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  1. Selinkuebra added a post in a topic neginvand   

    yo I’m not tryna be rude but I seriously don’t see it can you tell me where she photoshopped? Lol
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  2. Selinkuebra added a post in a topic Madison Beer   

    exactly, some people try so hard to always believe the female solely by she’s a female .. sigh.
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  3. Selinkuebra added a post in a topic Madison Beer   

    as someone who’s been following her since 2012, this is the first time she ever had thus amount of attention, I’m pretty sure she’s going crazy rn 
    ok but you guys are saying she’s a narcissist, which could be true but you can’t deny how many girls are jealous of her? I’m not saying what she’s doing is good but people ARE jealous of her. 
    good ol’ days. But that’s still not *diagnosed*. Madison herself said that her therapist said that she’s “two people” the Public Madison and The Private Madison. Those old days def fudged her up in the head, you can’t deny she got insane amount of hate, and now it’s the opposite. Its new to her 
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  4. Selinkuebra added a post in a topic Sahar Luna   

    yes lol I’ve been following Vic for so long she’s honestly my definition of a perfect face 
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  5. Selinkuebra added a post in a topic Madison Beer   

    Sorry but you’re delusional if you don’t think her nose is wide in those pics. I don’t know what your idea of a wide nose is. Her nose is pretty much wide in those pics
    Wide =////= Ugly !!!
    no she did not. If you look at old pics you can tell she always had boobs. She did use really bad push up bras back in 2014, ( been following her since 2012-13) but her tits Are real.
    THANK YOU I LOVE YOU!!! As I said I’ve been following Madison since the start and the fact that people are so jealous that they say she got her nose done just to feel better about themselves is .. ugh. 
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  6. Selinkuebra added a post in a topic neginvand   

     I JUST looked at her Instagram highlights with those numbers “-1,-2,-3,-4...” and I feel like she just likes different stuff? I personally always go after what I like, and that’s just a lot. Maybe she genuinely likes all of these styles and got introduced to them by those people? 
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  7. Selinkuebra added a post in a topic Madison Beer   

    and? Do you know how many people have those Naturally? The proof is there, stop being desperate. I’m sorry but I’m all for people saying the truth, but when I see people like you trying desperately to make someone look like they got surgery just to make yourself feel better - No. I don’t do that. I’m fair when it comes to this. 
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  8. Selinkuebra added a post in a topic neginvand   

  9. Selinkuebra added a post in a topic neginvand   

  10. Selinkuebra added a post in a topic Madison Beer   

    I said it once and I’m gonna say it again, she did NOT get her nose done. She’s pouting and that’s it! Y’all pout all the time too? I don’t see how this isn’t being more talked about on Pages like this and on insta! POUTING makes a HUGE difference with  your nose AND lips! Her nose is wide from the front.
    Edit: Y’all can downvote me as much as you want doesn’t change the fact that she NEVER got her nose done and that y’all are insanely jealous of her. :* 

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  11. Selinkuebra added a post in a topic neginvand   

    I’m. Muslim myself. Sure it’s really weird to do such a thing but she was how old? 15? 14?
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  12. Selinkuebra added a post in a topic Wolfiecindy / Cindykimberlys   

    Ok so I asked her on tumblr if she got her lips injected and she said she got it done once 3 years ago lol? Maybe she got a permanent filler?
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  13. Selinkuebra added a post in a topic neginvand   

    both of you shut your fucking mouth. You both don’t know shit about Islam. she’s probably a Persian atheist/non-Muslim and that’s OKAY. Maybe she left the religion- WHO CARES.
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  14. Selinkuebra added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

    Same FUCKING same! In the US I’m white, In Europe A immigrant 
    you’re ducking crazy if you think I mean all white people you dumbass unlike YOU I KNOW HISTORY, Don’t FUCKING talk about MY RELIGION when you don’t know SHIT about it you bitch, the ottomans beat you that’s what happens THATS HISTORY, look at America! Look anywhere else! NOTHING to do with Islam. Talk all the shut you want about the Ottoman Empire for all I care, but don’t fucking dare talk about my religion when you CLEARLY don’t know ANYTHING about it. plus I’m white myself LMAOOOOO
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  15. Selinkuebra added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

    Nothing is weirder than the perception of white in the US and Europe. In Europe im a mediterranean Person, in the US im seen as white. It’s so interesting.
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