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  1. angxlicfairy added a post in a topic Brianna Slaughter / Morena In Japan   

    Agreed. I had a friend who was half Japanese and their white father was incredibly racist towards her and her siblings, using slurs against them etc. 
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  2. angxlicfairy added a post in a topic Brianna Slaughter / Morena In Japan   

    I’m sorry, were you trying to use logic with this individual?

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  3. angxlicfairy added a post in a topic Yumi King Videos   

    I’ve been in this exact same situation, and your reaction isn’t to scream and push the person, but simply to stare mouth open and realise how stupid you were to place the glasses there in the first place. That’s on you Splenda, stop blaming Yumi.
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  4. angxlicfairy added a post in a topic Brianna Slaughter / Morena In Japan   

    That black reparations post is absolutely disgusting. 
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  5. angxlicfairy added a post in a topic Jeon Somi   

    I think GGs tend to be strict with choreography, as in you can’t get much freedom. But as a solo artist she can take the freedom to even do something as small as a wink, etc. I think she needs to learn how to appropriate the song. 
    Anyways that stage was better and so was the outfit as you said. She looks more composed. I just hope that the next songs will be more “hers”. 
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  6. angxlicfairy added a post in a topic Jeon Somi   

    New stage video: https://youtu.be/Mi7cpmKGdj0
    she’s not as nervous and she did much better than I expected! 
    Though I have to admit... she has the same expressions, and nothing really strikes me about her, especially when I see her backup dancers! 
    Let’s hope we see a continuous growth.
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  7. angxlicfairy added a post in a topic Violet Verdandi   

    considering Violet is (was?) close friends with Dasha, an absolute sociopath snowflake, this doesn’t surprise me as much as it should. Also I swear she’s been making this joke since 2017 and it’s still unfunny.
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  8. angxlicfairy added a post in a topic Jeon Somi   

     let’s go with what you say and say that she was nervous because of the scandals. Even if we pretend the stage didn’t exist, I still think she fits a group better.
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  9. angxlicfairy added a post in a topic Jeon Somi   

    Please read this in a very neutral tone, how do you know that’s what’s making her nervous? Did she say it somewhere or did you assume it?
    edit: also « pseudo scandals »... don’t tell me you’ve never heard a celebrity in the US being accused of sexual harassment/abuse, use of drugs, or even murder... and all of their friends in the business were immediately put under fire. My opinion isn’t that she’s supposed to handle it amazingly, my opinion is she’s too young, too inexperienced for it. I think it’s unfair they pushed her as a cover up she was clearly not ready.
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  10. angxlicfairy added a post in a topic Favorite KPOP Songs?   

    Noir by Sunmi is such a bop. I suggest you watch the MV with it too!
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  11. angxlicfairy added a post in a topic Jeon Somi   

    I don’t want to sound harsh or mean, i really don’t. But to my eyes Somi was just a distracting toy for YG, honestly I don’t think she has the talent, skills or strength to be a solo singer. Nervous or not, her backup dancers outshone her, and they did so too in her MV but it was less noticeable because of the moving camera and closeups. 
    It’s not a wonder that most of the solo artists dominating the K industry right now tend to be a bit older (not old, but older than your typical K idol). Because they have more experience, their skills are good and their personality is strong. When going through Somi’s social media it honestly felt like her company was her personality. 
    I don’t dislike her but going solo was a terrible idea. This is completely subjective as it’s my opinion, but to me the song sounds vapid, the choreography is bland, the drop is weird... The fact that she was so nervous on stage proves to my eyes she’s still too young too, going solo, for ANYONE is nerve wracking! Singers go through scandals, harassment and public hate, pregnancy or sickness, very embarrassing wardrobe malfunction and keep performing on stage without letting it show. It’s the first stage so I guess people will forgive her, but the reality is that Somi would’ve absolutely never debuted in a smaller company - because she lacks everything to go solo, and investing in her would be a huge loss. And I don’t think anyone would’ve given her a second look.
    i don’t know. A lot of solo artists have a trade mark, or even write their own songs - and though it’s fake, the fact that they all have their uniqueness makes you feel a connection (still fan to artist though). 
    With Somi it’s obvious that the company wrote everything for her, chose her concept, her style, etc... this works well with girl groups, but solo artists? 
    Thjs isn’t her fault but I’m disappointed. There are many underrated artists who wished they could benefit of the exposure of the “big three”. This whole thing reads like an insult to them.
    people are waiting for her to improve in order to love her. But it should be the other way around. She should first have the talent then people can love her. I just hope this doesn’t become some generation Somi, where anyone with a pretty face and some money can become an idol, whether they have the skills to or not.
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  12. angxlicfairy added a post in a topic Jeon Somi   

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  13. angxlicfairy added a post in a topic Sarah McDaniel   

    Maybe she simply doesn’t make money? We don’t know if anyone is financially supporting her.
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  14. angxlicfairy added a post in a topic Stop Peaches!!   

    @funkymonkey123 as much as I hate Peaches, these people DID buy to have sex with a minor and they deserve the worst. But peaches is as disgusting of a human being, so glad she got kicked out. 
    It doesn’t matter if she’s popular on Instagram, real life doesn’t happen on social media. Otherwise she’d have a home already and a stable income. 
    This girl will die a tragic death like all the wannabe celebrities that go ridiculous lengths to be remembered. 
    I’m happy that her life is going horribly.
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  15. angxlicfairy added a post in a topic Akidearest and The Anime Man