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  1. kamineko added a post in a topic Onision   

    Ayalla Karina with Chris Hansen Livestream Summary, spoilered for obvious reasons:
     This was a hard video to watch. Ayalla's body language just shows how uncomfortable and scared she is by reliving everything...and she was comparatively one of the "lucky ones." So sickening...
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  2. kamineko added a post in a topic Onision   

    Haylee Livestream Summary with Chris Hansen, spoilered for obvious reasons:
    Haylee to Kai: "Keep crying"
    Jfc. Just another awful hour of Greg and Kai hell. But Haylee's quote above was pretty sweet. 
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  3. kamineko added a post in a topic Onision   

    It's one of his main sources of income, maybe his biggest source. He's losing his mind because he has zero prospects. His only reason for existing is the adulation, attention, and money he gets online. Greg has nothing else -- no skills, no education, no talent. Even if he never goes to prison, if he gets deplatformed it's the end of his days as "The Untouchable Onision." This is hurting him where it matters most: his sad little ego and the paltry cash it gave him now that the glory days are long gone. 
    What scares me is that a grown-ass adult would pull a stunt video like that when kids are in the house. "Hi kids, daddy's going to explode like a psycho. Here's some ice cream." Like...even the neighbors must've heard that insane rant. I think it was 50% fake and 50% real. But honestly I don't know which part was which. I doubt Greg knows either. 
    And whatever his motives, Greg's not fooling the majority of people from the basic facts. It's about time Greg had a taste of real life.
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  4. kamineko added a post in a topic Onision   

    I'm very annoyed that it took doxxing on Twitter to get Patreon to act. And yet Twitter has not, even though the doxxing occurred there. I'll never understand what's going on with YouTube. Obviously doxxing should result in serious consequences but this is just the tip of the iceberg. And it should have happened a long time ago. But I'll take what I can get. 
    As for the article, @Autumn Tea,...I assume the writer was being/trying to be a neutral "we report the news, we don't do opinions" kind of reporter. So it could have come off in the way you read but I deeply hope the writer was actually just trying hard to not include anything that could have implied a bias.
    Official update from the writer:

    (As for the rest, Greg is going insane on YouTube right now...it's sick and depressing. Watching him is really damaging to anyone's mental health. He's just so terrifying...lost in his own delusional world).
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  5. kamineko added a post in a topic Onision   

    Patreon just banned Greg for doxxing Billie. 
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  6. kamineko added a post in a topic Onision   

    That was Sarah.
    *sigh* When we all literally cannot even remember all the people caught up in Greg and Kai's web of abuse...that's just so horrifying and depressing.
    I feel like every day that goes by, Greg's going to be destroying evidence. Luckily, the FBI is smarter, more professional, and better able to hunt every little bit of evidence down than Greg can ever imagine. I just hope things happen very, very soon. This needs to end. 
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  7. kamineko added a post in a topic Caroline Calloway   

    More disgustingness:

    Also...how does someone who's almost 30 still care so much about where they went to high school? Even if it was Philips Exeter (for just one year because she couldn't get in and applied 3 times) isn't it time to move on? 
    And of course more ridiculous nudes with commentary about how awesomely hot she is. What a joke. 
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  8. kamineko added a post in a topic Onision   

    This gave me a much-needed laugh today (stolen from lolcow):
    (I can't wait for this webpage's status to change. Greg's recent Twitter bs is just scary. He really has no grip on reality at this point and I'm genuinely wondering just how far he would go. Those kids should be removed from that house immediately. They don't deserve to suffer any more. When the feds come for him and Kai I hope they treat it like an active shooter/potential hostage situation and go in with the first priority of saving the children. I hope I'm wrong and that Greg is not that deranged, but when innocent lives are at risk I think there's no way to be overly safe.)
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  9. kamineko added a post in a topic Onision   

    Billie Livestream with Chris Hansen Summary, spoilered for obvious reasons:
    Chris Hansen officially talked to the FBI on November 19th and gave them evidence. Things are happening as we speak, with all the local offices being involved.
    I don't know how long it will take, but this is the 100% truth: the FBI is on this case.
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  10. kamineko added a post in a topic Brianna Slaughter / Morena In Japan   

    This will be the working title of her life story that she tries to sell unless some other snowflake steals it first. (And god knows there's competition).
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  11. kamineko added a post in a topic Brianna Slaughter / Morena In Japan   

    So in other words she'll be doing exactly the same thing she's already been doing for, like, forever.
    Never change, Bri. We love you just as you are. Smh.
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  12. kamineko added a post in a topic Pretty ugly little liar banner   

    As long as Kenna is on there it's all good.
    Mira should stay. Otherwise I say leave it up to a vote.
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  13. kamineko added a post in a topic Brianna Slaughter / Morena In Japan   

    Quit or was fired? 
    Who would seriously want to employ this self-entitled hot mess? I really bet she's lying about quitting. She was fired. Bri just thinks she's too good for plebeian things like earning a living. Pursuing "art and happiness" my ass. @blvck you called it. It's just more time for her e-begging.
    (On the bright side she'll be spilling even more tea).
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  14. kamineko added a post in a topic Anime Discussion   

    Just got home from the KonoSuba movie. All I can say is this:
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  15. kamineko added a post in a topic Onision   

    What's been made very clear is that Chris knows a lot more than what he's saying in public. Like the evidence he definitely has on child porn charges. Chris is basically playing this out like a prosecutor would, but with the advantage of mass media publicity. He's laying out the evidence piece by piece, hinting at more but never saying it outright. Obviously this has a lot of advantages: (1) he knows he's going to freak Greg out and he wants that, since Greg might slip up due to panic or sheer stupidity, (2) by doing these very public interviews he's encouraging other victims to speak out now that they see how much support they'll get instead of just attacks from Greg's army, and (3) there are likely others who would love to take Greg down and will happily share inside info that they couldn't/wouldn't share elsewhere but Chris has a platform that's too big to resist.
    I would not be surprised if Greg and Kai were involved in distributing child porn since it sounds like their Discord was all about that anyway. The reason they never got caught was because it was very low key. They weren't on the child porn sharing sites that government law enforcement monitors or whatever distribution networks exist. Since it wasn't easily traceable, there wasn't a way to hunt it down. I'm sure they never even thought it was wrong because they weren't selling pics or some equally awful excuse. 
    I assume he asked Regina about this because she was a mod, knew what was going on with other nudes being shared, as well as her own, which might give her a bigger perspective. But yes, I'm willing to bet that, as the evidence began to pile up, he knew that there's more. We may never know those details until Greg and Kai go on trial.
    Fun Fact: There is no statute of limitations for federal child pornography charges. Greg and Kai will never escape what they've done.
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