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    She locked her Twitter to approved followers mode only ūüėā ūüėā ūüėā no comment...¬†
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    By the way did any of you see that see made a new twitter account?¬†¬†I don‚Äôt know why she keeps doing this... she has over a dozen accounts across many social media apps. She only does this to stay anonymous. You know what else I noticed? She loves to argue with people¬†in the comment sections. If your comment triggers her you are more than likely to get some smartass remark back from her. There is countless times people have stated she¬†is not a Japanese citizen... I‚Äôm like lady... if you do not have Japanese citizenship why do you keep claiming to be Japanese? That‚Äôs like coming to America on a travel visa and be like ‚ÄúI‚Äôm an American‚ÄĚ ¬†yet you have no certification of citizenship ūüėā ¬†
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    @VOID-Theft               The majority of the population is culturally driven and not religious. You ask the average Japanese person about their religion and most will either tell you Buddhist or Shinto but will have no idea what the actual religion is about. Many Japanese go to shrines and temples not because of faith or individual belief but because of a culture of "good fortune". I highly recommend you watch ThatJapaneseManYutas video on his interview about religion to Japanese people. All of them had zero clue whatsoever. But this is a good thing! This is one of the reasons why Japan does so well as a society. Not trying to bash any religion here, but the world of any religion is heavily blurred out there. People have twisted the interpretations which have caused confliction between views of what is right and wrong. (Mira being a perfect example) The Japanese on the other hand do not need religion to be successful as a society. Being dominantly a driving culture has made them hella successful. Of course they are not perfect by any means, but they are doing a hella lot better than us here in America. You have kids eating tide-pods here for crying out loud... "Sigh..." 
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  4. skylySenpai added a post in a topic Kanadajin3 Videos   

    I can see most people are claiming that she converted to Muslim because of Rodi. It may be partially true, but I think the bigger factor is her loneliness. If many of you remember when she was doing videos on Japan, she constantly talked about her fantasy of being Japanese, being a housewife, having halfu Japanese kids and not teaching them English. But none of this ever came true and on top of that, all of the lying and sockpuppet accounts she made caught on to her. An accumulation of all and i mean ALL of these things turned her life to complete shit. She knew Japanese people would never accept her as being Japanese. She also can't get over the fact that she doesn't have Japanese blood and ethnicity. She created this false reality in her head "Oh yeah white people can be Japanese too so maybe I can fit into society that way". In her past videos she made countless videos on being Japanese and being accepted by Japanese people as if she was apart of them. In reality she was constantly being stared at by many Japanese people as if she was a white unicorn visiting Japan for the first time. She never really talks about this but its pretty clear it bothered her. She failed to get Japanese citizenship and reality set in for her big time. She felt alone and a yearning to be apart of some group because Japanese people would not accept her. I don't mean accept in discrimination terms, all Im saying is she will always be looked at as a "White foreigner" in Japan which really triggers her big time. If in the future we had technology that would give her the opportunity to go in and change her identity, and ethnicity through crazy surgery, what do you think she would do? Answer is clear to me...  But since she realizes she can't do that, she flocks to muslims because she believes she is welcomed there and accepted by other muslims which is partially true. You can clearly tell her YouTube channel is muslim dominated in the comment sections. You can also clearly see how much trauma and damage has been done to her by her past actions. There are clear signs of depression and sadness "She says she is just tired as an excuse" but your body cannot lie. You ask me... she could have fixed this a LONG ASS time ago with a simple apology and owning up to all her bullshit. But she swept it under the rug like a coward and moved on. If she hasn't realized yet, the majority of people still haven't forgotten about her sickening drama from years ago. Now she has a dream to spread islam to all of Japan and build her own mosque... oh boy.... I hope she realizes why most of Japans population is non-religious... anyways... sorry for the long post but I needed to speak my mind on this deluded woman.. it sickens me she is still residing in Japan able to get away with this bullshit. Calling herself Muslim/Japanese yet she doesn't even have Citizenship... smh.. 
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