other girls to like her. She probably saw the Shane Dawson documentary and the $$$ that can be made from the beauty industry, and she wanted a piece. 
    What she doesn't realize is that the "Cool Girl" act (gone girl reference!) only works on sad and lonely boys, not fellow women. On top of that, the beauty community is so incredibly saturated. You really have to be doing something new and creative (and honey, the same neutral look with crusty mascara isn't going to cut it). 
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  15. bichael added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    not gonna lie tho I would LOVE for her to try, if only for all the beautuber meme channels to roast the shit out of her 
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