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  1. Joyie added a post in a topic Blackpink (formerly Jennie Kim thread)   

    i definitely agree with you on the styling part but rather than the whole swapping their image, i think all of bp were just made to fit into their 2Ne1 counterpart's archetype.
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  2. Joyie added a post in a topic Blackpink (formerly Jennie Kim thread)   

    idk what it is with their stages and playing their music so blaringly but it's probably to cover up their real vocals. their vocal trainers obviously don't care about training them properly and it shows, so they try to hide it it seems. i've mentioned this before but i have experience with handling stage mics and during a lot of their performances, their own microphones are set up to give their voice an echoey feature so it blends their voices together to appear smoother--this is a common feature you see in karaoke mics and its a cheap trick that yg does to give them better sounding vocals when singing live on stage. 
    honestly it's not hard to just train them properly their company is just trashy.
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  3. Joyie added a post in a topic Blackpink (formerly Jennie Kim thread)   

    yeah what's up with their outfits? is it so hard for them to look like a group for once? i understand that they don't really get to choose what outfits to wear during performances, but they do have a say at least.
    rose again has a boring hair style but tbh i think that's because if they tried to do anything on her, her hair will legit snap off. as a person who's asian and bleached their hair many times, it takes about nearly 3 bleachings to get it as light as rose's not including the toning and colour application. if your hair is extremely damaged, doing even more stuff to it like curling, straightening or tying it up too frequently will snap your hair especially if its super fried. they seriously need to just dye her hair black so it can have a period of rest before they do anything to it again like most idols do after they go super light. 
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  4. Joyie added a post in a topic Blackpink (formerly Jennie Kim thread)   

    I agree with the dancers here on this one. her movements are precise and done accurately, but it feels robotic. there's no passion you get from watching her dancing because (like a few others have said), she's paying too much attention to the camera and trying to look good. facial expression is important in dance, not the most but it's pretty high up there. my instructors call this "dancing with no soul"-the audience doesn't feel anything in your performance or what you're trying to convey. in Lisa's case, she's focused more on looking good while staring into the camera dead-eyed. 
    idk how to explain this, but if you've ever played Just Dance, you'll get what i mean when i say that people who play it can hit all the moves right by following the choreography, but it looks so awkward because they're so fixated on getting it right that there's no feeling in their movements--they're just doing it. (lmao does this even make sense) I also wish Lisa would try more styles of dances, maybe contemporary or something elegant and not overly sexualized so she can grow as a dancer.
    edit: and it's 100% true that exploring other styles of dances like jazz, ballet, lyrical can improve hip-hop based dancers. many of the greatest dancers have those as a backbone.
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  5. Joyie added a post in a topic Blackpink (formerly Jennie Kim thread)   

    oh god yeah the screeching. it's really hitting her vocals hard now. like when they won the inkigayo award and all started singing at the end. Jennie seemed so out of breath like she just was barely able to sing the words out. air intake is one of the biggest, if not the biggest part of vocal training. a person can be good at singing, but if they can't time their breathing right nor take in the appropriate amount of air for a verse, they aren't going to sound good. 
    just in that bit, you can tell that instead of spacing out how much air she uses when she sings, she tends to just let it all out in a single breath. 
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  6. Joyie added a post in a topic Blackpink (formerly Jennie Kim thread)   

    Someone posted this and maybe it’s hinting at rosé’s solo? Tbh I don’t know what to believe anymore because if yg is going to be releasing a full album her solo will be delayed. 

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  7. Joyie added a post in a topic Blackpink (formerly Jennie Kim thread)   

    this is exactly it. she focuses too much on appearance and looking good. all idols are trained to do that, but with blackpink, it encompasses way more than it should in comparison to other groups. their looks are placed above all else and they're seen as models first and foremost with their music being secondary. when you're dancing on stage, of course you want to have good facial expressions to it, but it becomes a huge problem when a dancer begins to prioritize looking good over their routine. if you look at super talented dancers during their performances, they don't think about where their hair is going during their dance or where to look for cameras, they're just going through the motions 100 percent. 
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  8. Joyie added a post in a topic Blackpink (formerly Jennie Kim thread)   

    i agree, she can't really do anything to change it now because then the public will notice it. idk if this is an unpopular opinion but hylt should not have happened because clearly this isn't a year's hiatus worth of practising and producing. the girls just don't look together at all in their performances. they should have trained jennie and jisoo more on their dancing and actually practise their dances together more because i feel like they train more with their instructors than they do with each other.
    with their dancing: theyre like students in a group project who didn't communicate with each other whatsoever, only working on their own parts and when they put it all together in the end, it's choppy and the whole thing doesn't sit right.
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  9. Joyie added a post in a topic Blackpink (formerly Jennie Kim thread)   

    thats so true. honestly yg's mentoring sucks in every possible way and he ends up screwing his artists over even after they've disbanded. even if blackpink were to go to a different company, they would have to train starting from the basics, especially rose because there is no way her current technique is going to sustain her voice in the future.
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  10. Joyie added a post in a topic Blackpink (formerly Jennie Kim thread)   

    (my experience: 6 years jazz & hip hop + 5 more years of musical theatre dance training)
    Lisa's movements are the most accurate out of all the members in bp-idk if other dancers refer to this differently, but her moves are really 'clean' and on beat, which is usually a good thing. but her daces have been looking more rigid because she's holding back, not because of her skill. a lot of dancers can tell that she is probably the best in the group, but recently, it's starting to look like she's toning everything down. it's kind of like when you get too comfortable doing the same thing over and over again.
    she's still accurate with the moves and timing but i understand what you mean by it looking almost robotic. i personally think it's because jennie and jisoo aren't trained enough in dance and it really sticks out since the group has such few members. if she were to dance in the same style as rose, it would ruin the group dynamic even more. everybody is already dancing in their own style, i mentioned this in another post but all the members stick out in their own way, which is a bad thing in group dances--they should be dancing in unison to make each other look good. when you see professionals dancing in groups on stage, there never is a member that should be sticking out because of their dancing. 
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  11. Joyie added a post in a topic Blackpink (formerly Jennie Kim thread)   

    even the sleeve thing that the girl is doing with it being half on and half off which rose also did in her dance practise. at this point i'm not even sure what they do naturally anymore because they follow everything down to a T. i think that's the reason why their presence on stage is drastically different to 2Ne1's. they have such a hard time letting loose during their performances because they are either told to not stray from the choreo, or don't feel compelled to change. 
    personally, the choreo for hylt is pretty bad- it lacks dynamic and originality from the rest of their dances. i'm not sure why yg's choreographers feel the need to make every dance in their comeback super hip hoppy and powerful. i think they should try softer dances with smoother transitions because it would allow them to experience different kinds of dances to enhance their skill. in hip hop, it's not only the ability to be able to move powerfully, but elegantly and gently sometimes- otherwise a dancer could end up looking rigid and unnatural. a majority of my instructors that teach hip hop have backgrounds in jazz and ballet too. this would especially help the weaker dancers of the group like jennie and jisoo.
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  12. Joyie added a post in a topic Blackpink (formerly Jennie Kim thread)   

    i'd say that every idol who works hard and continues to do so deserves their own solo so that they have their own moment apart from the group. i can say for sure though that her vocal technique now makes her sing worse than she did before. she's lucky that yg gives blackpink these special microphones to sing with because if she had to project at a louder volume, she could easily snap her vocal chords. 
    singing with her technique is super straining and kinda worrying because if she ever becomes a solo artist after disbanding, the first thing she should do is work on her singing technique so down the road, she can have healthier vocals.
    (OT info about vocal technique-- how dangerous rose's singing style actually is):
    rose's singing style now is called (at least what my vocal coach told me if i remember correctly) a "head voice"-- it's super breathy and light and isn't as heavy as singing with your chest. there's nothing wrong with that technique, except she's trying to sing the head voice technique using her nasal palate. you're supposed to be singing using the air in your throat (lighter, less powerful than chest)-- this is a technique used by singers like billie eilish whereas the chest voice would be someone like whitney houston. artists that used a mixed version (called mixed vocals) would be ariana grande and mariah carey.
    so with rose, she's trying to sing in a breathier style but with less air and that puts on a heavy strain to her vocal chords. rather than using the air in your throat, she's singing with the air in her nasal area, almost the back of her mouth/nose and that's why people think she sounds like a chipmunk. if you guys want to try it out, try speaking in 'baby-talk' and then try singing in it and you'll immediately feel it start to get cramped in your throat. 
    another similar artist than i can say who does the same thing as rose would be britney spears. and throughout the years, her voice has become so damaged from singing in the 'unique' way that she did.
    edit: rose is still the best singer within the group but the other three aren't main vocalists (nor are they using the right technique either--wtf is up with yg). like britney spears during her earlier years, she starts off strong using that technique but gradually, the effects begin to take place and rose could end up easily like that if she continues to train under yg.
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  13. Joyie added a post in a topic Blackpink (formerly Jennie Kim thread)   

    blackpink is pretty bad when it comes to cultural appropriation but suga legit thanked the pandemic for giving him time to write his mixtape, said that he didn't know who Jim Jones was despite it being literally being the first search result and then said that he didn't produce it despite the fact that it was his mixtape?? at worst, blackpink appropriated black culture by using it as a fashion trend and music style along with not giving credit to the dancer who called out Lisa. but a lot of what bts has done was totally swept under the rug and never addressed again and those who do bring it up are attacked by fans. 
    honestly im just so done with kpop lmao 
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  14. Joyie added a post in a topic Blackpink (formerly Jennie Kim thread)   

    i agree with you this, not to say the OP is wrong about the rest of their post but they could just be unaware of what bts has done in their past. although i used to like bts (i wasn't an army by any means but just enjoyed their older music) they've done some horrible things during their early years that were never addressed nor apologized for-- this included fetishizing black women/black culture to body-shaming. i'm glad that they donated to BLM, but it was only after they had people on twitter questioning their authenticity as these outstanding individuals who stood for human rights due to them being silent through the majority of the beginning of the protests contrary to other idols like Jae from Day 6 who donated to organizatoins or CL who spoke up about it.
    a lot of black army's made videos as well saying that they couldn't be fans of them anymore, especially after the Jim Jones scandal--who was not only a murderous cult leader but an extremely racist individual. 
    if anybody wants to read up on all their past scandals, here's a twitter link to a user on twitter below with threads. this user has been harassed by army's and nearly hacked/doxxed. although some of the posts here are being petty towards bts' appearance, they've done a lot of coverage on all their scandals that were never addressed. 
    i still want to support their music because i do find them talented and hardworking, i just wished they'd come forth about their mistakes is all.
    overall, cultural appropriation is a huge issue that the kpop industry needs to be addressing, especially the ones who have the power to control what the audience sees. in blackpink's case, marketing mostly to individuals in Southeast asia is safe because they, like south korea, don't cover racism or racial issues of black people within their country, so they tend to see no fault in appropriation.
    edit: the fact that there are people downvoting this is kinda scary ngl do they see the state the US is in currently?
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  15. Joyie added a post in a topic Blackpink (formerly Jennie Kim thread)   

    dw it's not a weird question at all-- actually, it's quite common for kpop groups (especially girl groups) to be under a 'dating ban' for a few years or possibly the whole duration of their career under that company. this policy would be kinda wack to people in the west, since the celebrities there are free to date or have flings with whomever they want. i believe blackpink even said that they weren't allowed to drink, drive or go to clubs. jennie dated kai in secrecy but once photos leaked of them together, yg had to confirm it. but generally, dating isn't allowed unless their company gives them permission to.
    edit: this is kind of a thing in kpop because it makes them these exclusive, single attractive individuals and that appeals to the fans more apparently but it's less common for solo artists
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