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  1. Matangi added a post in a topic Ericka Camacho   

    An older video between her and her dad. I feel so bad for her dad, who I believe was / is an officer for San Antonio county in Texas. That may have been a rumor, but there was a big thing where a lot of users tried exploiting her father for being a "dirty cop" by protecting his daughter. It's very likely that is not true, but it's something to throw out. "The Community" on Facebook was a gigantic shit-fest that I was unfortunately part of for a while. Mainly I was there lurking, never did I ever post in the group. Ericka Camacho has been an ongoing thing for a couple of years now. Help is definitely no longer an option for her considering this drastic turn she's taken, and all of the help she's been offered. 
    People have reported her nonstop and nothing has happened. It honestly blows my mind. I have a lot of friends with personal ties to Ericka. She's a mess.
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  2. Matangi added a post in a topic Long Distance Lovers   

    It is definitely hard to find your soulmate who lives where you grew up. That's the amazing thing about the Internet, you meet people and have so many options and possibilities of finding your true love. If you think about it, back then it was really just: "Oh, well we live in the same building and like the same color. I guess I'll marry him." 
    Today it's no longer about marrying just for survival and reproduction, now it's more about actually finding someone you love.
    Also, my boyfriend and I are still together. Woo! We're going onto six months as a couple, it's crazy to realize we've been together that long. It doesn't feel like it that's for sure.
    There are times though where the distance really gets to you though, you know? Realizing there are people who get to see him every day, even people who dislike your significant other have that amazing opportunity to see them; and you cannot, despite how strongly you love and want to be with them. When you turn your computer off after speaking to them all day, that "goodnight-- I love you," only to find yourself alone without actually having them by your side. It's a tough pill to swallow sometimes, but in the end it's so worth it when it works out finally.
    Keep on trudging through it, cherish your long distance lover with all of your heart. Communication and trust is always the most important thing in any relationship. We can do it. You can do it.
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  3. Matangi added a post in a topic Long Distance Lovers   

    Long distance relationships surely are not for everyone. The whole catfishing thing is literally a stab in the heart, it's a whole new level of manipulation. All around it's a matter of who you're in the relationship with and how you two manage it. Frankly, I think that rule also applies to in person relationships. You'll have cheaters in person and online, it's just all about who you're with. I will admit, though, yes it is easier for them (or you even! Don't do that though, it's cruel. ) when it's online. Be honest with eachother.
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  4. Matangi added a post in a topic Long Distance Lovers   

    That's extremely adorable, and their wedding photos are super creative while still being very personal to them. Aah, the places you'll find love!
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  5. Matangi added a topic in Music   

    Post What You're Listening To!
    Because why not? 
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  6. Matangi added a post in a topic Asian makeup online shops?   

    Memebox! You can either get their subscription box, ($10 - $50 per box, depending on which package you desire) or you can order things individually. I believe they ship globally as well. Personally, I prefer this website. All of their stuff is adorable and it's Korean products.
    Adambeauty and Daiso are very very inexpensive. They're both Japanese, and Daiso also has stores you can go to, there's a few in California but I'm not sure where you are from but I'm sure you can find store locators if you don't want to order from Daiso online. 
    W2Beauty has free shipping which is fantastic, but their product pricing varies quite a bit. Some things can be quite expensive, but they have a pretty good range of brands.
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  7. Matangi added a post in a topic Long Distance Lovers   

    That's literally horrible.  Once upon a time that has happened to me too. It's all about trust, but once that trust is broken it always hurts!  I hope you and your current guy work out, seven months is impressive. But yes, their personality is definitely seen first before anything else and it's my absolute favorite quality about him. He's a pretty great guy. 
    The whole plan to meet and such is very strange, because once you actually meet, it's like that weird barrier has been destroyed. It's like an accomplishment, you overcame something as big as distance! "Like wow, how come we took so long to do this? It's as if you've been physically by my side the entire way through."
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  8. Matangi added a post in a topic Studio Ghibli Movies   

    I have a slight obsession with Spirited Away and My Neighbor Totoro. Ponyo is also a favorite. 
    The art, to begin, is just so beautiful and well done. If I could, I'd cover my walls in Studio Ghibli artwork. I can actually.. Right? It was a very unique company with lovely movies that have aged well, as their more recent ones will too. It's a shame that they've stopped producing, but their works will definitely live on in the hearts of fans. 
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  9. Matangi added a post in a topic Long Distance Lovers   

    Heheh. We met through something very similar. 
    That whole need to see somebody "all the time" would be probably because they wanted more of a tangible relationship. I personally have no issue with the distance thing, except for when you just really want to be able to hug them.  Otherwise it's totally cool with me because I feel as if there's a lot of trust and such being put in this relationship, which is how it should be! 
    I hope you were able to move on easily from your breakup. Things like that are never fun.
    Putting equal effort in is always a must no matter what kind of relationship you're in. A full one hundred percent has got to come from both ends. I've never really been one to get boyfriends, my dating experience is not extensive whatsoever, but this is for sure one that I've felt the most comfortable in and confident about ever. Seems like our situations are in a way similar! 
    Anyways, if you feel like you could really go somewhere with somebody, don't let that shit go easy. 
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  10. Matangi added a post in a topic Distancing myself and scared of commitment   

    Not every relationship will last forever, which I feel like is okay in your case.
    Understand that, though. It's a little scary when you realize it could end whenever. It's a little scary when you realize it has a chance of not ending. That's alright. Just realize that they're there because they love you, but don't be there if you don't like or love them too. In a relationship, both sides of the street should be giving their hundred percent to make sure it turns out great. You may feel that way, because you don't want to waste your time on something that you know will not last. Maybe because once you realize once you commit, and it really does last, you begin to think, "What if I could get better?" 
    Sometimes you may already have the best and you may not even know it because you're so stuck on the idea of, "This is it. All doors are closed." Once you close a door, open a window. That window which you open could be a lifetime of love and happiness with the person which you've committed with. We live in an era where we all feel this way at some point. Our era is full of folk who know they have the opportunity to achieve what is best for us because of all of our extensive resources, but that thought process may block us from realizing that what we already have could be our best bet.
    I suggest reading Modern Romance by Aziz Ansari. It's a great read and it may give you some guidance on this. Do know that commitment also just simply not for everybody! That's okay too. Just do what makes you comfortable and happy. 
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  11. Matangi added a topic in Love & Relationships   

    Long Distance Lovers
    So I've been in a long distance relationship for almost three months now, not long I know, but it's been fantastic so far and I couldn't ask for better.
    It's seem to have become a normal thing in our growing age of technology. Everything seems to be online, and I'm one of those people who thinks it's an amazing feat in human history. It's as if we now have hundreds and thousands of more options open to us here on the internet. I suppose there are those who do not believe in long distance relationships; whether you met online or moved away and maintained the relationship through the lovely internet. We all have our beliefs, sure, but you can't deny that the fact that the options are there, and that it's pretty damned cool.
    There will be fights and bumps in the long road to the big reunion or meeting, just like the long and possible bumpy road to the happy ending to any other relationship. Sometimes, in both situations, you will hit a dead end and turn your car around to take another path. That is okay too. In a long distance relationship, despite that physical distance between the two, space is still needed. My favorite thing though, is to hear of those who have had a happy ending with their long distance lover story. If not a happy ending, hearing about it is still nice and good to learn from. It really is something though to love somebody completely who is so far from you, especially if it was without seeing each other personally beforehand. 
    I suppose I'd just like to read about others' stories and experiences with it. Feel free to post your thoughts, experiences, or tips. I'd love to hear and I'm sure others would like to as well. 
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  12. Matangi added a post in a topic .   

    Darling, don't treat yourself like a burden or a chore, you're neither of those things.
    Maybe what you need is some self-pampering. Treat yourself to some new things to try out that make you feel lovely! A refreshing face mask or a pretty new haircut could help you out. Venturing through new styles until you find one you really like and makes you comfortable with yourself is always okay. Just find things that fit what you like and embrace who you are.
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  13. Matangi added a post in a topic Animal Crossing New Leaf   

    Animal Crossing will always have a special place in my heart, I swear.
    After having my village on New Leaf for a little over a year, I decided it'd be fun to restart! Though I almost regret it, because I had Merengue and Drago in my village and I absolutely adored them.  My new village is called Rivia, (I've got a bit of an obsession with The Witcher.) 
    Maybe we should start sharing QR codes and such! 
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  14. Matangi added a topic in Introduce Yourself   

    Hello there!
    I'm Nicole, but do call me by my display name if you'd like.
    I stumbled across this forum site when I was doing a little bit of Venus Angelic research. The forums' layout was rather appealing and the content with it got me to sign up and stay. Though I'm probably going to be more of a lurker, I will try to pop around here and there. 
    See you guys around,
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