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  1. Berenice47 added a post in a topic General e-Artist thread   

    I will just put it here 
    a super problematic webtoonist, probably you ever read her works also
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  2. Berenice47 added a post in a topic FELICIA HUANG / MIJIN Summary Thread [INFORMATION]   

    dont blindly support and defend her without knowing the truth, and nobody ask her to stop drawing, she can draw if she want BUT if only she already refunded all the money she stolen instead of let her little sister pay it for her.
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  3. Berenice47 added a post in a topic Can't edit posts   

    Thank you very muuuchh <3 <3 <3
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  4. Berenice47 added a post in a topic Can't edit posts   

    Should we contact the mods? ;-;
    I thought it because of maintenance for a while at first. 
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  5. Berenice47 added a post in a topic Eugene Lee Yang   

    I really love to see the Try Guys, I like Eugene but I love Keith more. And I didn't expect to see his thread here XDD
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  6. Berenice47 added a post in a topic Unpopular Opinions (K-POP Edition)   

    I sincerely apologize if my comment really offended you. and thank you for give me another new side of view. My example is really bad, it can make a big misunderstanding. Nobody would love to hear someone badmouthing their country. My bad. I'm sorry again for caused trouble here with my crappy example.
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  7. Berenice47 added a post in a topic Unpopular Opinions (K-POP Edition)   

    Yeah I apologized if my comment pissed you off, I didn't mean that, I just want to share my opinion. Like I said, not all of K-netizen like that.
    I'm sorry if my english isn't good but I tried :''')
    I don't generalized them, but many of them like that. I saw many kind-hearted Koreans in my country too. And what you said is true. Most sites did something like "fishing" for readers, is that a right word for that? lol
    I used historical basis because it's kinda ironic for Koreans who harass Lisa, said something like "slave countries", meanwhile Korea was colonized by Japan. It's like, indirectly they also said if Korea is a "slave country" too. They don't see themselves before talking to other people. I don't really sure what kind of word for this, but I hope you get it ^^;
    eeh what's wrong?
    NB: Btw thank you for sharing thoughts with me, so maybe I can change some of my mind ^^ And sorry if some of you feel offended with my comment. I didn't mean to.
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  8. Berenice47 added a post in a topic Unpopular Opinions (K-POP Edition)   

    Sorry to jumped out on this thread. But I've some unpopular opinion about k-netizen. I know this thread is for k-pop edition, but I think it's related so much. Imo, Korean netizens seems highly thinking about themselves, until the point they really a toxic community, being superior and bullied any idols who aren't Korean or half. Like Lisa, Nickhun, Bambam, Hankyung, etc. 

    They even harassed a whole Southeast Asian countries (this is their doing when they bullied Lisa of BLACKPINK) saying something like, "Southeast Asian countries are all slave countries" "Koreans already let them to do labor job here, so foreigners should know their place" and many more harsh comments.
    Yeah I know by history if almost all of Southeast Asia countries were colonized by other countries, but the truth is, when they pointed it out towards Lisa, who came from Thailand, Thailand is the only one FREE country who wasn't colonized. and if we talking about that, Korea was colonized by Japan back then. (no offense for Koreans)

    Also, when Rose of BLACKPINK did a livestream and started use English, K-netizen harassed her and asked her in impolite way to use Korean languange. so Rose used Hangul after that. But her global fans then said if they cannot understand what Rose said because they can't understand Hangul (korean languange) and begged Rose to use English. K-netized responded "who asked you to love korean celebs? if you love korean idols you should learn their languange" "what the fuck these fucking foreigners saying? you better learn korean if you idolize korean idols!"
     I know not all of K-netizen like that, but still....

    so, this is my unpopular opinion.. lol
    also sorry for my terrible english, I hope you get what my point is. ^^;
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  9. Berenice47 added a post in a topic General Koreaboo Thread   

    Lol yes. And there are more dramas, delusional stories of her, which is I haven't put it on the thread yet because edit button is disappear (this is really annoying tbh)
    for example, she claimed that her stepfather raped her, which is not true, because her victim contacted her mom about this and her mom actually a single mother. she talk shits about her whole family on internet, as if she is the only one who really pure and innocent. but the one who helped her is her own family. Such an irony.
    She apologized, but never really sorry, and the cycle just repeated again. 
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  10. Berenice47 added a post in a topic Sakimichan   

    Holy shieet

    Her old drawing is so asdfghjlas
    It's my opinion but.... such a waste :(((( her old drawing got more "feelings" i'd say.
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  11. Berenice47 added a post in a topic Rachel and Jun   

    I used to watch Jun's channel because of his cats. Surprised to seeing his thread here omg
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  12. Berenice47 added a post in a topic General Koreaboo Thread   

    There is a girl named Felicia Huang who claimed herself as Chinese/Japanese/Korean lineage.

    actually, I already make a thread for her. But seeing this thread maybe I should put her in this?

    Feel free to read! https://prettyuglylittleliar.net/topic/10216-felicia-huang-mijin-summary-thread-information/
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  13. Berenice47 added a post in a topic FELICIA HUANG / MIJIN Summary Thread [INFORMATION]   

    I'll add this here.

    Brilcrist's statement about Felicia Huang / Mijin / Feryka Dian's fraud of sold Brilcrist's dakimakura:

    source : https://twitter.com/agikun/status/963029380409839616

    source: https://twitter.com/avesovovivipar/status/973123662164316161
    another screenshot:

    "Baygon" is a insecticide brand in Indonesia
    "Mbak" means sister, like you called someone "hey, sis"
    And if there are some people who said something like:

    Some information from Felicia Huang / Mijin / Feryka Dian's real life friend:

    Another screenshots (about her lies):


    also, the screenshot about her "fictional" boyfriend(s):


    source: https://twitter.com/aratunnn/status/1085885230244741120



    The estimated amount of money she stole, it can be more than expected:


    main point: Felicia / Mijin / Feryka Dian's previous webcomic made based on EXO, she really loves Huang Zi Tao. When Tao quit, she claimed if Tao's management / agency offered her a job for make Tao's movie poster.
    And she cursed someone on her IG comment just because that person called her "a kpop fan" meanwhile she often talked about EXO. such an ironic, because she got all of her popularity and money from kpop fans

    NOTE: Sorry for my terrible english ^^;
    Let me know if you have some opinions or informations about her!

    Thank you in advance!
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  14. Berenice47 added a post in a topic Can't edit posts   

    Same here, I can't edit my post too :(( what happened
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  15. Berenice47 added a post in a topic FELICIA HUANG / MIJIN Summary Thread [INFORMATION]   

    Thank you very much for helping this thread :))
     Tbh on 2010-2011 back then, (I forgot the actual year, but it's before 2012 momotaku scams), she got into similar problem, something about rip-off character from UtaPuri. Also, she sold damaged brilcrist' dakimakura with normal full price (you can search who brilcrist is, on Google lol). and her patterns always same. apologize, but never really sorry, because the one who deal with her shits is not herself. soooo yeah, not really suprised.
    Let's say she is "playing victim" :))))
    Her international readers believe her words more before searching the actual cases on internet (maybe it's because languange border, so I decide to make this thread) Actually, she could go to a jail if someone or her victims have enough power to bring these case to police. But her (Indonesia) fans mostly underage teenagers who still depending on their parents. and she KNEW it very well and used it for her gain. Her merchandise price isn't too expensive per each, but think if a million people buy it.

    Now she targetting a bunch of blind k-popers tho.
    Last year, her victims (included her ex-white knights who also got scammed by her) warned her and determined to bring the case to police, but her family saved her (again).
    I don't think so, imo she just followed what's recent trend in Indonesia. When Bollywood become a huge trend, she claimed as India/Pakistani. When K-Pop (or East Asia Culture) booming, she pretended to be Korea/Japanese/Chinese lineage.

    Also, I knew it very well she was a big fan of EXO especially TAO (no offense for EXO fans) when EXO hyped, and insulted BTS. But when BTS won Billboard Award, suddenly she posted on her IG story about how she proud of BTS, bla bla bla.
    So, she just followed what's trend and see it as opportunity for gaining money.
    NOTE: Please forgive me for my terrible english ^^;; I hope you understand what's my point.
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  16. Berenice47 added a topic in Online Personalities   


    BEWARE "SCAMMER" webtoon artist of 304th Study Room and Our Omega Leadernim.
    There are so many victims. She already being a scammer since 2012 and seems she will spreading  her scam in international scale. This is needs to be said so later there won’t be anymore victims because this author has disappointed and scammed lots of her fans
    FELICIA HUANG IS A GREAT SCAMMER. She took a lot of fake identities such as lying about her lineage and ethnicity. Such as claimed as India/Pakistan lineage in the past and now currently claiming as Chinese. Even her photos which make her looks like Chinese is edited (you can see the second photo from right. The cheeks seems odd). Her real name is FERYKA DIAN SEPTIANY with so many pennames such as:  PinkStripedMellon, Veronica Diaz, Shou Nagatsuki, Shin Hyera, Felicia Huang, and her latest penname which is used in webtoon english, MIJIN.
    Grup korban Momotaku (113 people):
    Grup korban PO Merch 304thSR (188 people):
    //overseas victims uncounted//
    Reason to post this: anyone still have unfinished business, please contact her to get REFUND. Since she said on last christmas she will back to Indonesia and settle everything BUT THERE’S STILL SO MANY HER CLIENTS DIDN’T GET ANY REFUND AND IGNORED. Felicia Huang is notorious for scamming her readers! Even long before she started her webtoon.
    > scammer (online cosplay shop and her official webtoon merchs scam)
    > bad commissioner artist, accepted money but doesn’t give the result for xx months-years
    > avoiding her customers, everytime got caught she changing name/moving to other account MULTIPLE TIMES
    > bad mouthing her platform who give her money for a years
    > bad treathening her fans, blocking and removing comments
    .....even badmouthing her own family such as her mother and sister.
    True name: Feryka Dian Septiany
    Age: 25
    also known as:
    (…early-2012) Pinkstripedmellon / Veronica Diaz “VERO" 
    Momotaku owner cosplay shop
    (2016-now…) Felicia Huang
    FB: (deactivated) 
    FB: https://goo.gl/QpEJFS 
    twitter: https://twitter.com/FelicityQQ (deactivated) 
    IG: real___hly
    Her fb acc where she is pretending to be a man: https://www.facebook.com/stephan.liu
    She making new comic on webtoon discover, joining patreon.
    She’s announced she won’t open PO anymore on US webtoon, but pls be cautious of her bad reputation.
    and.... She deleted her "announcement" chapter. Deactivated twitter account. Cleaning her instagram post and set unable to comment.

    Funny thing is, why she posted announcement in her webtoon english meanwhile most of her victims is from Indonesia. And before that, she put NSFW label on her webtoon, so indonesian readers can't reach out. When someone talk to her about this, she just simply answer "unable to make announcement in webtoon indonesia".
    The latest "Public Apology" January, 21st 2019

    and still funny thing (2):
    1. What’s the point of apologizing when she blocked her own country’s IP address?

    2. No one cares about her appearance or ethnicity, her scamming issues is the main problem.
    3. Who asking her to stop drawing? No one asking for it, people just want their money back. If she stops drawing, how she refunds the money? Stop your drama, your victims didn't need it. and also, stop playing victim.
    4. Why is she apologize to her international fans while her most victims are from Indonesia? And back to point number one...
    5. She already sacrifies (badmouthed) her mother, her little sister, her deceased father, even her "fictional stepfather", who else?
    6. "I cut ties from my friends because I didn't want them to be blamed or even associated with a problematic person like me", is that another sentence for "I shut myself down so I can running away from my responsibilities"?
    Don't give us bullshit. She even thrown her friends away after take advantage of them (not to mention she also thrown away her fans / white knights who already defended her and being used to spying her so-called haters) . Same thing like she did back then in 2012 to her staffs, one of them still a highchool girl, she leave her alone to deal with her shits, and situation makes her to sold her own belongings. Even "the highschool girl staff" used her school fees to refund her victims. Because of that, she stopped cosplaying, people harassed her for something she didn't do, and when she opened her own online shop, people badmouthed her as a thief. And Feryka? Enjoy the money.

    She even didn't pay her assistants in 304th Study Room era, for god sake!

    7. According to her "apologies", She looks different because skin and beauty treatment, so which means, instead for refunds, she spends it for treatments? Because we all know that her little sister who returned the money with her own salary.
    8. "Unedited" she said? Give me a break.
    9. Fyi, most of Indonesians just find her "public apology" hillarious. There is a reason why she blocked her own country IP address and "running away" to foreign platforms.
    10. So, in short, her "public apology" is just for gained sympathy from her white knights, because most of her readers on Our Omega Leadernim are people who clueless about her cases or choose to believe her version more. Or simply, doesn't give a fuck about the author's past because "her art is so good", "support her art, not the person", "she already apologizing multiple times", "give her a second chance" etc. By support the art, indirectly it makes you support the person too, you know. and I really recommended to read the whole post and comments, at least it makes you know the actual problem.
    Many artists more talented than her especially not a scammer like her....
    ....is what I was going to say, but nah, it's up to you to make decision.
    And here I am (and most Indonesians who know the case), just sitting in the corner be like:


    More reading material, feel free to scroll and read: https://mobile.twitter.com/aratunnn/status/1085885230244741120?s=04&fbclid=IwAR1AFY0vu5kZA-BKIVU5135x-yhw-m1CAAdZxzAZgScoQ_t68awwqVnt0gg

    And Tapas Readers, BEWARE! 

    National news article about her scam:
    Some of her victims are foreigners






    ^ it is said there is a customer from Norway and lost 200$. Which is almost 6 years already and haven't gotten refund yet.
    Even in 2011, she got into a problem because she sold damaged free sample of other artist's dakimakura without permission at NORMAL FULL PRICE,even when the artist had not yet start shipping.
    For details:
    For Indonesian readers, read this: https://twitter.com/ferykadian/status/970965331421245440
    And you know, she was play victim.

    She insisted she just sold a gift she don't want meanwhile the artist claimed she didn't know her and have no reason to give her a gift.
    In summary, the plot/story used by Felicia everytime she scam (is the same). She would open PO (preorder), then the shipping process would get delayed with lots of reasons and another sobs stories which make her private life really similar with television drama as a shield to run from her responsibility. So that the victims and fans will take pity on her. After that she would say that she was processing the refund because she wouldn't want customer wait too long for their order. But then when people requested refund would be ignored by her. Even after she share her contacts, she will show up for a while for answer some questions and then gone. More people would complain, she'd give more (illogical) reasons, then she would disappear and change her identity on social media. She'd move to new things, open up a new PO and continue with her modus operandi.
    For example, the reason why she changed her name from Felicia Huang to Mijin because she didn't want underage readers know if she make a sensitive theme comic (nsfw) which is hilarious.

    The list of her reasons she used up to this day: depression because of sexual harassment, having problem with family members that she got kicked out of the house, suicide attempt, chronic illness in her eyes that requires operation, kidney failure so serious that she needs dialysis, etc. (a.n: in her Deviantart acc, she also claimed to have drunk a MUG of insecticide but only burped and vomited afterward. And right after she drunk it, funnily still able to write a post and got "hospitalized" 6 days after.

    In short, THERE IS NO WAY someone who drunk a mug of insecticide able to do anything other than struggles with difficult breathing and heart problem, nearly between alive or death, meanwhile this girl still able to WRITE a post about  her sobbing drama-life calmly (seriously, is she a Kree?)
    Tbh I already feel it myself, I accidentally touched a single drop insecticide, and it feels hot like a fire even after I washed it with clean water, it still hurts. How someone can drunk a full mug of insecticide, that liquid goes through her throat and all she got is---burped?

    Aaand... I'll leave it here for you to read. 




    Actually, I'm a bit confused to start writing from where, because this girl really have a loooong history behind her. So, let's get started with her fake lineage / ethnicity/sexuality, etc.
    She pretended as India/Pakistan lineage 

    Actually, which one your actual race, gurl? Hmmm...
    Claimed herself as asexual and bi (?) 


    Claimed herself as a flight attendant

     Not just sells her family for sob stories, she bragged about she was a flight attendant, which is untrue. The truth is, it's her little sister who is a flight attendant. Some people already clarified it by asked some flight schools in Indonesia.
    I'll put this here before I forgot, summarize comment from her Tapas account:

    It's already a lot of summarize lol
    Okay, it's enough for today. I'll edit and add more details next time. Next time there will be many looong post, which is I'll posted step by step. And please check the whole post anytime because I'll add details in here and there, just to make sure it's not messed up
     if you used to read webtoon (or tapas), or anyone you knew, please warning them about this scammer author. Thank you.
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  17. Berenice47 added a post in a topic FELICIA HUANG / MIJIN Summary Thread [INFORMATION]   

    In fact, the one who pay all the money she owes, is her sister who worked as a flight attendant, with her own salary. 

    Lmaooo, even she said that her uncle living in Guangzhou, pretended went to Guangzhou for holiday by posted herself wearing a winter jacket. When she got busted, she quickly deleted it.

    Her illness? Ah, I still wonder what kind of body she have with that much of illness lol
    There is no way she converted to another religion. Her ex-assistant clarified this. Also, her family is a happy family and her mother is single after her "real" father passed away. But she always makes drama about her "fictional" stepfather.
    About chinese descent, she's the one who asked people to call her "Cece" or Jiejie (sister in mandarin). And she always ignored people who doesn't called her like that lmao

    ..........wait, she said her grandfather is a chinese from Malaysia? in her recent apology, she said it was her grandmom. Lmaooooo lying too much makes her forgot her own stories :))))))))))))))))

    And she also very obsessed with Germany back then, claimed she had a Germany acquaintance, planned to move out to Germany etc
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  18. Berenice47 added a post in a topic FELICIA HUANG / MIJIN Summary Thread [INFORMATION]   

    Yes, her mother really loves her, but her daughter treats her like a shit.

    If anyone said that she deserves second chance, well, how many "second chance" she need to changes? This is already her 3-4 scams tho. Not just merchandise, commissions too, and her buyer from her old online shop. And... no, there is no one asking her to stop drawing, or even begging on her knees (the victims money won't returned by her begging tho lol) Just admit her fault and tell honesty, I mean, a real honesty. without victim playing or guilt tripping.

    Well, we all know karma happens...
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  19. Berenice47 added a post in a topic FELICIA HUANG / MIJIN Summary Thread [INFORMATION]   

    By the way, about her boyfriend(s), I just remembered when Korea Riots happened and caused big fire incident, she just showed up and said about her "oppa" is a police officer :)))) I think she's a bit delusional too? lol
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  20. Berenice47 added a post in a topic FELICIA HUANG / MIJIN Summary Thread [INFORMATION]   

    I should keep in mind to called her by her real name tho :)))) F E R Y K A ~
    Well, she's just started running away again, I guess? 

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  21. Berenice47 added a post in a topic FELICIA HUANG / MIJIN Summary Thread [INFORMATION]   

    She posted a public apology? More like a regional apology for me. Her victims mostly Indonesians, why did she blocked Indonesia from her English webtoon? Why did she apologize to her international fans? Well, I think it's for gaining sympathy. because most of her international fans are clueless about her case or choose to believe her version more. Nobody asking her to stop drawing. People just want their money back. They doesn't care about other things anymore. And like I said, it's her innocent lil sis who covered up all of refunds, NOT Felicia Huang.
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  22. Berenice47 added a post in a topic FELICIA HUANG / MIJIN Summary Thread [INFORMATION]   

    She is on Patreon now, still continue her webtoon comic Our Omega Leadernim and make an account here https://www.buymeacoffee.com/LGhVNHRYF

    and still, some people reported that they are not accepting their patreon art/chapter as promised, there are some victims still didn't get their refunds. That's as far as I know. But dunno about her recent case, because last time I got information about her victim search for her is in October-November 2018. I already told them to see twitter @ferykadian, where her lil sis contact attached in one of their post.
    Fyi, when chaos happened in her instagram account, her lil sis offered to pay all refunds by herself simply because she loves their mother dearly (Felicia Huang put a blame on her mother's shoulder and even badmouthed her on internet). Even her lil sis ashamed with her doings, here :

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  23. Berenice47 added a topic in Introduce Yourself   

    Hello! I'm new here~
    Hellooo, I'm newbie here. I've been reading this site, and decide to join in. I try to make a new post but dunno when moderator will approve my post lmao.
    Whoever who make this site, thank you! At least, people need a site contains informations about someone famous but lack of attitude and personality, which is suits this site name lol speak with a proof, not prejudice or assumption. But it still people rights to believe or not, I think human are smart enough to decide which is right or wrong.

    a.n: Forgive me for my terrible english but I tried :''''')
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