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    Long-time lurker here ~ 
    Tbh I don't get why she posted that video. It's nothing new, nothing mind blowing no-one has ever heard of before. Since the majority of her audience are koreaboos anyway, I'm sure they already knew about the shade situation in k- beauty. Almost every (female) foreigner living in Korea who makes YouTube videos has probably talked about it at some point. And anyone who has invested more than 5 minutes to read about k-beauty knows it too.
    Don't get me wrong, it is important that beauty companies  (it doesn't matter if they're Korean or not) try to be inclusive as much as possible. But I feel like she does these kinds of videos just for clicks. I mean she's basically fluent in Korean right? So why can't she get in contact with Koreans and start a petition or something like that. Just to raise awareness, maybe start a public discussion and openly show these companies that there's a big demand for darker shades. Sure it's easier said than done and probably won't make a huge difference, but it would seem more authentic to me if she at least tried to change something and not just complain about it while living in the U.S. and making money off of these videos.
    I can see why it would be risky for some companies to develop new shades if they don't know for sure of there's actually any demand for it (because if everyone just buys the already existing shades, they can't be unhappy right ?). I can imagine it's a lot more difficult to create natural shades than an eyeshadow where you can just take the existing formula and change the pigments and if nobody buys it, you discontinue it. But it's a lot more work to create shades with balanced undertones that will match a lot of people. 
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