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  1. Numbuh 3 added a post in a topic simply_kenna [Thread 2]   

    her fake moles are so,,, ugh. it took me forever to accept the way my face looked because of my moles, and here she is prancing around inconsistently drawing black blobs on hers just to look unique and to match with last month's love interest. give it a break, kodfish. first the freckles, now this. what's next? fake acne??? 
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  2. Numbuh 3 added a post in a topic simply_kenna [Thread 2]   

    bert and ernie don't deserve this.
    (but forreal tho, her brows are a mess. might as well shave off the whole thing since they're practically nonexistent at this point.)
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  3. Numbuh 3 added a post in a topic simply_kenna [Thread 2]   

    he was probably a bit too human and real for her
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  4. Numbuh 3 added a post in a topic heyitsfeiii   

    hmong clothes are absolutely gorgeous!! she really should make a video on her culture someday, i would totally watch it despite not being a fan of hers
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  5. Numbuh 3 added a post in a topic @bakasoseji / Simon   

    man, i didn't expect to see a post on simon!
    i go to a lot of conventions/events where phin is at considering we live in the same city (she's super nice and her cosplays always look great :") ) but i have wondered about him and vivekatt for a while since i subscribed to her on youtube and found out she was close friends with simon.
    but true, i feel bad for aphin whenever people call simon and viveka a 'cute couple', especially with the whole LDR thing going on.
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  6. Numbuh 3 added a post in a topic Jillian Vessey/ Pixielocks   

    man, the more i look at her face, the more she looks like a grandma 
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  7. Numbuh 3 added a post in a topic simply_kenna [Thread 2]   

    who needs an update account when you have this thread
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  8. Numbuh 3 added a post in a topic invadernoodles   

    does she even go out to cons anymore?
    i remember the last cosplay i actually found pretty decent from her was her mai cosplay from avatar (and this is coming from a diehard avatar fan lmao) and everything she's wearing and showing off on ig right now seem pretty uncomfortable to wear to a convention all day 
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  9. Numbuh 3 added a post in a topic invadernoodles   

    you can even see the multiple bra straps she's wearing! noodz, please give your boobs a break!
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  10. Numbuh 3 added a post in a topic Bella Thorne   

    i was expecting this to be on here but i guess it isn't yet
    she's gonna star in liam payne's new music video and me being a former directioner, i'm not sure how to feel about it.
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  11. Numbuh 3 added a post in a topic invadernoodles   

    i mean... she ain't wrong about the low quality.... 
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  12. Numbuh 3 added a post in a topic invadernoodles   

    jesus christ?? THAT'S supposed to be ROADHOG???
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  13. Numbuh 3 added a post in a topic invadernoodles   

    jesus christ i thought her boobs were soup bowls
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  14. Numbuh 3 added a post in a topic simply_kenna   

    i hate how she acts like she's the single most important fan of a certain show or franchise all the time. i'm a huge fan of the show, but i'm not gonna lie, miraculous ladybug is really corny, repetitive and pretty childish. any older person that watches the show knows this, but that doesn't stop them from liking it.
    i don't get why kenna has to get so neutral-defensive when someone says "i can't understand how grownups watch it." kennerz coulda just replied with "it's childish but it's still entertaining" or a simple "eh, i still love it." but nope. she just had to get all neutral-aggressive (per usual).
    also i fucking KNEW she was gonna start "identifying" herself with volpina. watching her grab the closest cartoon character and claiming it's 'her' to make up for her lack of personality all the time makes her look so sad lmao
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  15. Numbuh 3 added a post in a topic invadernoodles   

    why does she make her ig account look like a really bad tinder page
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