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  1. Vodka.Bae added a post in a topic Sugar Dating Thread   

    I have been interested in sugar dating for a long while now, but I hadn't had the balls to go out and do it mostly because I am in a relationship. 
    Can you have a boyfriend and also have a sugar daddy? 
    P.S. I spoke to my boyfriend about this a few times casually and he doesn't really care lol 
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  2. Vodka.Bae added a post in a topic Shaving/Waxing Tips   

    I shave as it is very quick and easy. 
    If you want the smoothness to last longer, I recommend moisturising the area everyday after shaving. 
    Shaving can cause a little bit of irradiation. I have discovered a way to avoid that is to wait a few days in between shaving.  
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  3. Vodka.Bae added a post in a topic Dakota's videos   

    She took the valentine's Day hairstyle down as predicted lol. 
    Maybe she came to her senses and realised how ridiculous she looked in it.
    The parts in her latest video where she didn't edited her face to resemble Yoda, looked really nice ( the shots of her further away from the camera) ;/ 
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  4. Vodka.Bae added a post in a topic Dakota's videos   

    New video! ;0 ..
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  5. Vodka.Bae added a post in a topic Deleted / rare videos of Kiki   

    I stumbled across this old re upload on youtube. 
    Dokota and Kiki chatting about their past and future goals. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tMCk2HFvofM
    Kiki is mostly talking about her acting and music career; 
    Idk, whether to post this, so yeah lol 
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