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  1. I V vi IV added a post in a topic DOWN WITH MATTE LIPS! BRING BACK GLOSS!   

    Oh my god same here.
    Like, nude lips are so boring and gross, plus I'm basically a ghost so they never look good and make me look kinda dead (unlike that pastel pink lipstick that made me look full dead), and like, if I want to wear something on my lips, it's gonna be interesting you know. I like red lipsticks, I like dark lipsticks, I like pink lipsticks, I like purple lipsticks, I like green lipsticks, I like blue lipsticks, but I hate nude lips.
    Though a kinda darker nude with a bit of a sheen, like some glittery stuff, could be cool.
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  2. I V vi IV added a post in a topic JonTron   

    He fucked up so badly his subreddit turned against him. 
    He's so bad that his own subreddit wants nothing to do with him.
    How do you fuck up that badly?
    Calling Dick Spencer racist is an understatement.
    He's a fucking white supremacist. Like, he's basically a neo-nazi, and sure his views may not line up exactly, but who gives a flying fuck about that? They're nazis. They're white supremacists. They shouldn't get the luxury of being separated. 
    Dick Spencer's views are inherently violent, and can and will harm people. So what if they're just words? There is plenty of evidence (which I can't be fucked finding, but check google) that people's words have just as must an effect on people as their actions, and so, in this case, punching the smarmy fucker in the face is totally justified. He was being interviewed on TV, given a place to broadcast is dangerous views.
    Punching him was the best way to end that interview. It gave him a sign that his views were not to be tolerated, and it gave him a reason to never to do another TV interview again.
    And don't feed me that "It's just his opinion" crap. Opinions are like, "I don't like the colour blue" or "I like nickleback". They're not "Black people are inferior to white people" or "I think muslims and latinxs should be banned from the USA"
    Once you get to that stage and people know, you should have to live with the knowledge that no matter what, whenever you're outside your house, someone may try to punch you.
    Facism should not be tolerated. Nazis should not be tolerated. If we have to break some skulls and punch the fuckers on live TV, then so be it.
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  3. I V vi IV added a post in a topic kylie jenner - kylighters   

    @Nyx, move this thread into the flakes please! Ky fits in with the Jeffree Starr's and Wengies of the world
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  4. I V vi IV added a post in a topic DOWN WITH MATTE LIPS! BRING BACK GLOSS!   

    Honestly I like stain lips, my hair doesn't stick to it, and my lips don't dry out as bad wearing them
    I have super dry lips, so I tend to go for a more moisturising bullet lipstick (my absolute favourite are the Anna Sui lipsticks, but I also like Australis, BYS, and well cheaper options), but I want to try a liquid-matte lipstick cause I want a dark lip to stay all day. Also, because as much as I like the classic bullet lipstick, it's a bit tricky to apply at times, especially when I'm in a rush.
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  5. I V vi IV added a post in a topic Jeffree Star   

    Wow I wish I could get a huge following of dedicated fans... Imagine the shit I could do and get defended for doing
    "Oh they killed people? No, they're an innocent angel who did nothing wrong"
    "Oh, they abused a teenage girl for 16 hours, and left her to die on the side of a road? But they're sassy!"
    "Oh, they named multiple lipstick colours after really violent murders and rapes? But the formula's nice!"
    Though hopefully, he'll fuck up in such a spectacular way that even the most dedicated of his fans have to jump ship... or dumpster fire, a'la Jontron... Oh god that would be fun to watch, imagine the tantrum.
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  6. I V vi IV added a post in a topic Jeffree Star   

    A lot of make up names in general have rather.. weird sexual names, he just goes a little overboard. Like, I'm pretty sure most of his products have names that could be interpreted in a sexual way
    Abused is just a shitty name for any sort of make up, it's not funny, but it shows how self absorbed the guy is to think something like that was funny.
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  7. I V vi IV added a post in a topic Jeffree Star   

    Because Jeffree can't be seen outside the house without 50 layers of full coverage foundation on.
    Peasants aren't worthy to see Jeffree with a bare face unless it's on an edited Youtube video.
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  8. I V vi IV added a post in a topic YandereDev/ Evaxephon   

    So, straight from the horse's arse, here is YanDev's own Monthy Update video.
    Well, he's getting something done, even if it's sitting on his arse.
    We see the club leaders that aren't rivalsLight Music Club uses a pretty nice Black Les Paul, and it's well replicatedClimbingBoobsRoom Concept ArtHmm... Snobby McSnobface and Tits Mcgee look similar... how do I not have that?StreamingAdujsted work hours 
    And well there's probably more, that's what I got out of it
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  9. I V vi IV added a post in a topic Let's talk about lolita   

    I'm gonna add the taobao reseller I use
    For lolita noobs, taobao is a better place to go to build up a wardrobe for less money than brand than bodyline, apart from some of the issues with shopping services and stuff, as first, Bodyline can be hella shady, but also nothing there seems to go together. Taobao brands do come out with co-ordinated sets, so those are better for noobs
    Also, resellers tend to go with brands that have got good reputations, so you don't have to sort through the ones that look promising but really... aren't. I like clobba as the mark up isn't as bad as say, some other ones, the service is great, and my stuff came pretty quickly. Or some of it did.
    The stuff I didn't preorder from a brands release.
    Some taobao brands also not only have more than one size, but do custom sizing, which is great if you don't really fit into a lot of japanese clothes cause you have broad shoulders and boobs.
    Taoabo is also great for petticoats. For those, go for classical puppetts and Dear Celine, those are the two most reputable. I have a classical puppets one and it's great.
    Another great one
    This one has beautiful prints, but also has a variety of sizes that makes it more foreigner friendly. Like, I ordered one dress from them after the preorder, when they were selling excess stock, and that... well all the issues were with Auspost
    And the other I ordered during a preorder, and that came right on time.
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  10. I V vi IV added a post in a topic Kim Dao   

    The University of Western Australia...
    True quality.
    So much quality.
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  11. I V vi IV added a post in a topic General Nigri thread   

    Well it's right up her alley.
    Memetic item of clothing, shows sideboob and butt... it's perfect
    And if you want one, but don't want to be ripped off
    boom. Have fun
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  12. I V vi IV added a post in a topic Yumi King   

    Yeah, that would be really bad... But it'd also be really funny. Like, funny in the same way as the Jontron debacle that's been going on. Like, sure what they're doing is bad. Like, in Yumi's case it'd be the 9/11 memorial incident dialled up a fuck ton, the whole "look at me, I'm cutesy and innocent and don't speak english well" act is gonna seriously bite her in the arse, and like, it will probably hurt her where it hurts the most, her wallet.
    For those who didn't click the link, the Dark Secrets series is kinda controversial, as it looks... similar to the uniform worn by the Nazis. Like really similar. It doesn't take a genius to figure out what's bad about that.
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  13. I V vi IV added a post in a topic Yumi King   

    Yeah but then, why chose a pastel pink cats and piano print dress? They do have army lolita dresses. Meta has made a lot of them.

    Like this one comes to mind. 
    And sure, Meta is burando, it's expensive... Google it? Or she could make a shitty camoflauge lolita dress...
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  14. I V vi IV added a post in a topic Beauty trends you wish didn't exist   

    Contouring in general is pretty overdone these days, but that one... I think should be left to cosplayers.
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  15. I V vi IV added a post in a topic PeachMilkyTea   

    I always appreciate honestly,  especially when it comes to internet personalities.
    Plus, by telling us how she edits her videos to make her skin look better, she's not only informing people that this shit happens on youtube, she's also teaching people how to do it in a way, which is a cool skill to have.
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