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  1. littolest added a post in a topic kristenhancher   

    as far as I know you can’t. it asks you if you really want to go live before it actually starts the live. 
    and I really feel like she does photoshop but tbh I don’t care nothing on instagram is real anyways. 
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  2. littolest added a post in a topic Woahhvicky   

    I have a strong feeling that Dynastys ig account is being managed by either vicky or @jollydes
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  3. littolest added a post in a topic Wylona Social Media Updates   

    she was in prison? lmao I'm so clueless
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  4. littolest added a post in a topic ja.dey // jade anh   

    tsutsucat is the thread I posted 
    I don't know why she thinks publishing my name and ID would change anything since everything in that thread is basically facts since it's what tsu posted on her ig plus what she herself wrote soooo
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  5. littolest added a post in a topic Kyurin // Pandabearly   

    so creative

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  6. littolest added a post in a topic ja.dey // jade anh   

    it's totally worth it to publish my ID for speaking the truth oops
    everything in that thread is based on facts, your friends own words and the stuff she willingly published on the internet for the entire world to see I basically just put it together into one piece.
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  7. littolest added a post in a topic jiaoxrei aka. tsutsucat   

    I don't think we're allowed to reveal his face here since he did nothing wrong.
    BTW short info
    I'm working on this thread together with whinepxl and whinepxl will be posting new info as soon as we get new info since they have our currently saved info (we may split the info so both of us will post something) and we don't have a lot of info yet since we can't really get into her accounts because she has everything on private we only know the account names but can't follow them because she won't accept us 
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  8. littolest added a post in a topic Berry Tsukasa   

    her pictures make me so mad like girl where is your fucking jaw at
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  9. littolest added a post in a topic whats.mean / ov.nx / catvixn   

    anyone got proof for that? I mean it could also be one of those kboo kakaotalk long distance relationships 
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  10. littolest added a post in a topic Woahhvicky   

    that's what I was thinking too! I can't believe that anyone would act like this lol
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  11. littolest added a post in a topic Woahhvicky   

    you better sit down.. she claims she knows it from ancestry..  also the family member who's black always changes I think the last time it was a grandpa. she posted a picture wirh a black elderly man saying it's her grandpa but a lot of people think it's just a random black man she decided to take a picture with. 
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  12. littolest added a post in a topic Woahhvicky   

    they do act similar right? 
    she wanted to beat danielle up because of malu trevejo, then became friends with dani and now wants to beat up malu this girl makes no sense 
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  13. littolest added a topic in Online Personalities   

    Victoria Waldrip known as woahhvicky (now imwoahvicky due to being deleted) is a 17 year old "instagram famous" person who got "known" for claiming to be 25% black. (the exact number changes a lot) 
    She also posts videos on how to sing saying that ppl tell her "she sounds like beyonce" buuut... listen for yourself.. 
    But on to the actual topic. Vicky claims to be black saying the n-word and always saying she came from zone 6 where she had to "eat koolaid" 
    this is vicky: 
    Here are some of the videos Vicky uploads to her Instagram: 
    She also claims to be pregnant by her ex @/papii_jj (now @/virgin_jj) with arguments like "jj is the father of my kids he's a virgin but he's the dad" sure, jan. 
    So what do you guys think? personally I feel like she's either dumb as shit or just a really good troll.
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  14. littolest added a post in a topic Berry Tsukasa   

    for real lol I thought that right away when she posted the flrst pic with it she instantly looked more chubby
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  15. littolest added a post in a topic @shirtlesssenpai aka Jeffrey John Sayson   

    thank you so much! 
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