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  1. I V vi IV added a post in a topic YandereDev/ Evaxephon   

    He needs to shut up and stop whining about this, he's flogging a dead horse at this point in time. Give up.
    Despite that, and as much as I am ashamed at my self for saying this,
    Some of what he said makes a lot of sense.
    Like how AAA games are more likely to get away with breaking community guidelines than indie games do, like honestly how is South Park the Stick of Truth not banned on Twitch, and well the anime bias thing sounds bullshit, but then a lot of H games come out of Japan.
    But his comment on Yandere Sim being banned because of THOSE people is stupid. GTAV wasn't banned despite there being a lot of complaints about it. Like, I can guarantee that there are plenty of games with bikini armor that aren't banned on Twitch.
    Also way to use your mostly female fanbase as a prop dickweed. 
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  2. I V vi IV added a post in a topic Yumi King   

    Same here.
    Though depending on which editing software she's using, it could take a long time to render, so that might be the 19 hrs.
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  3. I V vi IV added a post in a topic PeachMilkyTea   

    I'm pretty sure she's from Northern Ireland. Like not certain, but pretty comfortable with saying that.
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  4. I V vi IV added a post in a topic YandereDev/ Evaxephon   

    I know who to blame for slow development and it's not Azzman
    Try looking in a mirror toe-rag.
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  5. I V vi IV added a post in a topic Jvloggers general discussion thread   

    This is such a cool video idea. Like, food is great, and this series seems to focus less on the foods people usually think of when they think of Japanese food. And it's really professionally done, like it feels a bit like one of those travel food shows (Shut up they're amazing)
    Though unfortunately the stakes are cooked in butter... which is kinda gross, and with a cut of meat like that seems kinda like a waste... 
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  6. I V vi IV added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

    I think that on some people cut creases can be great, and if you've got hooded eyes that have quite a bit of space between your brow and lid folds, but like, I have kinda deep set hooded eyes, and my brows are very close to my eyes so I really can't do a cut crease unless I shave my brows off.
    And that's not happening because my eyebrows are amazing.
    On that, a lot of tips for hooded eyes piss me off. Like they all seem to assume that you have space between your eyelid and brow, which I clearly don't have, or are ones that I'd never use. Like I'd blend a matte shadow above my crease if I had space? And I'm not giving up metallic/glittery eyeshadows because they're so fun. And mascara's annoying to take off.
    But yes I don't care when someone is going live. Please stop.
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  7. I V vi IV added a post in a topic Yumi King   

    Her video titles are like the shady ebay lolita item titles.
    "Sweet innocent Pink frilly lacey cosplay dress" 
    Like some branded prints have pretty bad names (Cherish My Juicy Cherry), but not like, ten words which are mostly adjectives bad.
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  8. I V vi IV added a post in a topic Preventing Self-Posts   

    You know what else this would stop?

    Spam posts.
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  9. I V vi IV added a post in a topic Margaret Palermo   

    Um... Thanks for that mental image. Like, is she lying there naked, with an alarm clock covering her bits or like, in a giant alarm clock costume?
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  10. I V vi IV added a post in a topic SUNNYDAHYE   

    That's still sponsored in a way. Like, you don't get money, but you got free stuff and that could sway someone's opinion in a reveiw.
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  11. I V vi IV added a post in a topic Yumi King   

    The cocoon balls apparently exfoliate and help clear out clogged pores. They sell them at Daiso. Never used them before.
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  12. I V vi IV added a post in a topic I have dry lips help!   

    You and me both mate... you and me both.
    I like camex? Calmex? or Blistex lip balms, they work but kinda taste weird. 
    I also like the it's skin macaron lip balms, but I have no idea how much they cost, and those come in different flavours if you like that.
    Also Lucas' pawpaw ointment is great, but I'm not sure if it's available outside of Australia. 
    I'm pretty sure exfoliating your lips isn't the best idea, but whatever. I like the lush lipscrub (mint juleps), and there are a few flavours.
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  13. I V vi IV added a post in a topic Random Chat Thread   

    I need to watch Underbelly Razor...
    Like a TV show about two of the most terrifying female crime bosses in Australian history, which has one of my favourite soundtrack pieces written about the two? And it's only rated M?
    I should get onto that after my trip...
    Wait couldn't I download it onto my laptop to watch on the plane?
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  14. I V vi IV added a post in a topic General Kanadajin3 thread   

    I agree with you on the blonde, it's not one that I feel like would suit many people.
    Since you have cosmetology experience, and I'm really curious to see what you say about this, what hair colour and style do you think she'd look best with? Like, I think shorter hair would look better on her, but then, I'm not a fan of the concept of long hair.
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  15. I V vi IV added a post in a topic Professional beauty gurus to follow   

    I like Cora (VintageorTacky). I checked and she has done professional work, so she counts. She does a lot of cool, colourful looks which I really like. Also she's got a rather calm personality, which is refreshing.
    And there's KlairedelysArt (TW: Gore). She does more of the artsy make up, which looks always, but again, be careful because she does do some pretty gorey videos so approch with caution.
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