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  1. hfeuwh146 added a post in a topic Blackpink (formerly Jennie Kim thread)   

    As someone who was the most active in 2nd gen kpop it pisses me off so much how blinks have no respect for older girl groups and especially 2ne1.
    Blinks will talk shit about 2ne1 not realizing that 2ne1 is the reason their fave group even exists in the first place. 
    2ne1 was a legendary group that broke fashion and beauty norms, their music and lyrics were iconic and helped many people,and they had a special bond.  So tell me what has blackpink done other than be model coworkers with each other and have teddy make them the same repetitive songs all over again.
    Stop comparing them, they're not even on the same level and popularity doesn't mean something is better, 
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  2. hfeuwh146 added a post in a topic Ariana Grande   

    Do i feel sorry or her? Yes. Do i think she deserves this? Yes.
    She has built her career around her image and beauty instead of focusing more on her talent. And because of that the majority of her fans are now underage straight girls or gay boys who are extremely judgmental about appearance and only stan her because of that, and those fans whenever ariana gains weight or looks human will always have negative reactions or re-think on staining her.    And the small minority of fans who actually do love her for her music are leaving the fandom because they think alot of her recent music is all the same or mediocre.
    Speaking of Jim carrey, i see quite a few celebrity expose sites implying that Ariana and Jim Carrey had sex.
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  3. hfeuwh146 added a post in a topic Unpopular Opinions (K-POP Edition)   

    Izones music doesnt match their videos. I was listening to swan and i liked it alot but then i saw the video and it was totally different than i expected (thats just my opinion).
    I can understand how Won-young is the most popular her visuals are great and she has good stage presence and charisma, but i do wonder how her members feel since most of their fans tend be won-young fans, that must hurt.  
    I always used to think won-young was like 18 because she was tall and then when i found out her age...yikes someone please protect her from all the creeps in the industry.
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  4. hfeuwh146 added a post in a topic Blackpink (formerly Jennie Kim thread)   

    Ok so now you are all reaching. Things like these are all scripted and edited, i mean it is obvious that it  is a scripted episode.
    There are many things to criticize her about but this is not it.  A scripted episode where they are joking aint it.
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  5. hfeuwh146 added a post in a topic Unpopular Opinions (K-POP Edition)   

    I hate how alot of girl group stans make everything about gender and anyone that dares criticize their fave girl group or girl idol is labeled a a sexist and they immediately start shading boy group stans even though most people who criticize girl group are girl group stans themselves.
    And since girl group stans love to talk about boy group privileges , how about we talk about girl group privileges.
    We all know that both boy and  and girl groups have their own set of privileges.
    So lets talk about how easier it is for girl-groups to become famous compared to boy groups, and how the standards are so low when it comes to girl group music that all they have to do is make a song that is not total shit and they will get some recognition.  Meanwhile i cant say the same thing for boy-groups where there re so many underrated super-talented boy groups with amazing mv's who will never be known.
    So lets not act like one has it easier because both girl and boy groups suffer.
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  6. hfeuwh146 added a post in a topic Ariana Grande   

    I remember when the song was released and i had the same thoughts. but back then people just brushed that off and i was lowkey kinda attacked for stating my opinion. Heck wasnt a comment by someone saying that song was okay because it was inspired by nsync , and it had alot of upvotes. Such a hivemind.

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  7. hfeuwh146 added a post in a topic Jeon Somi   

    She should have stayed in jyp,she would have been in itzy but i guess she thought she was too good for them and now look at where she is now 
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  8. hfeuwh146 added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

    They are just mad that their sick fantasy of joelxellie isnt true . So many men who played tlous seem to sexualize Ellie,and its so gross how much fanmade porn there is of her and joel. So many underage female characters get sexualized in video games.
    Oh yeah i totally agree with that, alot of todays parents don't discipline children and enable them to act a way that is out control. Alot of these parents will be entitled themselves so they raise someone who is entitled and with no-manners like them.
    1.Well i wouldnt consider a child saying ''bitch,cunt,fuck,sex'', stomping their feet and hysterically screaming and kicking if they dont get what they want,severely bullying their peers and kicking random strangers to be considered questions, 
    1. This is the unpopular opinion thread, i dont know if you know that.....
    No one said here that they hate children, can you tell me who said that so i can go look for it??? I get along with most children and babies fine, the only problem i have is with the ones mentioned above. 
    I posted these pics on the shane thread a week ago and whenever i edit a post they show up . 
    Nevermind i was able to remove them finally
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  9. hfeuwh146 added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

    When i see baby animals my maternal instincts light up and i just want to protect them and cuddle them, but when i see a human baby all i think is that they are annoying and entitled midgets.
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  10. hfeuwh146 added a post in a topic Shane Dawson   

    Slightly unrelated but i feel like some tea channels get their info from gossip sites. (like gurugossip,lolcow.pull) they could at-least credit us lol.
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  11. hfeuwh146 added a post in a topic Shane Dawson   

    One of the mentioned was Qaadir a gay black man. Shane and his mother were planning on replacing Shanna (his only black friend lol) with Qaadir. But Qaadir was against Shane's racism and didn't let Shane or his mother belittle him like (they did with Shanna) so they kicked Qaadir out. Qaadir also said that Shane was gay and that he had no interest in Lisa (shane's ex-girlfirend) and that he was only using her a ''beard''.
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  12. hfeuwh146 added a post in a topic Shane Dawson   

    @BreeEssrig finally released a full statement on shane.
    Its very long so i added it in the spoilers/hidden content
    This is a reupload from may 2020 but i just saw it today. Seeing this video made me realize that Jeffree (and shane) desreve way more hate than they have now. But of course they will never be cancelled because of their piece of shit fans. The part where james talked about suicide broke my heart, fuck jafar star and shame dawson.
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  13. hfeuwh146 added a post in a topic Unpopular Opinions (K-POP Edition)   

    JYP please release Got7 from their dungeon you fuck 
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  14. hfeuwh146 added a post in a topic Unpopular Opinions (K-POP Edition)   

    Ugh i miss 2015-2017 kpop. So many good and legendary songs were in those years,  
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  15. hfeuwh146 added a post in a topic Shane Dawson   

    some tweets i found by shane on twitter.

    and old tweets from his fans from 2011-2013 talking about the shane video groupchat with his fans

    other stuff

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