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  1. PISTACHIO!! added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    Anyone notice her foundation?? It's so uneven. I've noticed a few times before when it was way obvious, how she'll only put fountain on across the under eye and nose area and leave the forehead and bottom half of her face untouched. Presumably she is trying to wear less make up to preserve her skin and only around the areas she needs it most but it just looks so weird and my OCD in me desperately wants to finish the rest of her cake face.
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  2. PISTACHIO!! added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    also going to support jjelly's post as OP. very comprehensive and succinct. Like someone else has said, perhaps if we could replace the links with either archived pages/screenshots that would be ideal so they remain and not to be touched.
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  3. PISTACHIO!! added a post in a topic Pokimane   

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  4. PISTACHIO!! added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    i like how she put "lost" in quotation marks implying the movers are interested in stealing her smelly used underwear. ok hun relax, you are a 5/10 fraud who hides behind filters and good lighting pls sit down 
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  5. PISTACHIO!! added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    You can go have your opinions and cry about  "daph was just as annoying and petty as poki in this particular drama and should be shit on equally the same way poki was" in another thread bc my point was literally no one is trying to defend her dms. This basically just makes ur entire point moot and yes does come off as preachy and wking when you're all like "99% ppl of twitch sucks", okay? so go talk about it elsewhere, this is a pokimane sucks thread, we're actively gathering information to support that. daphnes video was a good example, her dms were not. 
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  6. PISTACHIO!! added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    if you’d actually followed the thread in a chronological manner you’d have noticed people supported daph prior to the DMs poki showed in her own video. No one here is denying the drama ENDED up being petty as without reference from poki’s side, the interactions described by daph would’ve added substantial weight to what we’re trying to prove here. Like yeah call us petty for wanting to have someone call out on all the attributes we clearly see poki possessing, passive aggressiveness, fake, bitchiness what have you. an absence of overt major controversies does not eliminate the fact she is a shitty person (albeit very sly and good at diffusing drama) . And if people wanna call me petty for my amusement of her true character being slowly unravelled then go ahead. To add on to this, I do respect daphne (and even more so since I’ve visited her channel), I respect her honesty and ballsiness in clearly establishing where she stands with poki which like others said would have had to extend beyond the unfollowing business .
    and yeah she is the twitch queen because shes the top female streamer who has previously abused her power, whether it was to false copystrike or bully smaller channels (must we really dig this up for you?) in her streams. And people are of course going to be scared of her and the repercussions of not maintaining an appearance of civility with her, what’s your point? 
    if u want to make a thread about daph being petty no one is stopping you here, but trying to shame us for gossiping about poki won’t make it stop
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  7. PISTACHIO!! added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    are newbies actually tryanna defend poki as a diamond mid player despite her being diamond 4 0lp whilst mostly playing morg and lux support WTF
    edit: i guess most of us couldnt give a toss if she were plat or diamond or even gold, but bc she's been so hellbent on trying to convince us she's anything but the "typical clueless girl that only plays support and needs to get carried" to the point she uses deception just furthers her annoying fakeness and her 'better than you" attitude that we love to hate
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  8. PISTACHIO!! added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    honestly i feel a lil bad for daph. girl tried to take on the queen bee and her hoard of fanboys head on and now she doesn't have much of a leg to stand on. the dms dont really paint her in the best light but regardless, she is a normal female with an in tune intuition, so her dislike for fakiman is totally normal. just the evidence supporting it is lacking at this time. also she needs to stick with the script a lil more next time, so she doesnt come off as inconsistent (like unfollowing for not watching content but then contrasted with the vid of her going off is just ). i guess this is what happens when you're a tiny stream with no managers or other PR persons to help you script and plan your defense/social image. either way, major respect points to her and i hope she doesn't get bullied too hard & become disheartened by the blind morons on lsf. she just needs to not mention this anymore because people are gonna try to milk any drama between the two; avoid talking about it, and just go on with ur life. 
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  9. PISTACHIO!! added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    ew who cares about that ADHD ridden spastic and his 2 cents on what daph can and cannot do. since when is there an etiquette for DMs and what's allowed/not allowed to be made public? was their chatlog sensitive information? did she say something particularly offensive about poki? was there an agreement that what the two had said in private should remain that way? it's literally daph recounting her sour interaction with someone she doesnt plan on staying friendly with for the sake of appearances and now she's not allowed to talk about it? shut up you pretentious twat.  it's her channel and her community and her own free will on what kind of topics she wants to discuss on there. like at least give the girl props for having the balls to be honest and up front about it (unlike certain people who has to resort to sub tweeting) and if she wants to FINALLY call out on poki's passive aggressiveness, shes allowed to. she wont just stay silent like so many others who want to preserve their strategic relationship with poki & stay in her good books. 
    this is why so many others are afraid to speak out against poki it's because people are actually scared of her and the backlash of her "friends" like these. and fuck the high profile streamers who think they can use their "fame" to silence the smaller channels 
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  10. PISTACHIO!! added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    How do people even come up with the reasoning "make a new thread because it will NOT get sidetracked like our old thread" like ??? It's a gossip thread, with lots of people contributing, soon the new thread inevitably become a slightly less dense old thread but it WILL, no matter what, bound to get sidetracked, it's just the nature of a discussion board. How about we just try to downvote irrelevant shit and keep all our bickering to just one single thread, plus it'll bring more traction to new members and contain the tea to one outlet instead of dispersed everywhere. And by the logic of abve person, we would need to make a new thread anyone derails it at all which will be super inconvenient and slightly unrealistic. 
    Although I think the OP needs to be updated. Some stuff about her ripping off other brands for her merch would be good. And copystriking drama ofc. Also all her shitty actions like unfriending/unfollowing certain people to perserve her image and her business label. 
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  11. PISTACHIO!! added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    it's so funny watching our twitch queen who is so quick to preach her empty platitudes (as if she is like the ultimate pristine ideal who has no faults) and pass judgement onto others, succumb so easily to all the things she claims to stand for. like shut up and make your money, no one actually respects ur dumb morals and fake uwu twitter messages which are basically the female pageant equivalent of "wanting world peace" and in the end u just look like a major twat when you can't even live up to those standards.  
    honestly it'd be much better for business if she just typed less lmao
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  12. PISTACHIO!! added a post in a topic Pokimane   

  13. PISTACHIO!! added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    YES!!! Im so happy
    Hasan is such a total big brain babe with good morals and spreads political activism into the niche gaming world (even tho at times he is a bit naive & idealistic) and shouldn't be associated w the lacking all values pokimane who stands for nothing and understands nothing but how to lead on men for money. GOOD RIDDANCE I SAY 
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  14. PISTACHIO!! added a post in a topic Pokimane   

     >be poki,>think of genius PR move which takes off like 0.00001% of what she makes annually to lure in more views, attention (clearly worked) and probably new fans >disguise it under goodwill >dumbos on the lsf subreddit on account of said goodwill involving pizza OMFGGGG POKI IS A MESSIAH AND NOT ACTUALLY A SELF SERVING EGIRL  yeah okay these retards deserve to get scammed
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  15. PISTACHIO!! added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    i like how you can identify poki from her nose lol thats some next level detective skills fam
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