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  1. I V vi IV added a post in a topic Onision   

    Dude, way to show yourself as an exceptional blight on humanity. Outright stating that fans that don't give you money are worthless? When you (obviously) have a rather young fan base? 
    What the fuck dude, even the usual scammers and youtube scum don't stoop that low (well that low in such an obvious fashion)
    Go to hell, preferably frozen in a lake for all of eternity.
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  2. I V vi IV added a post in a topic Beauty trends you wish didn't exist   

    I honestly think that body types and facial features should never be a trend. Like, honestly, there's something perverse about how fashion can even dictate the features a person should have for maximum beauty, plus how it changes.
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  3. I V vi IV added a post in a topic What are your favourite lipsticks?   

    Australis is an Australian drugstore brand, it's vegan and cruelty free and I brought the lipstick cause I wanted a dark colour that was less than $15. And the actual name of the line is Colour Inject lipsticks, I had to look it up cause despite owning one I could never remember the line
    I've only used two stilla lip products, the lipstick/balm thing and a liquid lipstick, and I hated the liquid lipstick, but then I hate most liquid lipsticks (WHY ARE MY LIPS SO DRY?) and it's good. The colour's nice, and it stays pretty well for a balm thing.
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  4. I V vi IV added a post in a topic What are your favourite lipsticks?   

    I'm more of a bullet lipstick person, cause I find them easier to apply than liquid ones, and they're less drying.
    I really love the Anna Sui lipsticks, but they're expensive. For something so pretty they do have pretty good pigmentation and staying power. 
    I've got sugarpill's pretty poison lipsticks (Well, the black collection) and those are awesome! Like, they're a little dry and smell kinda weird, but I like how they look on the lips
    Australis Moisture inject lipsticks, I own one, and it's a nice formula and colour (I've got a really dark berry colour), and it doesn't completely dry out my lips yay!
    I've got a Stilla lipbalm/lipstick in a red that's an amazing colour on me and I tend to wear it a lot (like every day)
    I want to get some of the urban decay vice lipsticks, cause I've got a lip pallet with them, but lip pallets are a pain in the arse, though I love the colours. Like Blackmail, fire bird, some of the reds, even a more nude colour I like (which never happens)
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  5. I V vi IV added a post in a topic Random Chat Thread   

    I swear I've read something (fiction) where someone was killed with a pen to the jugular, so naturally I googled it and guess what?
    Someone has actually killed someone by stabbing them with a pen IRL! 
    i really should not be getting this excited over this
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  6. I V vi IV added a post in a topic Ever felt envy over an online personality?   

    I'm jealous of a lot of online personalities with really nice bedrooms. Like, the walls are painted a nice colour, there aren't any visable cracks in the paint, the windows aren't slightly moldy looking, everything looks good, like they're in charge of their own space.
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  7. I V vi IV added a post in a topic Old/Random Photots   

    She even has the breast implants to match...
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  8. I V vi IV added a post in a topic Where do people buy their makeup?   

    You may want to expand the categories, cause some people buy make up at places outside of these (drugstores/chemists).
    Also cause not everyone has access to most of these.
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  9. I V vi IV added a post in a topic General Nigri thread   

    Cause it's not a punk look, it's sukeban (Japanese delinquents). 
    I like the Uranus and Neptune in the group, but everyone else is meh.
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  10. I V vi IV added a post in a topic Fixing Yandere Simulator - PULL Edition   

    Quick question: is this either a like, dedicated yansim improvement board based on one person's ideas, or is it kind of a pot of everyone's?
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  11. I V vi IV added a post in a topic Beauty trends you wish didn't exist   

    I think they could work in the right context/with the right look (something super avant-garde/cybergoth/run-way/editoral), but for everyday wear I don't see the point.
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  12. I V vi IV added a post in a topic Beauty trends you wish didn't exist   

    Stiletto heels. Well this is more because I'm physically inept and really don't want a broken ankle than anything, but like how do people do it?
    Whatever the fuck balenciaga does because it's overpriced and wtf
    People getting tattoos in languages they don't know. I'm pretty sure this one should be obvious
    Active wear and shoes. I just don't like how a lot of it looks, plus I've never found a lot of the sports sneakers comfortable? I have weird feet though
    Spaghetti straps. Just hate them so much.
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  13. I V vi IV added a post in a topic Kmusicandblackwomen (kpopmeetsblackwomen)   

    Can't you have  a full course meal and leftovers though? It's more food, plus leftovers are amazing!! Especially leftover pizza which can work as so many different meals it's amazing!
    Oh she wants him to date her and is being creepy... why? 
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  14. I V vi IV added a post in a topic Jeffree Star   

    You could also just be married to the king of England. Queens can exist through marriage but Kings can only inherit the throne.
    Not trying to derail, I see your point (we're gonna think you're full of shit if you don't change your actions), but I really like this fact.
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  15. I V vi IV added a post in a topic Yumi King's Instagram   

    It's honestly representative of the attitude seen in some kink circles (DDLG mostly) that is both utterly reprehensible, but also just, really fucking annoying. The incorrect tagging of kink stuff, plus the invasion of non-kink spaces by kink, and DDLG is the biggest culprit of it. It's like, a lot of stages of fucked up, including bringing non-consenting parties into your scene (which is a giant no in BDSM from my understanding), dragging minors into it (which is an even bigger no), and generally showing that no one with half a brain and the ability to consent should even consider having vanilla, let alone full BDSM, sex with you.
    Well, to a lesser extreme. It's mostly implied, but I feel bad for the kids who will grow up thinking it's normal, or wanting a relationship like that.
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