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  1. I V vi IV added a post in a topic Jeffree Star   

    Oh my god I knew those colours looked familiar. 
    It's also really obvious that there's a filter over the JS pallet. Just kinda blury. I don't think it looks like that IRL.
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  2. I V vi IV added a post in a topic YandereDev/ Evaxephon   

    He's gone from being "Common Garden Creepy" to being a "literal sexual predator" and whilst I'm not surprised at this turn of events, that does not stop it from being utterly horrifying, especially when you consider how he's fanbase is mostly female, and I'd guess around the middle school to high school range of ages, which makes me worry for them a little. We could be hearing about something awful he's done to a young fan at some point, and that's an issue.
    I'm also worried for any girlfriends he may have, because I could honestly say that they would be at the very least emotionally abusive, and possibly sexually abusive, given his attitude. Whilst I am uncomfortable with theorising about possible mental illnesses he may have, I think he's an entitled man-child who really can't take criticism/a control freak/fucking creep, and given how tightly he has his fanbase wound around his thumb, having them at his every beck and call, he's definitely able to manipulate people into doing what he wants them to, and when you consider a romantic/sexual relationship, that's not a good trait for a partner to have.
    Like he's clearly playing the ignorance card here, but like, dude, do you know what the age of majority in the USA is? Like, the legal age of adulthood? In most states it's 18, in Alabama and Nebraska it's 19, and in Mississippi it's 21. All of those are older than 14, meaning by default, that SHE WAS UNDER THE LEGAL AGE YOU FUCKING SLIMEBALL. And age of consent and age of majority are two different things, but either way she was under both of them. 
    God I can now understand why people drink... But like, these allegations make a lot of sense when put into context with things like his fan fictions, or that frigging screen cap from a loli-porn comic he used in one of the blog posts, and even the bloody panty mechanic and fascinations with large breasts...
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  3. I V vi IV added a post in a topic Kanadajin3 Twitter   

    Mira's both overprotective of Japan, and determined to make it look bad at the same time, and well she seems confused, and not in a good way. 
    And like, seriously, she's trying to protect Saudi Arabia, a country that's high on my personal "Do not travel" list, and given a stunning rating of "Reconsider Your Need To Travel" by the people over at Smartraveller, with parts of the country on "DO NOT TRAVEL" the Australian government group in charge of making sure people are safe when traveling, and is the forth lowest country when it comes to gender equality over at World Economic Forum's Global Gender Gap Index (2016) (141/144). Seriously, I'd rather... deal with an ingrown toenail, migraine, and like, full strength period cramps for a fortnight than go to Saudi Arabia. 
    I mean, in the scheme of things Japan isn't that great when it comes to gender equality, sitting at 111/144, but like, it's still miles ahead of "Can't drive, ride a bike, do a lot of shit without a male relative's permission" and while sure, call out a kindergarten because they're sharing racist propaganda, but like, don't do that whilst listing Saudi Arabia as your favourite country. Because human rights abuses, medieval punishments for crime, and women being allowed to do fuck all are way better than a terrifying far right and a predatory fixation on the teenage girl.
    If you want to make Japan look bad, compare it to... um... Iceland? Finland? One of the Scandinavian countries that are topping everything? Can't be Australia cause the words "public transport" instantly make us look terrible.
    And why am I trying to reason with Mira? Like I have government sources and she'll still ignore it.
    Though, if you people want more sources for some of these, I will find them at some point if you ask.
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  4. I V vi IV added a post in a topic What would you do if somebody posted you in the Snowflake section?   

    That's honestly an amazing idea.
    Like, god that would be so much fun.
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  5. I V vi IV added a post in a topic Margaret Palermo   

    You know, calling Margo a magpie is brilliant. She is a shitty bird that sits in a tree and attacks unsuspecting passerbys for infringing on her territory. 
    Like seriously, magpies are scary, scary creatures. A friend has scars on her scalp from one.
    Great comparison.
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  6. I V vi IV added a post in a topic knitemaya   

    Like the fabrics themselves look really good. Like, a fabric with a sheen that doesn't look utterly terrible, plus the lace (it has a name I can't remember), and the brocade that looks really beautiful. It could even be bridal, going with how nice it looks. And like, he's a really talented craftsperson, I wish I could sew that well...
    I need to find where he gets his fabric from, cause he sure as hell isn't shopping at lincraft or spotlight. Maybe a bridal place, online, or Cabramatta... there's the other fabric place but I don't remember it...
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  7. I V vi IV added a post in a topic Yumi King   

    Yeah let's try not apply logic to her choices, cause clearly they make no sense.
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  8. I V vi IV added a post in a topic Beauty trends you wish didn't exist   

    I have grown to dislike the mask-like high coverage foundation, like you know the Nikki Tutorials' cake-face. Like, it looks kinda scary and the foundation always looks slightly dark and it's kinda gross. Also I'm not a big fan of the ultra matte look.
    Also the under eye concealer that's five shades lighter than the foundation. Like what Lauren Curtis does. 
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  9. I V vi IV added a post in a topic YandereDev/ Evaxephon   

    @The_CC I'm fine with you using some of my ideas for the rivals, I like yours a lot as well. Like, having Osana's parents going through a divorce when she was younger, and having her mother overwork herself to keep Osana happy is a really good idea, and can add to the guilt she feels. Like, I'm gonna keep writing my ideas for adding depth to the rivals, and I like seeing yours as well because different opinions are always fascinating as a writer.
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  10. I V vi IV added a post in a topic How to deal with a racist friend?   

    End the friendship?
    Like that's the only thing I can suggest, talking to them isn't working clearly, so end the relationship
    Why is this the advice I usually give people...
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  11. I V vi IV added a post in a topic Yumi King   

    Maybe the US isn't acknowledging her degree? Like, I haven't heard of places doing that since the 50's, but you know it could happen.
    That or she realised she really didn't want to be an engineer?
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  12. I V vi IV added a post in a topic Kanadajin3 Videos   

    I went to an Onsen when I was in Japan, and well, on the list of rules there was (paraphrased) "If we catch you filming or taking photos we're calling the police and they can deal with you"
    So I'm pretty sure there are a few laws she's breaking. Unless she did get permission and is filming at ones with private baths, but I didn't watch the video.
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  13. I V vi IV added a post in a topic YandereDev/ Evaxephon   

    Ah, thank you. Characters are personally such an important part of any work, especially one like YanSim. Because you're supposed to feel bad for killing people, there has to be some depth to them. Given that YanDev is a kinda terrible writer (I've read his fanfics. They're worse than my immortal, cause at least that one was interesting), he really should be handing off this side of the game to someone else, especially if he wants to first deal with difficult topics that have to be handled careful, and second make people feel bad for killing people. Given that they're basically cardboard cutouts/basic character archetypes, he's kinda failed. Like they all have potential to be interesting, but his lackluster writing and lack of any relationships that aren't romantic bar one don't help the game.
    I feel that different types of close relationships between people should be explored. Like, there could be a kinda parent/child relationship between senpai and Muja, a big sister/younger brother relationship with Mida, and like, platonic relationships with Oka, Osoro and Saiko. 
    Like, let's take the Mary Sue, Saiko. Sure, outwardly she seems to be a perfect leader, charismatic, intelligent, determined, but internally she could be rather insecure or anxious because she's been placed on a pedestal her entire life due to her (presumed) genius level interlect, and also because she's the heiress to a huge company. Her life could be so full of work and obligations she does/activities her parents made her do, it's not unlikely  that she first, isn't entirely sure about herself, and second, is basically an anxious mess when left to her own devices because she can't not be busy without feeling guilt. Like, along with school, she might have things to do with the company, which could be a reason for her absence/completing school by distance. She could know Senpai through class, maybe be friends in a rather shallow way and then become closer friends with him after she returns to school, and like, she could be supportive over what's happened in her absence, leading to her becoming the first point of emotional support for senpai, and she finally gets someone she can be totally honest with. 
    And I've thought a little more about Senpai's relationship with Muja, and instead of it being that kinda weird adult in love with a high schooler relationship, Muja could be like a mother figure to senpai, given his less than close relationship with his biological one, and also because she knows and is probably very familiar with Hanako's conditions, so she sees him with her a lot and she cares a lot about him. She could want a family more than anything else, but due to her job and possibly some medical conditions of her own, she can't really have one so she makes do with caring for the students at school when they're ill, and thus is really close to Senpai because of the time he spends there because Hanako has fainted again, or has had another flare up, and senpai is worried because it's not like their parents will come pick her up and is not sure what to do, so Muja calms him down and talks to him about it. Like she can still be naive and clumsy, just she should also be a competent medical professional who's smart enough to be safe around certain things and not accidentally mix medicines up.
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  14. I V vi IV added a post in a topic YandereDev/ Evaxephon   

    I can't notice any glaring anatomy flaws, at least the fabric isn't vacuum sealed to her body, and I like the idea of Info-chan with the fox mask, it's interesting symbolism.
    Like, she could have an omnipotent trickster vibe to her if she... had better writing. Like, with smarter writing she could have a douchebag Izaya Orihara kinda vibe, minus some of the things that make him a class A dildo. You know, you wouldn't find Info-chan convincing people to commit suicide, but collecting info and using that to push people in different directions and reach certain limits in the name of "humanity is interesting" would be so interesting to see. Like a great character for a story, but an awful person, something the game needs to add interest.
    Seriously, I could find so many ways to improve just the rivals with better writing, or even more thought put into them. I know it's unlikely that Yandev would use any of these because it requires actual characterisation and some thought.
    Like, making Hanako and Senpai siblings with less than close/rather distant/sorta neglectful parents could add a pretty good reason for why she's so clingy. Plus, she could have an illness which means she has to miss school due to the treatment/spends a lot of time in hospital, so she relies on Senpai a lot for human company and to keep up to date on her school work. Also it adds an extra tragic layer, and gives you another reason to feel bad for killing her. And having senpai be both a parental substitue and sole point of contact for a lot of her life, it makes sense for her to be rather clingy. She's worried that if he starts dating people, he'll neglect their relationship and she'll be all by herself, which could be one of her biggest fears.
    Senpai could be a caring person who's selfless in a way that makes them kinda a doormat, and because of how willing he is to lend an ear or help people deal with problems, draws people to him despite him not being the most outgoing person. Like, he could be the type of person whose bad at dealing with their own problems, so they ignore them, and help other people with theirs. So like a co-ordinated male Tohru Honda?
    So Osana's harshness towards him could come first from a place of guilt, she knows she's using him for emotional support without giving anything back, and she can't deal with her growing romantic feelings for him, so she ignores them, and is actively trying to push herself away from him, whilst also trying to gain his favour at the same time. Think, she's making him a lunchbox, but also berating him for small mistakes. She's conflicted, she's confused, and I think it's unlikely she has many (if not any) other friends, so it's not like she has anyone else to talk about this to. Or she's not good at the whole trusting people thing so even if she has other friends, she's not able to talk about her feelings to them. And even with the stuff she shares with Senpai (like, emotional stuff), she still can't give him the full picture. Plus add a less than stable home life, and it adds another tragic side to her character.
    And like, the absences from school annoy me (mostly for the lack of reasons for them), but like, if Hanako's sickly, with the right symptoms/a bad enough flare up or , it's perfectly understandable for her to miss 8 weeks from school. She could be, recovering from minor surgery or something.
    So yeah, I'll try and write the others, except Mida and Muja because I don't care about their relationships with senpai, because the game really needs some sort of depth and if he wants to make you feel bad for killing people, there should be a reason.
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  15. I V vi IV added a post in a topic YandereDev/ Evaxephon   

    Of course YanDev has had all these professional-level ideas by himself. Sure he's been assisted by other media and google images, but he clearly came up with the idea to implement them by himself.
    Sarcasm aside, he's a little bit of a kleptomaniac when it comes to content, isn't he? Can't come up with a design? This wonderful online artist has posted something, use that instead. Or wait is that Hit Anime? "Borrow" the design of a main character from there.
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