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  1. Numbuh 3 added a post in a topic Anisa Jomha/Raihnbowkidz [iDubbbz's Girlfriend]   

    jesus, if this is the wig, lord knows i can't WAIT to see the full thing 
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  2. Numbuh 3 added a post in a topic bestdressed/ ashley   

    dang, as someone who can't go to art college because of money issues, hearing her say that really hurt lmao
    ashley really says the most tone deaf shit sometimes it's honestly crazy
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  3. Numbuh 3 added a post in a topic maiphammy / Mai Pham   

    yeah, i kinda had the same thought when i first saw her "glow up" thumbnails. they're kind of, idk, obnoxious?
    i know it's practically for video content but constant spending really comes off as "show off"-y to me. i wish more of her content wasn't so focused on blowing money  she's young enough and her audience are probably even younger, the commenters on her videos are always comparing themselves to her, which doesn't seem super healthy.
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  4. Numbuh 3 added a post in a topic Manda31409   

    decided to check this thread out bc i just watched one of her animal crossing videos by chance (which honestly helped me a lot lol)
    as much as i do want to know what the underlying tea is behind this girl, i feel like this thread is, uh, rather confusing 
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  5. Numbuh 3 added a post in a topic Simply_Kenna/Cozykitsune [Thread 6]   

    "oh i'm so sorry, there must have been a misunderstanding on my part, please DM me and we can sort it all out!"
    there. that's how quick and easy kenna could have responded to the one comment if she wasn't so damn DEFENSIVE all the time. but ohhhh no, god forbid she admits to anything!! it's not hard to be polite, korona!!!!
    get out of here with your bullshit excuses and preaching about kindness, you absolute dimwit.
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  6. Numbuh 3 added a post in a topic Jenna Lynn Meowri- Cosplayer   

    how did she look at this photo and think it was good
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  7. Numbuh 3 added a post in a topic Jenna Lynn Meowri- Cosplayer   

    honestly, i wish she'd just genuinely smile more, she looks so much prettier that way compared to the "slightly open mouth" face
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  8. Numbuh 3 added a post in a topic Michelle Moé   

    i'm pretty disappointed in the way she handled her idubbz video, she usually does decent (as far as i've seen, i may be wrong) research when it comes to the content of her videos, but this just seemed like a quick "here's my opinion and that's it". i get that it was meant to be a super quick vid to throw out in the midst of quarantine and all, but i wished she addressed all the other stuff idubbz's gf's done,, i've been following anisa's thread for who knows how long and it just irks me when youtubers commenting on the situation don't acknowledge all the shitty stuff she's done & only idubbz's dumb fanbase
    on a side note, i do like her doll face art, but even commentary focusing on her art would have been better imo
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  9. Numbuh 3 added a post in a topic _hikarin @_hikarin on ig   

    woah, her nose is completely different. i've been following her for so long and i never really assumed she photoshopped to that extent... the more i look at the photos, the more she looks like a totally different person,, 
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  10. Numbuh 3 added a topic in Online Personalities   

    maiphammy / Mai Pham

    maiphammy is a 17 year-old Canadian Youtuber. 
    She apparently dropped out of high school & was able to move out on her own at 16.
    She makes videos ranging from "I spent $1000 on ..." to storytime vids to vlogs. 
    youtube channel
    apologies for the very very short intro post, it's my first time making one here!  i didn't see a topic on her so i decided to bring it up. her youtube videos have been constantly showing up in my feed recently, esp the ones about her boyfriend cheating on her. just by looking at the videos on her channel, her life just seems to be going by so quickly (buying a benz, moving into her own house, getting cheated on, getting a nose job) in such a short amount of time, just reading through her thumbnails gives me a bit of a headache lol,, i just wanted to know if anyone had any thoughts on her! 

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  11. Numbuh 3 added a post in a topic Acacia Brinley   

    i'd usually be happy for people announcing their pregnancy, but my heart honestly drops a bit knowing it's acacia. i want to be happy, truly, but just the THOUGHT of rosie being pushed even more to the side with the arrival of a new sibling breaks my heart. 
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  12. Numbuh 3 added a post in a topic cowsel / josie   

    y'know.. i could give two shits about josie bc she's honestly just boring but you seem a little... obsessed   
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  13. Numbuh 3 added a post in a topic Michelle Moé   

    same, i'm honestly glad she spoke up about that mukbanger because it's been irking me as well. true, i do wish she would jump quicker into the subject of her videos a bit faster.
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  14. Numbuh 3 added a post in a topic Alyssa D. Silos (Alythuh)   

    random but i'm really glad there's a thread on this chick. my friends on twitter ate her shit up from the get-go and people who have to constantly shove their success in people's faces and "humble brag" really rub me the wrong way. and the whole "i may be hot but look i'm so quirky u guys i watch anime and play video games too uwu" shtick is just... so old at this point. she's like every trope i dislike meshed into one person.
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