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  1. candypop added a post in a topic Gangnam Unnie   

    damn.....was she always this extensive with her photoshop? i used to follow her on instagram, but i don't remember her photos looking THIS awful.
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  2. candypop added a post in a topic danisnotonfire+ Amazing Phil   

    i didn't mean that it would be okay to bring it up to dan and/or phil, in case anyone here got that impression. i've never seen the video apart from a few clips and screenshots, nor do i really care enough to look it up, but based purely on the speculation i've seen from their fans over the years, it seemed to me like the main reason that video was such a taboo subject is because they weren't out of the closet yet. i guess it was wrong of me to assume that it no longer carries as much weight as it did years ago.
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  3. candypop added a post in a topic danisnotonfire+ Amazing Phil   

    shouldn’t it be okay to talk about the vday video by now? dan himself said in his coming out video that they have been romantically involved at some point in the past, so it shouldn’t be much of a secret anymore. since dan came out of the closet, and arguably so did phil, it’s not outing anyone.
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